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Saturday, March 6, 2010

5&O wants to KNOW!

Hey Locals - the Five Mile and Overland Albertsons has started a blog to help keep shoppers informed of the stock and coupons they have in their store.

Today, they are trying to figure out how much product they should buy... head on over there and leave a comment to help them stock up!

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iJustCoupd! said...

Now if Cherry and Ten Mile or Fairview and Main in Meridian Albie's will do this!!!

Melody said...

This is really awesome! We have a very coupon friendly store in Richland, WA but nothing quite as easy as this. Nice!

charlie54933 said...

WOW!! I wish I could shop there! Take a clue from these people other Albertsons stores!!!

smiling_mama said...

I sooooo agree with iJustCoupd!

GaoyouMom said...

I must say that of the various Albertsons stores that I've been to since I started couponing, this particular store it is my least favorite. Grumpy cashiers (not necessarily rude, but not helpful or even very friendly). I've only been there during big promos a few times, but every one of those times they have not had any stock of the items I've been looking for.

I've been given incorrect information more than once. Just today I inquired about the $1 tuna pouches to see if they were still on sale, and I was told they were on sale but that they were completely out. It's true there was no stock on the regular shelf with the rest of the tuna (I'd already looked), but then I later saw a big display of it at the front of the store.

Also just today, I inquired about getting a rain check for the fruit snacks that are on promotion. The gal there at customer service said that I should just get the roll ups instead because they have plenty of those. My daughter doesn't like the rollups; she likes the little shape kinds, so I asked again for a rain check so I could get them later at the sale price.

The cashier then rolled her eyes and tossed the ad at me and said that I'd need to show it to her in the ad in order to issue a rain check, and she did not have time to look. (Yes, the store was a somewhat busy, but still, that's not how to treat a customer.) I couldn't find the ad for the fruit snacks right off, so I mentioned that they were the "extreme buy" $1 fuit snacks that have been on sale since Wednesday. I don't know where it's listed in the ad, but there are empty (of the kind I was looking for anyway) cardboard display cases all over the store. How could she not know about this sale???

Anyway, after I pointed out that out, she insisted on knowing the size in ounces and the specific flavor in order to issue the rain check. I don't know the # of ounces in a box -- how many sizes of boxes are there anyway? And I don't care what flavor, any will do, but since she insisted, I finally just said to indicate "assortment" on the rain check.

Anyway ... sorry to rant about this, but it's just that I've had one bad experience after another at that particular store. I live in one area of town, work in another area, and frequently taxi my daughter to an activity in a 3rd area, I can get to many different stores without too much inconvenience, and this one, like I said, is my least favorite.

But I do hope the bog helps everyone who does like to shop there.

Cathy said...

Susan -

I guess I've shopped it enough, I know who to avoid and definately have my favorites to work with. It's too bad that you've been unfortunate to have multiple bad experiences. :( I'm glad you've got other options that aren't out of the way for you. :)

A*Waite said...

This is great news. It isn't my favorite store, but my most recent experiences have been good. THanks so much for the update.

Meridian Mama said...

I, too, agree with iJustCoupd! & smiling mama!!!
10 & Cherry is this mama's fave!!!

ac said...

I think this is great! I too have had some grumpy cashiers at this store. There is one cashier in the morning that is really grumpy about coupons. Hopefully the store managers are catching on that couponers are bringing a ton of business to their stores and they will encourage the cashiers to support it too! If I have to work around the cashiers then I will just go to another store.

Michelle said...

If you go a few miles down the road to the Orchard/ Overland store they should have plenty of fruit snacks still. (they still had a TON on Friday). I will be moving this week and will be only 2 miles for 5/O store (yipee!!) instead of 12 miles. I have really liked the O/O store better but will give the blog a try. Thanks for the info.