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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Albertsons 2/24-3/1

In-Store Ad Coupons:

Albertsons Chunk or Shredded cheese 2lb $3.99 (limit 2)
If you are in UT or Idaho, wait until March 1 and print two
$1 off 2 lb Cheese at  coupons.com
Final Price: $2.99 or $1.50/lb This is a good price even with out the coupon. I like to get the shredded ones and throw a few in the freezer to have on hand!

Albertsons Ice cream 1.75qt $1.99 (limit 4) You can get Dryers for .99 after coupon and double if you wait 

Java Delight bagged coffee 10-12oz 3.99 (limit 6) We do not drink coffee, so I have no idea if this is a good price. Hey FabFruGAL coffee drinkers, leave a comment and let the others know!

Fresh express salad $1.47 (limit 2)
Use $1/1 from Albertsons Value Your Heart Booklet (expires 2-28)
Final Price: .47

Jennie-O Turkey or Smithville virginia ham $3.99lb (limit 4lbs) hmmm, bet you could get a better deal using this coupon and buying the Land O Frost at Winco.

Good Prices This Week:
Fresh Ground Beef 85% lean $1.99/lb

Pork Loin of Roast $1.99/ lb

Beef Chuck or Roast $1.99/lb

Albertsons butter 1lb $1.79 would be slightly better at Fred Meyer this week or Costco at $1.67

Strawberry 1lb $4.99 BOGO good price for this time of year
Get 2 at $2.50/lb

Doritos Chips $3.99 BOGO I have a good recipe using these and Rotel (on sale few weeks ago). If you want to see it leave a comment and let me know.

Pepsi 2 liter $1

Super chill soft drink 12 pk $1.99

Homelife bath tissue 12 double roll / 8 roll paper towel $3.99 first 2

Coupon Match-ups
Dannon Light and Fit 6 oz .50
Use .75/6 from  coupons.com
Final Price: .38
ID wait until March 1 and print $.75/4 at coupons.com and use double and get these for .13

Dreyers $2.99
Use $1/1 from SS1/31
Final Price: $1.99

Red Barron Pizza $3.49
Use $1/2 from SS1/31
Final Price: $2.99 ok price

Smart Ones $1.99
Coupons to Use:
FREE Smart Ones Breakfast with the purchase of any (5) Smart Ones products,  SS-1/17
FREE Smart Ones Flatbread with the purchase of any (3) Smart Ones products,  SS-1/17
Weight Watchers Smart Ones Products, any $3/10 SS-1/17

Lunchables $2.99 These have been spotted at some stores for $1.29
Use .75/1 from coupons.com if this variety is included
Final Price: $2.24

Listerine 16-33.8 oz $4.49
Use $1/1 from coupons.com
Final Price: $3.49

SOBE Life Water $1
Use BOGO here
Final Price: .50 each

We are not putting coupon match-ups for these products today. Look at that fine print.
"Minimum purchase requirement is calculated after manufacture and store coupons."
Usually we have been able to use spend $20 with out counting our coupons. Looks like things may be changing. We are hoping this is just a bad dream. :( If the story changes and we can use coupons you will find lots to match with this sale HERE.

We are used to:
Spend $20 on products
use $5 in coupons
get $7

This new fine print means:
Spend $20 on products 
use no coupons 
get $7 

Spend $20 on products 
use $5 of coupons, 
you have to spend another $5 in products to get to $20 
get $7

This is awful! 

UPDATE: ok some of you are saying that you would still use the coupons and just buy more product. I will try to add some coupons for you then.

$1 ($0.65 with catalina/check out coupon factored in)
BC Super Moist cake mix 18-19.5oz
Bisquick shake & pour 5.1oz
BC Flavored Mashed Potatoes 3.3oz

$1.25  ($0.81 with catalina/check out coupon factored in)
Pillsbury grands biscuits 16oz
coupon .30/2 print twice at coupons.com 
Old El Paso Refried Beans 16oz & Taco Shells 10-12ct

$1.50 ($0.97 with catalina/check out coupon factored in)
BC Frosting 12-16oz
Bisquick Mix 20oz
Progresso High Fiber soup 19oz, rich & hearty or trad soup

$1.69  ($1.10 with catalina/check out coupon factored in)
BC Warm Delights 2.9-3.6oz
coupon .50/1 print twice at coupons.com 
BC Cookies Pouch 17.5oz

$2 ($1.30 with catalina/check out coupon factored in)
BC Premium Brownies mix 16.5-26.7oz
Muffin Mix 15.2-19.6oz
coupon .50/1 print twice at coupons.com 
Pillsbury Cinn / orange sweet rolls & crescent rolls
coupon:.40/2  print twice at coupons.com 

$2.50 ($1.63 with catalina/check out coupon factored in)
14oz cheerios, 17oz Cinn Crunch,
16oz lucky Charm, 18oz Reese's PB Puffs & Wheaties Fuel
coupon $.75/1 print twice at coupons.com (Wheaties) or $1/1 from GM 2/7
GM Nut Clusters 5oz
coupon: $1/1 print twice at coupons.com 
GM snack bars Fiber one 4.1 - 7oz
coupon .40/1 print twice at coupons.com
GM Chex mix 14.5 - 15oz
coupon .50/1 print twice at coupons.com 
BC Fruit Snack 4.5-9oz
coupon .50/2 print twice at coupons.com 
Pillsbury cookies dough 14-16.5oz
coupon $1/2 print twice at coupons.com 
Old El Paso dinner kit 8.8oz

$3.50 ($2.27 with catalina/check out coupon factored in)
Wanchai Ferry dinner kit 12.8 - 23.3oz
coupon $1/1 print twice at coupons.com 
Macaroni grill dinner entree 8-18.2oz
coupon $1/1 print twice at coupons.com 
Totino's Pizza rolls 19.8oz

The only thing that even tempts me in this promo is the Pillsbury Grands .81 and the Betty Crocker Frosting .97. I am seriously considering boycotting this whole sale because it STINKS with out my coupons!!!!!!!
We are working with store managers to try and figure out if this is possibly a TYPO!!!! If we hear we will let you know. We may want to go ahead and print your coupons at  coupons.com BEFORE they reach a print limit if this sale gets HOTTTTT! Get more coupons for this sale at Pillsbury.

UPDATE: The catalina is printing with coupons! :)
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KB said...

I'd love to have the Doritos/Rotel recipe! Thanks!

Tim and Lisa said...

You can look at it as getting more products instead of being sad. At least that is what I am trying to do. Lets see if it works.

Regina said...

Sounds like they have finally found a way to get me to boycott their grocery store. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you will be able to find out this is a typo. I really wish we could get a Safeway to come to Boise.

Julie said...

Is the Old El Paso catalina still going on? I was waiting for them to go on sale, because the catalina itself wasn't enough to make paying the regular Albertson's price for them worth it, but if it's still on now, that'd be a bonus.

Back when I first started couponing, half-heartedly, I didn't know if the $20 was before or after coupons, so to be safe, I just assumed it was after coupons, so I would add up my totals after all my coupons. I remember for one of the sales, I had some really good coupons, and so I actually had almost $40 worth of stuff (at sale prices) for my $20. I see what you mean about wasting coupons, but it's not so much that they're wasted as that you just a whole lot more stuff for the $13. Maybe it's a glass half-full/half-empty sort of thing.

Heather said...

You ID people are just joining the rest of the world where we can't double and the total is always AFTER coupons. You end up just getting more product.

Fabulessly Frugal said...


The old el paso deal ended a few days ago. :(

There are some other good deals this week. I am just being a little dramatic b/c we have had it so good.

There are many east coast stores still offering GREAT promo's including double and triple coupons that do not have a three coupon limit. So I always hope our deals will get better not worse.

Heather said...

In Vegas, we can't double triple, anything, our quaker promo was limit of 5 per transaction and the catalina is always AFTER coupons. The quaker sale was also $1.39 not $1. I think I did 20+ transactions of 5. The clerk was hating me by the time the week was over.

Fabulessly Frugal said...

Heather- :( SAD that your deals are not as good, at least you are making the best of the good deals for your area.
I guess that is all you can do.

My mom has it the same as you in CA. She is always bugged that I am getting better deals.

All I can say is write albs and let them know you want doubles, maybe just maybe you will get them.

Sara S. said...

I am not about boycotting or anything like that, but I have a feeling that a lot of us may just pass on this promo this week. Hopefully, that will give Albertsons the message that we're not okay with it. I remember months ago when Albertsons was experimenting with how many doubles to give us. It seems like they went from 5 to 3 to 2, and when it got down to 2, I just don't think as many people were buying. I know it wasn't worth the effort to me. Anyway, I, too, hope this is just a bad dream--an experiment and that they'll clue in that they might end up losing sales in the end.

Mindy said...

If Albertsons does make this a new rule thats fine. Coupons still get us more product for our money. Not as good of deals but still helps. And I think the limit of transactions is a GREAT idea! Helps spread product to more people and the same product usually goes on sale again in a couple months so yes, slower way to stock pile but sometimes people get product and sale greety and get more then they need anyways or re-sells it to make a profit. But change is difficult to handle and I have been couponing for about a year now and have seen a huge growth in popularity with it and so stores just have to just too to the volume of demand

Jody said...

I think I'm boycotting. :(

Do we know for sure we're getting doublers on sunday?

Cathy said...

Jody -

Affirmative on the doublers.

Julie said...

Wow, good news on the doublers! Thanks for updating with coupon matchups. I figure the more people who are getting into couponing and with some of the cases of greed and coupon fraud we've been hearing about lately, probably stores are going to start protecting themselves from that more by making the deals not quite as great. If most people shopped the way most of us shop, stores and companies wouldn't be able to keep making profits, I suppose. And it does seem we've been hearing about a lot of greed/fraud lately (the Quaker coupon, the Purex deal, etc.). I don't know--maybe this week's deal is just a fluke, but I was kind of expecting something like this to happen.

Anyway, as always, thanks so much for all your hard work!

Julie said...

Oh, also, I'd like to know your Doritos and Ro-tel recipe, too. I have a family recipe for Fritos and Ro-tel, so I'm wondering if they're similar.

Julie said...

Sorry! One last thing! Has anyone tried the Wanchai Ferry and Macaroni Grill kits? We never have, and I was wondering if they're good/worth this price?

charlie54933 said...

I'd be so interested if someone was brave and tried it out just to see if it would work before coupons, not after. I'm not that brave. LOL!!

Regina said...

I thought about it and you guys are correct. It's not as wonderful as it has been but shame on me for feeling down. It's just helped our family buy groceries through the winter when we weren't working. I am viewing it as a little bit more of a challenge. Thanks Julie! Oh, we tried the Macaroni Grill items and they were pretty good. We didn't like the Wanchai ferry but sweet & sour chicken but I think there are others that we'll try.

smiling_mama said...

Anyone know of a good Chinet coupon out there right now? I really need free paper plates. Thanks Ladies.

Lady Thought said...

It wouldn't surprise me if after coupons was a manufacturer stipulation, because really, they are losing money on all us couponers who have them pay us twice to buy their product (MQ & CAT). Obviously, they continue to provide coupons and catalinas because they are cost effective marketing (it is the Catalina MARKETING company). However, if they have seen an increase in their sale volume but not seen a proportional increase in their profits, they'll tweak it until they do.

Sarah E. said...

Question.. in the fine print it states, "limit one offer per customer" .. how is that going to affect us. Will they track by albies card or ?? I'm just a little confused. Not that I will probably do more than 1 promo, but if I do.. I want to be sure to get my second cat.

Fabulessly Frugal said...

Sounds like the catalina is printing with coupons, and the stores are not putting a restriction on the customers. So now what? Just ignore the fine print? I mean our doubles say that we can use only 1 set per shopping trip, but the stores allow us to do three transactions in a row.

Now the fine print says $20 will be factored after catalina, but the catalina still prints when you use coupons and only spend $15 oop.

Most stores are not restricting the customers and are allowing them to reach the $20 before coupons.

So what to do? I am pondering. What do you think?

Julie said...

I was wondering that, too, Sarah E.

I am glad to hear it's working even with coupons (and then with doubles, it will be even greater--I like that Simply cookie dough, so I ordered some $1/1 double-able coupons already!). It's great to lower the OOP. My husband gets laid off frequently, and apparently one is coming up, so we'll need the cash (more than the cookie dough!).

Fabulessly Frugal said...

Sarah E

I do not think they are tracking the card and limiting the promo at this point.

Hmm why put things in the fine print that you are not going ot follow through with.

It is kind of like telling a little kid that you will ground them for life if they disobey. Both you and they know you could never do that.

The only thing is catalina probably could change their system to limit us in any way they want. So why put it in the fine print if you are not going to enforce it?

Lilly said...

Has anyone tried this in Nampa yet?

Julie said...

Maybe they figured just putting it in there would cause a lot of people to not even attempt to do $20 before coupons or do it more than once. Probably I would have taken it at face value a year ago and not even tried (like I told you about my previous shopping trip). I am going to stock up on Old El Paso taco shells, because we love them, and I can't find any coupons for that, so I guess for at least one of my transactions, I'll be playing by the rules!

Jeanette V said...

Are the catalinas rolling?

Fabulessly Frugal said...

I think the cats are rolling, but I have heard the if you do two transaction in a row on the same card the cat is not printing.