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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fabulous Coupon Tip Tuesday: How to Avoid Leaving the Store Without the Deal

I have been uninspired for today's Coupon Tip Tuesday post until we got this email.........

I don’t live near an Albertsons, so I have to specifically go out of my way to get to one. (Sorry, but yes, this is a grouchy e-mail.) The one on Cherry and Meridian is the closest though I’m about to give up couponing. I was wondering if you could give a shout out to fellow couponers to SHARE! I just got home from Albertsons with NOTHING. I couldn't get the $20 of stuff we use because they were wiped out. I’m not usually so hot under the collar about such things, but they are always wiped out. Guess I’ll have to drive a little farther to a different Albertsons, but I work and don’t have to go Albie hopping. Anyway, it helps to vent after wasting 1 ½ hours of time not to mention gas to go across town to be disappointed yet again. Maybe you could give a friendly little reminder.
Thanks so much! Susan, a very frustrated couponer

Seven Ways to Avoid Leaving the Store Empty Handed

1. Make an order of the items you really want or need a lot of. You can do this with your manager or at customer service. It can be done on the phone or in person.

2. Get a rain check(s) for the item(s) out of stock. This can not be done for a catalina. It can be done only on the sale price.

3. Choose another store! Some stores are overloaded with shoppers and are always going to get cleaned out. Some stores are within a demographic that has many coupon shoppers. Shop in the area of town that is low for this. It is always worth a few extra miles for a hassle free shopping trip.

4. Don't wait until the last day of the sale to shop, your store is likely to be out of the items you need!

5. Find out your stores ordering schedule. Then shop on the days you know they will be stocked. Most stores receive shipments 3 times a week and it is always the same three days. Keep in mind the time of day the shipments come in too. So you don't show up a few hours before it arrives.

6. Don't be afraid to ask if they have items in the back. Many times the store has just not had time to re-stock.

7. Call right before you leave to see if your top 3 items are in stock. That will help you decide if it is worth a trip to the store. Try your three closest stores and choose the one that is stocked the best.

Feel free to add in the comments any tips you have to make the shopping trip worth while!

Thanks Susan for the inspiration. I hope everyone will remember to be considerate of other shoppers when making your coupon shopping trips! It is up to us (you and me) to give couponers a good name. For more on giving couponers a good name see this post!
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aussie said...

i always call 1st and ask if they have the "hot" items in stock/on-hand, if not then I call the other Albertson's and find out. I don't waste my time or gas this way!!!

Anna Beal said...

I can relate to that comment. I am in the same boat. Same Albies, and I also have to make a trip to get there, and yes they are always wiped out if you are not there the first morning of the sell. I gave up on couponing, it is not worth MY time and stress. I know many of you have great luck, but I gave it a few months of hard work and effort. I ended up with tons of junk that I really don't want and ended up spending more money and gas to get it. I could only take a couple hours a week and one shopping trip and it was too stressful. Good luck to new couponers, it is booming in this area.

Fabulessly Frugal said...


I am glad you still stop by and visit us even though you have given up on couponing.

You know it does not have to be hard. You are still checking the site. If I were you I would just do the really good deals that require printables. Keep checking in and when you see something you can not live with out print the coupon and come on over to a Boise or Nampa store on your way to this errand or that.
That is too bad about that Meridian store.
We had the same prob at he O&5 store but we have been working with the managers to try and give them heads up on hot deals so they can get better stock!


Marne said...

I hear all of you! That is my store too. For the past 6 years I have couponed there but there has never been a problem until this past year when couponing has really gotten big here. It has been really hard to get what I want at the sale unless I go first thing. I usually end up getting a few things instead of most. So I will hit up a few other Albies as I am out and about. It is really frustrating to have that happen, I know! It's a reminder to all of us to not clear the shelves and save some for others too. One thing to remember is that THERE IS ALWAYS ANOTHER SALE. Really. I have never lacked for years on many many things finding them for free or really cheap. So lets all breathe deep and help each other get the good deals!

Cathy said...

@ Marne - AMEN SISTA!!