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Friday, July 17, 2009

If You Need Some Albertsons Doublers...

Our FAB reader Crissie is offering her extra doubles again! If you'd like some, just email her at Thefieldsfab5 {at} aol {dot} com! She lives in the Thousand Springs subdivision off of Eagle (between Overland and Victory).

If you'd like to return the {love} to Crissie, please consider looking into her Clickin Moms offer.

Thanks again Crissie!!

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Miss Anna B said...

OK, I had to share cuz I love to share when people are AMAZING and KIND.

I already think Crissie rocks because she is so willing to share her bounty with everyone. I mean really people, she could just toss them but she willingly tells all of us and shares. Amazing :) I have benefitted several times. But today was the kicker.......

I had emailed Crissie and she let me know there were some waiting on her porch as usual :) It was HOT today....you all felt it....we all melted!! It was about 5:30pm and I was racing down there to grab those doublers. My EBAY purchased Kellogg's coupons had arrived!!! I was ready. Anyhow, I have been driving around a recently acquired "beater" car that my son will drive in about a year. Love it. Feel like a teenager again. Car overheated about 1 mile from Crissie's house. At a stoplight I noticed steam? smoke? coming from the engine. Look at temp gauge. YIKES! Turned off air. Limped to Crissie's house fervently praying I was not going to get stuck or worse, ruin the car. I get to Crissie's. Her 13 year old son immediately approaches me and asks if everything is OK (he was SO great). I tell him what I think has happened. He gets his dad. Dad (Crissie's main man) totally saves the day. Cools off the car with a house on the radiator. Gets liquid INTO the radiator. Verifies temperature. Tells me what else to do to get home (my husband is at scout camp) and simply laughs while he is tending to the car when I bolt to the porch to get some of those beloved doublers!! Her son (and a couple of her other kids) stayed out trying to help too.

WHAT AN AWESOME FAMILY!!!!!!!!! I am so so so so so grateful to them. Thanks Crissie and Scott.

I am forever in your debt:)
You rock!!!

Fabulessly Frugal said...

Thanks for sharing your story. Crissie and fam are awesome!

Cathy said...

That is such a wonderful story! What terrific people they are!!

froginpigtails said...

just now found your site.
Iwould love to get extra doublers next time they come out..
but i dont have a way to get there to pick them up.. would i be able to send a SASE or something to her, so that next time there are doublers, she could just mail them to me?
i dunno if this would work...but I hope! :)
my email is froginpigtails at yahoo if you could forward this to her...