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Friday, May 29, 2009

FABULESSLY FRUGAL FRIDAY: Power Shopping - Garage Sale Style!

You may enjoy the post on HOSTING a Yard Sale.

With the recent major changes in my family (job loss, new baby) I'm REALLY tightening my belt! Would you believe that after 4 boys, I can't find any shorts that my 1 year old can fit into!? What's up with that? I also just found out we're expecting a girl. This will be our first in 8 years. You can bet that I'll be wanting a few new (to me) things for the little miss (not to mention a second crib - eek!)

So it's time to hit the garage sales.

TIME - something I don't have a lot of right now. I need to make the most of my morning. Here are some tips to POWER SHOP GARAGE SALE STYLE!!
  1. Make a list. This will help you stay FOCUSED. You need shirts for your 2 year old? Put it down! Looking for a black bookcase? Add it!
  2. Map it out. I like to look on craigslist for garage sales. I think a lot of people are turning to this for their advertising, because it is FREE! You can also check out your local paper (heavens knows you've got those coming out your ears!). And a few new tools I've come across: Yard Sale Treasure Map and Garage Sales Tracker.
  3. Leave the kidlets at home. (sounds a lot like couponing so far!) I mean, you really want to drag them in and out of the car? You know they'll find 127 things that they will want, and YOU won't!
  4. Carry a lot of change. Doesn't giving exact change sound better than waiting for the seller to find cash back for you? Plus I think you are more likely to get the price you want if you can hand it to them right away. I always have coins too for little random clothing items or books.
  5. Fanny Pack? Eek! I never thought I'd wear one of these babies, but sure sounds handy if you're going to be jumping in and out of the car! Who wants to mess with a purse? Although, I think I'll settle for my pockets. Not sure I can put one of those suckers on!
  6. Take along some snacks and water. Remember you'll be out for a bit - you don't want to waste your precious quarters on fast food do you? We're trying to stretch our dollar here!
  7. Just ASK! Sometimes the seller may have what you're looking for and they have it tucked away, forgot to set it out, or you just overlooked it!
  8. Negotiating IS an option! You've got nothing to lose. If the seller won't budge, you're still getting a great deal! ALSO - if you've picked up a bunch of items and it's come to $6.75 for example, don't be afraid to ask if the seller will take an even $6 for them. Again, you've got nothing to lose.
  9. Be Kind. Seriously... do I have to elaborate?
  10. Stick with the plan. You're not saving money if you've spent your whole wad on things that you really don't need! Don't get it just to get it. Ya know?!
  11. For those garage sales that have GREAT STUFF but seemed a bit over priced, make a note of it and head back later in the day. Often times you'll find sellers are slashing their prices in order to part with their goods!
  12. Have FUN - relax and take your time. When you finally find just what you're looking for, it makes it all worth it!

Are you having a garage sale this weekend? Know of any great DON'T MISS THIS ONE neighborhood sales happening? Share the love and leave it in the comments!


The Wards said...

We aren't having a garage sale this Saturday, but next (June 6th)at 9240 W. Rustica (Boise)-in the Charter Pointe subdivision. All money will go to our adoption fund. We will be posting on craigslist and items will be listed in our facebook group (Building Our Farmily Through Adoption)as well. I love you guys' site! Totally helpful.

Michelle said...

I can't do the fanny pack thing either. But I found a great little wallet with a loop attached that I can just hang on my wrist. I have it full of my dedicated garage sale money (that I don't have to keep track of like our budgeted money) and I can just grab and go. I like not having to carry my huge purse around and since it has the loop and hangs easily on my wrist, I don't have to worry about setting it down somewhere.

Amber said...

The Pepper Hills sub is having their neighborhood sale this Saturday from 8-1. That is in the Overland/Cloverdale area.

Tricia said...

Saguaro Canyon is having their subdivision sale Saturday (tomorrow) from 7 AM til 2 PM. The main entrance is on McMillan about half way between Locust Grove and Meridian Rds. It's a tall wood/stone entrance with a little sign and lots of cacti! Turn North onto Red Horse.

Keely said...

My friend and I are having one this Saturday 5/30 from 7-1. LOTS of baby girl clothes and some boy clothes too. Lots of name brand men and women clothes too....my friend loves to shop! 199 E Ryegate Dr. Meridian. Corner of Ustick and Meridian road!

sdwaard said...

I use http://bookoo.com/ to find local garage sales. You put in your zip code and it will find the local bookoo site for you. There is only one in Idaho but if you live in the midwest or east coast, there are plenty of areas to choose from. My local bookoo site has listings for 58 garage sales in my area today and maps them out for me using google maps. The sites also have lists of merchandise (think Craigslist only easier!).

Hope that helps!

Emily said...

It seems like every neighborhood in Meridian is having their annual garage sale this weekend. I know that Tuscany, Thousand Springs, Paramount and Lochsa Falls are all this week for sure.

PKOSKIE said...