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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Post Cereal Kid Favorites

It has been confirmed that the Kids Favorites are part of the upcoming Post Cereal sale.
So if you bought Kids Post Coupons on ebay
you will be able to use them on the sale coming Wednesday at Albertsons!

We were hoping to see coupons in todays inserts. No such luck. :(
If you have not yet bought Post Coupons on ebay it is not too late.
The sale does not start until Wednesday, but you better hurry and get your coupons.

Why hurry?
The catalina stops running on Sunday and doubles will only be good through Saturday.

Have questions about ordering on ebay?
Read Cathys ebay 101 post!

Now go get your Post Coupons on ebay!

Here is how it will work:

Purchase 6 boxes at $1.59 each ($9.54 total)
DOUBLE: (3) $1.00/2 Post Cereal Coupons on eBay (less $6.00)
FINAL OOP: $3.54 (or $.59 each)

RECEIVE: catalina for $4.00 (because you purchased 5+ boxes)

Purchase 6 boxes at $1.59 each ($9.54 total)
DOUBLE: (3) $1.00/2 Post Cereal Coupons on eBay (less $6.00)
USE: $4.00 catalina received on first transaction
Plus buy "something you need worth $.46 or more" to get the subtotal above $0.00
FINAL OOP: FREE (only pay tax and the amount of your filler item if it is more that $.46)
RECEIVE: catalina for $4.00

PS We have not had a visual on the doublers! Our sources are saying doubles Wed-Sat.
Doubles or not the sale is gonna be good!

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Martha said...

Are you able to put up a list for what cereal are in it? Are Honey Comb?

Tyree said...

So is it for sure we're getting new doubles on wed. because the ones we get today end on tues. ???
I was so surprised we didn't get the coupons today. I haven't got mine in the mail yet hope to see them tomarrow.

Tyree said...

Also do you know what cereal is included in the Catalina???

Fabulessly Frugal said...

No list sorry! We tried.

We have had several reports of doubles, but to tell you the truth I am a little nervous that they might pull them. I think I am just being silly.
With or with out it is a great deal on cereal!

Fabulessly Frugal said...

All post cereals are included in the catalina.

Tyree said...

I hope we get the doubles too! :) But I am nervous as well. Thanks for your quick answers. At my Albies they told us fruit roll ups and gushers weren't included in the cat and guess what they were so I wanted to know on the cereal before hand :)
Thanks again I love your site check it all the time!

carter said...

My SS had 1 coupon for $1 off two boxes of post honey bunches of oats and another coupon for $1 off 2 boxes of post pebbles cereal...

Sally said...

I am excited for this deal; I (not sure why or how??) have 6 coupons for $1/off 2 already! Yeah! These are for my grandkids, hopefully my daughter in law is ok with me bringing her food. I just started couponing again after several years of not (my kids turning into adults and with just the hubby and I, we just didn't need much). But then my younger kids would come home and open the frig and say, Mom, there is no food in this house anymore... and its true, no more stockpiles of food. I started to start really looking at prices of food and was shocked to see how much groceries had gone up in just the past 5 years! I found all you blogger gals and I can't thank you enough for all the deals you put together for all of us (even us gals in our late 40s who have no kids at home now, but are starting to get grandkids and seeing how much our kids are struggling in this economy. Anyway, thanks for all you do; you are unsung heros in my book and I sing your praises all the time to my family and friends.

Terry said...

Sally - I was just telling my husband how my children will have to come to our house to "shop" out of our storage room for groceries once they are grown and out of the house :-) I figure as a mom, I will want to keep on feeding them for the rest of my life!

natalie kay said...

THANK YOU for the heads up! I can't wait for my free stash of post cereal...

Jennifer said...

So any suggestions on special ordering? With the catalina ending on Sunday, I"m not sure if its worth it or not?

Jennifer said...

So any suggestions on special ordering? With the catalina ending on Sunday, I"m not sure if its worth it or not?

Fabulessly Frugal said...


Last year the stores had mounds and mounds of stock! There should be plenty for all. It would not hurt to call a few stores grocery managers and ask them if you can make an order. If they are not taking orders, PLEASE let them know how much you you want and that this sale will be bigger than last year, so hopefully they will order enough for you and everyone else!

Emily said...

So if you are not figuring in the double coupons, because you will only have a few and will use them up after the first few transactions. Wouldn't it be a better scenario after you are out of doubles to buy 5 boxes instead of 6 and only use 2 coupons? In my math it seemed a few cents cheaper per box.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a ton of doubles this week for the sale though?

Tyree said...

If they have doubles you can always get some from customer service.

Jennifer said...

ok, so is it "bad" to place a special order before the ad even comes out? That kind of seems weird to me. Has anyone done this before?

ahhhh, I'm so anxious for this sale! I need to stock up my cereal!!

Sophie said...

I checked at Five Mile and Overland and he stated they didnt want to take special orders because it is too confusing with so many, but he said he was going to order a TON!!!! so they dont run out. He said he was trying to order a ton up front so even if the warehouse was out they would be stocked. Hopefully they will be fine!

jj said...

I can verify a "visual" on the doublers. They are good from 3/17-3/20. I have access to the ad early sometimes. The doublers are in the regular weekly ad, but are only good for those 4 days.

luvmyboys said...

jj- does that mean to look for the doublers in the Wed newspaper then?

luvmyboys said...

also jj- do u by chance know if the dannon yogurts will still be on for $.50 for next week? Sorry I am just wondering I hope u dont mind! =)

Sophie said...

Do you guys know yet if the $1.59 is the ad price on these?

Monica said...

Yes Sophie that is the price!

Shannon said...

Do you know the kinds of cereal in the ad?

jj said...

I see that Yoplait is $.50 each starting Wed so I am guessing it is taking the place of the Dannon sale. We get our store ads here either in a Tues or Wed paper depending on what time of day the paper comes out. We have one that comes out in the afternoon. This is just the regular weekly Albertsons ad.

Emily said...

SuperBob posted the ad on Hot Coupon World. Here is the link but you have to be login in to view the scans.


Sophie said...

I am a little cautious in hoping for that ad, our Albies area is not included in the areas listed at the bottom of page 1, so our ad may be a little different. I am worried that they will not give us doublers!! It would still be a great deal without them though!

Sophie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Idaho Lucas Fam said...

Does anyone have any ideas for get more of Wednesdays ads (doublers)? I know you can get them in the newspaper and from the customer service desk, but I could use a lot.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what insert the Post coupons originally came in? I didn't order any on eBay because we're a 2-person household and already have quite a stockpile - but I wanted to get a few boxes if I had any of the coupons in my inserts.

Kristina D said...

Does anyone have any coupons they won't be using? I only need 5-10 coupons and didn't want to buy 20 of them!


kristina_pc {at} mac {dot} com

ps: I am willing to pay you for your gas & time - not obviously for the coupon itself since that would be illegal. :)

Kristina D said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fabulessly Frugal said...

The Post coupons came in the 2/28 SS in some areas.

Sophie we have a visual on the post sale ad and the doublers. DO NOT FEAR!

Sophie said...

Big sigh of relief here!! Sometimes the pessimist in me just rears it's ugly head!!!

Cathyb said...

Buying in increments of 6 is definitely the most frugal if you have doubles. But here is my math once you have used all your doublers and assuming you still have Post $1/2 coupons to use:

Buy 6 x $1.59 = $9.54
less $3 using (3) $1/2 MQ = 6.54
less $4 Catalina = $2.54
equals 42 cents per box

Buy 5 x $1.59 = $7.59
less $2 using (2) $1/2 MQ = 5.59
less $4 Catalina = $1.59
equals 32 cents per box

Buy 4 x $1.59 = $6.36
less $2 using (2) $1/2 MQ = 4.36
less $3 Catalina = $1.36
equals 34 cents per box

So it looks to me like without doublers that 5 boxes is the best scenario. Plus that would maximize the number of boxes that you could get for the same amount of coupons (ie: getting 5 boxes per every 2 coupons instead of 4 boxes per 2 coupons).

Cathy said...

Thanks for doing all the work Cathyb! I did a new post with great scenarios and included yours!