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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Post about Post

So you've got your coupons in one hand, and hopefully you'll have a few sets of doubles in the other. Tennis shoes are laced up, and your alarm clock is set for 5:45 am, right!? WRONG! I'm not getting up THAT early for cereal!

There are many different possibilities for your Post purchases. We've had readers leave ideas in comments, so I felt it was time to do a post about Post scenarios. Please remember this isn't all about who can get the MOST POST!

IF you have NO COUPONS (just make sure you purchase by Sunday):
Buy 5 boxes @ $1.59 each = $7.95
less $4 catalina = $3.95
equals $.79 each not a bad deal for cereal... I like to stock up when it's $.50 or less
(if you want Raisin Bran, you can print this coupon!)

IF you have coupons AND doubles
(Thanks to Julie and Jennifer for this scenario)
Buy 4 boxes @ $1.59 each = $6.36
less $2.00 using (2) $1/2 coupons = $4.36
less $3.00 catalina (because wyb 4 boxes, the catalina is for $3.00)
less $1.00 (because you only want to double ONE coupon to minimize your oop)
equals $.36 (plus tax which I'm guessing will be $.14) for FOUR boxes!
$.09 per box (plus tax)
This is a nice scenario because you only use one double! With the set of three you'll get in the paper, you'll be able to purchase 12 boxes alone for less than $1.50!!

You might also consider purchasing SIX boxes ans asking the cashier to adjust the value of the double down. It would look like this (and YMMV on this one!)
Buy 6 boxes @ $1.59 each = $9.54
less $3.00 using (3) $1/2 coupons = $6.54
less $4.00 catalina (that you'll get the first time you buy 5 or more boxes of Post) = $2.54
less $2.00 (2) doubles
less $.54 3rd double adjusted down
equals TAX only! remember that your cashier may not want to do this, so be prepared to grab a filler item!

If you have COUPONS and NO DOUBLES

Buy 4 x $1.59 = $6.36
less $2 using (2) $1/2 MQ = 5.59
less $3 Catalina = $1.59
= $.34 each!
Thanks to Cathyb for doing the math on this one!

So dearest readers, what is your plan of attack???
If you're going to use a filler item, what will it be?

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GaoyouMom said...

How about this scenario:

Buy 5, including at least one Raisin Bran

Use one $2/1 coupon on the Raisin Bran from the link above, which they will adjust to $1.59

Use 2 $1/2 coupons, doubled.

5 x $1.59 = $7.95
less $1.59
less 2 $1/2 doubled
= $2.36 oop
and get a $4 catalina back

Not sure about a filler item to use on a repeat transaction because I haven't seen the ad yet. Are the McCormicks colorings and extracts on sale yet?


GaoyouMom said...

How about this scenario:

Buy 5, including at least one Raisin Bran

Use one $2/1 coupon on the Raisin Bran from the link above, which they will adjust to $1.59

Use 2 $1/2 coupons, doubled.

5 x $1.59 = $7.95
less $1.59
less 2 $1/2 doubled
= $2.36 oop
and get a $4 catalina back

Not sure about a filler item to use on a repeat transaction because I haven't seen the ad yet. Are the McCormicks colorings and extracts on sale yet?


GaoyouMom said...

Sorry about the double comments. I'm not sure why that keeps happening.

charlie54933 said...

I'm opting out of this deal. I didn't buy any coupons, and my cereal shelf is overflowing. Enjoy your Post spoils ladies!

Jen said...

Can't wait to drop the kids at school then head out to Albies! We love love love Honey Bunches of Oats.

maygan said...

I'm not sure where you are based from, but I know that in WA or OR for sure, there are no taxes on cereal. HTH

Cathy said...

Maygan - we're in Idaho with a 6% sales tax. Lucky you!

The Hendricks ID said...

I often use a banana as a filler item, I know they are more expensive at albies but it is a way to get your fruit paid fr too.

Mylia said...

Just wanted to confirm that at the Rexburg, Albie the Post Bananana Nut and Cranberries Post Cereal are included in the sale! I bought a whole bunch!

Melanie said...

Ten Mile & Cherry Albertsons is about out of Honey Bunches (and making new rules today) but Meridian & Cherry is loaded up and prepared for the couponers!!! I even shared some coupons with a man wondering how to get this great deal! It was so fun to share the couponing love!!! Thanks to

Tyree said...

I bought 20 boxes for my mom and dad(really just dad he loves coco & fruity pebbles) and 28 boxes for my family and gave away the other 18 coupons I had. I thought this was going to be way to much cereal so I was just giving the coupons out in the store. I got home and my pile was so surprisingly small. I should have paid better attention to your video post huh! :) Anyway I know the people I helped are happy. I'm just crazy if it's not a years supply it just never seams like enough. I have two more coupons for one of my favorite checkers and I'm tempted to get five more boxes for me. I know I'm crazy, but I only got three fruity peppble and 4 coco pebbles and 3 cupcake pebbles for my family, my husband likes them and they'll be gone in a month for sure. It's sad when 28 boxes of cereal is not enough :)

ON the topic of fillers. Stand by candy bars are 50cents and I also used bananas, a yogurt (my daughter was hungry and a patient helper) and some clearance finds. My idea is you might as well grab something for the 45cents overage rather than lose it by them marking down your double. 5cents for a yoplait and a happy kid was so worth it. Concider it a 50cent off coupon you can use on any item in the store.

Amy said...

I got a bunch of green onions as my filler and ended up paying .23 for those and 6 boxes of cereal! Yippee!

Kristi M. said...

I grabbed my husbands favorite candy bar figuring he constantly puts up with this crazy couponing stuff. I might as well treat him to it.

Alyson said...

Overland and Orchard is way stocked and ready to go! They are great with couponers. 5&O was low, but may have more in back.

I bought 5 at a time, 2 coupons, 2 doublers, $4 catalina. It comes to a -5 cents. I used bananas, onions, corndogs and candy (bribery for my shopping helpers) and milk for my fillers. Doing it that way stretched my 40 coupons into 100 boxes of cereal for free!!!! Yes, we actually do eat that much cereal!

Katie said...

I bought 6 boxess at at a time using doublers each time. I used the $.79 kraft mac & cheese as my filler (my husband eats mac&cheese any chance he gets). I ended up with 42 boxes of cereal. Also I would suggest you look at the Nabisco Premium saltine crackers. They are on sale for $1.99 each. At my store there was a coupon taped to each one of them for $1off, doubled = FREE. I got 6 of them. One of the VERY helpful employees suggested it

Coupon Connections NW said...

I am doing a post cereal coupon giveaway

Price's said...

The grocery smarts list doesn't have the post sale on it...bummer.

Family said...

About the Princess & Frog movie: Do I need an ad to walk into RC Willey and purchase that? Can you provide a link to the online coupon? I am headed down Eagle Road in a couple of hours and would love to stop in and purchase that!!! Thank so much!

KJinSeattle said...

Were there any cereals not listed in the paper but are part of the Post sale anyway??? My ad says "select varieties", and usually they say "varieties shown" so I was wondering if there were more??

Fabulessly Frugal said...


All Post cereal are triggering the cat.

The Selects are included in the sale price, fruity pebbles, honey comb, honey bunches of oats, raisin bran, well I guess you can see those in the ad. But select are not listed as on sale but are.

Jennifer said...

Selects ARE on sale!? Crud, I've hit my cereal limit already this morning. Well, maybe I can make room for a few more boxes. ;)

Cathy said...

The Selects were on sale at 5&O, but not at Overland/Orchard. So maybe it varies by store? I forgot to check when I was at Meridian/Cherry (who has a fab stock by the way!)

Shannon said...

I just wanted to say thank you to you guys for sharing all your fab knowledge with us all. I ordered coupons off e-bay which I have never done and went in and got my post cereal this morning. I was so thrilled to get 42 boxes of cereal, some produce, and tic tacs for around $6. I have to say my chin is still on the floor over this one. I just wished I would have ordered more coupons. I have been thinking today how you really helped a lot of people save money. Again just a huge thank you and please continue with the awesome work you are doing. I really, really appreciate it and so does my family.

Oh, and if any of the Fab Albertsons workers read this... I really appreciate them too!

Katie said...

I bought boxes of the Post Rasin Bran in the Vintage box. There is a coupon on the inside of the box for $1 off 2 Rasin bran- it can be doubled. So if you bought rasin bran on this promo and want more that is the way to get more coupons. Of course you will have huge holes in your boxes of cereal - but does that really matter? probably not :)

Carol said...

My friend Anna came up with the best filler. Buy a Wednesday Idaho Statesman. They are 75 cents and they come with a set of doublers...that way you can do multiple transactions at once instead of driving all over town to get a single doubler at each store (like I did).

The crazy chaos I call life... said...

Does the Catelina print out if you only buy the pebbles cereals? Anybody know?

Fabulessly Frugal said...

crazy chaos:


Buy any post cereal and get the cat.

Buy 4, get $3.00 oyno
Buy 5 or more, get $4.00 oyno

KJinSeattle said...

The Cupcake Fruity Pebbles are also included in the sale, and they are fantastic for rice crispy treats. I know now that its sports season we have to bring treats, and these were very cheap!!

Ashley said...

I agree with Alyson. Buying in groups of 5 is the way to go to get more cereal. I used the same scenario she mentioned, 2 coupons + 2 doubles + $4 Catalina.

To offset the -.05 balance (after tax), I used the 3rd double coupon and bought Quaker Oatmeal Squares on sale for $2.50 (double the $1.00 coupon from 2/13 Red Plum). I did not find any of the Saltine coupons taped to the boxes that Katie mentioned in her post at our store.

With the Quaker Squares my total purchase came to .45 cents with another .45 cents for tax for a grand total of .90 cents.

I was tempted to buy a candy bar but opted for the Quaker Squares so we could change it up.

Thank you Fab Frugal and everyone’s help on these posts. I love all the free cereal and this was an AWESOME DEALl! :)

The crazy chaos I call life... said...

I'm going to stock up on the cupcake pebbles because they are GLUTEN FREE (great for the celiacs in my family) and they make great rice krispie snacks as KJinSeattle said. Kellogs Rice Krispies are not gluten free and that's one of the treats my husband misses the most! :)

AJ said...

KJinSeattle, that's such a cute idea! I'm glad I still have some coupons left, my kids will love those!

Martha said...

I just got back from Eagle/McMillan Albertsons and they have TONS and TONS of Post cereal. Just thought I'd let you know if you're readers are looking for any.

Cathy said...

Thanks Martha! I posted it on FB and BBB!