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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Organizing Printable Coupons

Organizing printable coupons can be different for everyone. It will likely depend on the way you organize your other coupons.

We have a few ideas for you.....................

Filing Method :
If you are doing the filing method where you don't cut your inserts and you file them by date until you are ready to use them you may like to do the same with your printables.
Just dedicate a divider in your file to printable coupons and file them away for later.

Binder/Baseball Card Holder Method :
Simply cut and file the coupons according to category along with your other coupons.

But you are looking for the most FABULOUS way to organize right? Remember this awesome way that Amber and Cathy organize? The Combination Method!

We have come up with a way to organize those printables that fits right in with The Combination Method and could be combined with any of the organizing methods.

1. At the first of the month go to Coupons.com, SmartSource and RedPlum and print ALL of the coupons you think you might use. Remember some coupons reach a print limit after the first few days or weeks and are unavailable for print later when the item may be on a hot sale.

2. Print out our coupons lists. Click to view the lists of coupons on {Coupons.com} , {smartsource} and {RedPlum}.

3. Highlight with a highlighting marker all the coupons you have printed. (This is not necessary if you print all of the coupons on the site.)

4. File your coupons with the list in front in three clearview page pockets. One for {Coupons.com}, one for {smartsource}, and one for{ RedPlum}. Click on each list name to get the list.

5. As you use the coupons cross them off of the list.

6. For the bricks coupons or other coupons you print on the web or from Fab Five coupons, keep another clear view page holder with a blank page to add coupons as you print. Be sure to write down the value, description and expiration date.


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Sophie said...

I liked both of your methods, so I use Cathy's method for the smartsource, redplum, etc. inserts, and Monica's baseball holder idea for all my printables. That way I can see all my printables and don't have to try and keep track of what I have with a list. It works great!

Cris said...

OMG! OMG! Thank you! Thank you for posting this tip! I have been racking my brain for months on how to organizing all those printables that simplified the whole process! After a printer session and cutting all those darn things out and putting them in my binder was an all day chore. The combination method sounds like it totally rocks.

Fabulessly Frugal said...

Yeah Cris! Thanks for your comment! I am so glad this will work for you!!!

The Balcom Family said...

Question on the printables: there seems to be new ones added during the month...how do you suggest to keep track of those? Although my husband loves how much I save, he's getting tired of the mess it's creating! I've got a crazy mess on my computer desk right now with all my inserts begging for a home, envelopes of ones my M-I-L sends me in the mail (she clips ALL the coupons in her paper and send them to me each week!), and now all the printables...some of which I forget that I even printed since I rarely have time to cut them right away and file them.

I like the idea of the combination method, but not sure how to incorporate all the misc. coupons that I get either online (FB, product websites, etc) or other sources (blinkies, peelies, etc.)

Fabulessly Frugal said...

The Balcom FAMILY:

See #6 in the post! :) Hope that helps!