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Monday, March 1, 2010

New Coupons at Coupons.com - PLUS Fruit Snacks Reset!

I just peeked over at coupons.com and saw a few new coupons (I'm sure more will be added throughout the day). I wanted to tell you NOW because you'll want to use some of these coupons for the Just CHILL sale going now, and also for the sale coming up on Wednesday (more details on that later today). Remember that you can print each coupon twice!!

A few to go I'm printing this morning:
What other ones are you excited about? The coupon count is only at 132... Once they get everything in there, we should see around 150 or so. So exciting! and so funny that new coupons make us giddy!


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Jonnysmom said...

I'm excited about the gold medal flour coupon!!! I had been looking for some coupons for flour since I've been using a lot lately...

Sophie said...

Ok so I am a bit confused. Do all the print limits reset today or just some? I have the new coupons added, but all the coupons I printed last month still say print limit reached. Help!

Shannon said...

Thank you Sooooo much for the heads up on the fruit snacks. I was able to pre order some today. I picked up my tuna I pre ordered last week this morning. If I do not pre order these days I seem to miss out. So again a BIG thank you!

Cathy said...

Jonnysmom - You're right, that is a great one! I'll add it to the list!

Sophie - Not ALL the coupons will reset, just some. Or it could be that they haven't reset yet. I'm certain more will be added through today and tomorrow.

Shannon - WAY TO GO! Ordering is much more fun than trying to find (or even worse, hoard) product!

Brookie said...

wait the tuna coupon was in 2/4 rp?? i have a 2/7 and a 2/14 but not a 2/4? did it come in a weekday paper?

Cathy said...

Brookie - not sure what post you're seeing the tuna coupon on, but it sounds like it was a typo. The Starkist Tuna coupon can be found in the 2/14 Red Plum.

Brookie said...

Oh great! thanks...i found it:)