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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Freebies in My Mailbox

In the last week I have received in my mailbox:
6 pampers diapers
1 diaper clutch
5 high value coupons

Why am I getting this stuff in the mail box you may ask?

I signed up to receive samples from: PampersVillage, VocalPoint and P&GEveryDaySolutions.

There are many opportunities to get free samples from companies on the web. You will sometimes see them here on FabFrug. We try hard to only offer you the best samples from reputable companies. You have to remember to protect yourself as well.

Looking at our poll on the sidebar I see that many of you are new to our Fabuless ways. Click here to see our tips for signing up for offers like these. If you want to get the sample I have you still can by clicking on the links above!
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Brookie said...

i have signed up for so many things hoping i would get coupons in the mail but i never recieve anything...could my mail lady be stealing my coupons?? i just think it is so weird!!

Fabulessly Frugal said...


Sad. :(

Julie said...

We live in a small town where we can't get mail delivery, so technically our only legal mailing address is our PO box, but a lot of things won't accept a PO box (rebates especially) and so sometimes they never show up because they won't mail them to my PO box. Sometimes they do, though. I started sending out a little slip with my rebate forms explaining the situation, and it seems to have helped, though.

Where did you get the diaper clutch? I got the diapers and coupons you have above, but not the clutch! I don't really need it, either, though I guess, since I already have one almost exactly like it. But still!

Camille said...

Last time I did a Pamper's deal at Albertsons it printed a rebate form to send in for a free clutch. I got mine this week plus coupons and diaper samples.
VocalPoint is pretty awesome, I just got a box of Kashi cereal from them yesterday and some cool tuna coupons. Getting free boxes is so fun!

Fabulessly Frugal said...

Hmmm, now that Camille mentions it i think that where I got the clutch too. So hard to keep track of all of these.

Dawn Rae said...

I got my clutch too. It took forever, I sent it in in November, but yes it was from Albertsons for buying a big box of diapers. Great freebie!

Shelley said...

Another idea for freebies...I've gotten lots by reading Hip2Save and also by taking the advice of CouponingtoDisney. She emails 5 companies a day and honestly compliments them on their products. I tried it and received lots of nice emails back, but I did receive 6 25cents off ONE 6oz dannon yogurt :) Companies get lots of complaints...sincere compliments can really help them in their efforts, too. (and no, I didn't ask for the coupons.)