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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fab FruGALs Shopping Trip

When I was a newbie reading coupon blogs these were my favorite posts to look at!
I loved to see how little people payed for so much!
This is a shopping trip from FabFruGAL Christina.

26 boxes of cereal
5 boxes of Fiber One Bars
4 Boxes of Brownies Mix
3 boxes of Muffin Mix
4 Wanchi Ferry Asian Dinner Kits
4 Oreida Mashed Potatoes Steam and Serve
6 Boxes of Waffles
5 Macaroni Grill Dinner Kits
2 El Paso Taco Shells
1 sour cream
1 Dryers Ice Cream
18 Dannon Light Yogurts

Spent $40.50
Saved $251.00

She bought 79 items. That averages out to only $.52 an item! Sweet! Great job Christina!

All  the frozen food item she bought in the Chill Deal which you can still do!
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KB said...

These are my fave posts. It's so much fun to see the numbers.

cristina said...

Thanks for sharing my savings! I am on my way out of town so I don't have time to take pics, but this morning I did the Fruit Snacks deal getting 30 boxes and paying $3.00 after using coupnons and doubles

I also did the Conagra spend $25 get 10. I bought all Dannon Yogurts using coupons and doubles and catalinas and paid $2.38 OOP and got the $10 Cat. There was a problem with the Dannon Light and Fit and it originally did not print the Cat, but I took it to Customer Service and they fixed it for me.

Julie said...

Nice work! I had a question about the Chill deal, and maybe you ladies know the answer. In the Sunday ad it says the sale is good until March 6. In the Wednesday ad, it says until March 9. I *think* one of the ocmmenters said before that it ran until March 25 or something. I noticed that some of the featured products changed. So, my question is this: If the deal is actually going on until March 25, is it possible that the featured (i.e., reduced price) items will change each week? So, do you think the Bertolli meals might be cheaper if I wait until next week? I was just curious. I remember one March--maybe two years ago--they did a similar frozen foods promotion (since March is Frozen Foods month or something) and it went like that, but I wasn't sure if I should wait and see if I can get those Bertolli meals, because we like them, but $8.99 is outrageous, even with the $1/item cat. back. Anyway...

Fabulessly Frugal said...

Julie I would totally wait on the Bertolli $8.99 is a rip off! We do not know anything about the promo going until the 25th, but we did see that in the comments. It is possible. If it is I do think some prices may change but all the same product will trigger the cat!


ac said...

I had the worst experience this morning at the 12th and Greenhurst Store in Nampa. The cashier was SO RUDE! They had mouthwash on clearance for 1.99 and I had a $2 off coupon. She would not take it. She also would not allow me to use a doubler, the Albertsons coupon, and a $1 off on the tuna. She would only take either the doubler or the in ad coupon but not both. She called over a manager and the manager told her that she could take off the 1.99. She questioned the manger several times and finally agreed to take it off. She then glared at me, made several comments, and then talked about me to the next customers in line as I was leaving. I did complain to a manager and he was very nice. It is very embarrasing to me! I will never go to this store again! It's not worth it.

Fabulessly Frugal said...


I am so sorry. I think many of us can sympathize with having similar coupons experiences at one time of another.

When I run into that I use another checker on the next trip. There is no reason to put yourself through heck with a rude checker. Consider that some of the other checkers may not be bad.

I shop this store sometimes too and I can almost guess who you had as a checker, but they are not all bad.

Although the store down the street is generally more friendly and may be worth the extra mile!

Good luck!