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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fab Family Fun: Turn Your Home Into a Movie Theater

We are starting a new series called Fab Family Fun to give you frugal ideas for family and children's activities!

Our first activity is to turn your home into a movie theater and let your kids be the employees! To prepare for movie night, depending on their ages, you will need to help the kids make a few simple things beforehand.

1) Make a poster for the movie you will be watching (mine is just on printer paper).
2) Make a Price Sheet for how much tickets cost using movie snacks instead of money.

Here is an Example

Now Showing: Little Rascals

1 Juice Box
1 Rice Krispy Treat
1 Bowl of Popcorn
3 Apple Slices
12 Goldfish
3 Pieces of Licorice

3) Make movie tickets out of card stock, regular paper, stickers, markers, etc. They can simply say "Ticket" or you can detail the movie title, date, and showtime. You can also use detailed tickets as invitations if you want to invite friends.

When it's time to watch the movie, set up a ticket booth using a kids table or card table. If you don't have one, use the kitchen table. Have the kids sit at the ticket booth as employees and trade them their movie snacks for some home-made tickets. You will give each child all of the snacks you have listed on your price sheet and they will give you a ticket to get into the theater. My price list is a little long just to give examples; you will probably have just 3 or 4 items listed.

If you're really ambitious and you have more than 1 couch, you can put one of them up higher than the other to make stadium seating. (Did anyone else just have a major college flashback?!) I have seen this done with cinder blocks, but in an effort to spare your carpet, you can use anything sturdy enough to hold up the couch. If anyone really does this, send us a photo and we'll post it!

You can use a movie you already have, check one out from the library for free, or if you want a new one, check out Monica's post here to see some available movie coupons!

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nicole said...

I love this idea. We have a theater in our basement with individual La Z Boy seats and there are some that are raised on a platform. We normally just watch movies in there occasionally, but this would be such a fun twist. I'm also thinking of doing this outdoors for kids and their friends in the neighborhood also. It's the perfect time of year for an outdoor movie! Thanks for the ideas.

Michelle Z said...

What a fun idea!

And yes...major college flashback with the stadium seating couches!

Michelle said...

We often have family movie nights but have never tried this. Great idea! Right now my kids are acting out the movie we watched last night.