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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Eastern Idaho Class - Deadline TOMORROW!

Hey all you fruGALS in Eastern Idaho - just a reminder that we are coming your way THIS WEEKEND!!! We are excited about it!

We will be teaching a
2 hour class on Saturday March 13th from 10-12.
(and we're planning on staying after for a long Q&A session!)

For all the details and how to pre-register, see our first post.

Wednesday is the deadline to pre-register!! 
Make sure you sign your friends up so you can win a $50 Amazon.com Gift Card!! 
(Jamie S is still in lead with 5 referrals!)

For the exact location information, see this page.

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Julie said...

I so wish I could be there. Would love to meet you ladies. But every year we take my son to Bozeman to the "dinosaur museum" for his birthday present, and that's the weekend we're going. Maybe next time!

Bella-BeezMom said...

I wasn't sure where to post a comment to, lol I love your blog and all the fabulous tips. Im very new to couponing and im sooo confused, lol. what do you do with that many papers, i read where u wrote you got like at least 10 papers. I have a hard time and it takes a huge amount of time to read blogs, get coupons, sign up for sites, figure out where to go for what and gather all your coupons, how do you do it? im so amazed by you all. I did the the promos at albertsons last week and had to break them up, i did 2 promos and i was at that store for almost 2 hrs. is that normal? i just luv all the bargains but feel like im doing it all wrong...lol You do amaze me at how you find all these deals, post about them and you have a life too....absolutely amazing you are!!!! thanks for all you do for us!!!

Cathy said...

Bella-BeezMom - Thanks for the compliments!

It's overwhelming at first for sure! There is a learning curve, and a 2 hour shopping trip for a newbie isn't abnormal! I spent FOUR HOURS getting ready for my very first trip!

Thankfully, I have 3 amazing women that work with me on this site. If it weren't for them, I'd be burnt out for sure! Just pick 2 or 3 websites to follow so youre not so overwhelmed. Are you local to Boise? You can come to a class!! Just keep asking questions and reading the comments here. We've got great readers that help one another out! And feel free to email us with your Q's any time!! :)

fabulesslyfrugal at gmail dot com

Julie said...

Yeah, it gets a lot less time-consuming the more you do it. You start to know exactly what you're looking for and clipping your coupons with ruthless efficiency. Also, you start to run out of room in your pantry, so you start to think, "No, I have a pantry full of canned tomatoes that I paid .20/can for, so I certainly don't need these ones at .50/can." Hang in there.