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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Catalina Printing Problems

It is a pretty wild week for Catalina deals (still think we are talking about an island off the coast of California or something to pour over your leafy greens? Go HERE). My head is spinning trying to keep all of the promos straight (but isn't this money-saving madness fabulous!?!). 

And while I would hope that everyone is having perfect shopping experiences with the correct cat. printing after every transaction, I do live in the real world. I know that Catalinas don't always print when they are supposed to. And I also know how frustrating that can be when you have spent hours organizing a shopping trip. 

If your cat. doesn't print and you are absolutely certain it was supposed (ie. you have purchased the exact amount/brand/size/flavor/variety of the items included in the promo), there are a few things you can do.

1. After verifying with the cashier that the correct items have been purchased, ask them what they would like you to do. If there is a line, would it be easier on them to take the issue up to customer service? Would they like you to stand off to the side while you wait for a manager so they can assist other customers? While it is not your fault the cat. didn't print, it is also not their fault or the fault of the person waiting in line behind you. Try to find a solution that minimizes frustration (taking deep breaths and counting to 10 also helps!).

2. Once you have been directed to the proper person/place, they will probably re-verify you have purchased the correct items. They may rerun the transaction to see if the cat. will trigger, or they may rerun the transaction using different promo items they know will trigger a cat. This is called forcing a Catalina. While that practice is not encouraged, if you purchased the correct promo items and are owed a cat., the company is not out any additional money.

3. If all options have been exhausted and a Catalina cannot even be forced, your last option is to call the Catalina Marketing Company (where the "cat" gets its name!). Call them @ 888-322-3814 during normal business hours. Have your receipt from your transaction in hand, because they will need certain information from it. With that info, they can tell you if the proper items were purchased and if the cat. machine was working properly during your transaction. If they conclude you are owed a cat., they will issue you one by mail. It can take 6-8 weeks to get to you (see why we try every other possible solution first!). 

Hopefully you will never need to use this information because all of your cats. print on command. But on the off chance you find yourself frustrated when that greedy little machine spits nothing out, now you will know what to do!

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Rachel said...

my catalina for the $10 for $25 promo did not print so they had to force it

Anonymous said...

Do we have a list of items that arent printing but should? I know the frozen mashed potatoes were supposed to but were not. Are they printing now?

Amber said...

It is kind of hit and miss. Locally, the Steam n Mash weren't triggering the cat, but that has since been corrected. Now the problem is the 2/$6 items in the Cozy (Conagra) promo. They are ringing up @ $2.99 instead of $3, so the total is just shy of the price point to print the cat. Have you had any trouble with a cat not printing for any deals this week?

Julie said...

You can also email the catalina company. I emailed them about the Purex deal, and they're sending me the catalina, according to their response email. I just mention it because sometimes, having little ones, it's hard for me to get on the phone during business hours, so I like to email if I can.

Kendra said...

I have had to call the company twice in the past 6 weeks. Both times they were VERY friendly and both times I received my cats in the mail in about 7 business days. To me that's just easier than trying to deal with a cranky cashier or manager!

Fabulessly Frugal said...

Thanks for the feedback ladies that is very helpful!