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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Albertsons Refund Rewards

Top 5 Reasons Why I Am Getting a Refund Rewards Card:

1. I will earn 10% back!
2. I will not have to use my cash on groceries.
3. When doing multiple transactions that are the same I can alternate with this card so my debit card will not be declined.
4. Paying at the register will be quick and easy.
5. No fumbling for exact change, no signing for my purchase.

You have until tax day to get yours!

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Idaho Lucas Fam said...

I got one of the cards this morning and while I was doing my multiple Post transactions, it did decline every other transaction (just like a credit card). I started just switching between cards eventually.

Fabulessly Frugal said...

Idaho Lucas Fam- Thanks for the tip, I did not think it would do that! Good to know.

Jennifer said...

oooh, I got one last year! I'm glad they are back!

GaoyouMom said...

Interesting about the declining-every-other-transaction issue. I've never had that happen. I don't repeat identical transactions very often, but on a few occasions I've repeated a transaction 3 or 4 times, and it's always worked fine. Maybe only certain debit card issuers do this?

Katie said...

How do you get one of these? And when you say you have until tax day does that mean until April 14th or the day you filed?

Fabulessly Frugal said...

Katie- I have not done it yet but I am thinking you can get one at CS and maybe even at checkout.

Tax day means April 15th. Yes :)

Fabulessly Frugal said...

How about you ladies that did buy them already, where did you get them?

GaoyouMom said...

Katie - the offer is good until April 15th. The cards do not expire.

This may be a dumb question so forgive my ignorance ... how do gift certificates affect your gas rewards? Do you earn gas rewards when your purchase the gift card? If so, you'd earn a lot of credits quickly but only be able to use them for one tank of gas. And you'd earn gas rewards on post-coupon purchases essentially. So, downsides of a gift card. You could lose more than the $30 bonus on the GC by the lost gas rewards.

Or, do you NOT earn gas rewards with the purchase of the GC and instead earn them when you make purchases that are paid for with the GC? This would make more sense, but then again, normally GC's are given as gifts, in which case I would think the buyer of the GC, not the recipient, should earn the gas rewards.

Or, do you earn gas credits on both the purchase of the GC AND subsequent purchases paid for with the GC? Seems like it shouldn't work that way but I suppose it's possible.

Make sense what I'm asking? I really am curious about this.


Fabulessly Frugal said...

The gas rewards are tied directly to your Preferred Card. Unfortunately, you do not earn gas rewards for buying the gift card, but you will earn rewards when you purchase items using your gift card & scanning your Preferred Card. It would be nice to double dip, but sadly that is not the case. So essentially you would earn your gas rewards the same way you would if you were paying with a debit card, etc. Hope that helps!


GaoyouMom said...

Amber, thank you. Yes, that helps me very much. I'm going to get one of the $300 gift cards.


Camille said...

I asked at customer service yesterday and they said that the card can be used at the pump too. Nice eh? Gas and groceries!

Terry said...

I was wondering if you could use these on gas also - wonderful! I think its a great deal, I'll be getting one for sure - I was thinking the $250 - but I guess I should go for the $300. A free $30 can go a long way at Albies!