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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Albertsons Best Deals 3/10-3/16

Just a reminder to get your FREE Panda Express Entree today (3/10)!

Also remember that today is the only day to take advantage of the Kellogg's cereal catalina (ends 3/10). You can read my post for all the details.

Campbell's Cream of Mushroom/Chicken Soup $.75
USE: $1.00/4 "Great for Cooking" soups
FINAL: $.50 each
I haven't been able to ever find them for much less than this!

Campbell's Condensed Soups $1.00
$.40/4 Chicken Noodle or Tom from Direct TV SS 1/3 (exp 3/15!)
$.40/2 Condensed soups (not Nood or Tom) from Direct TV SS 1/3
$.40/2 Healthy Request Condensed Soups from 2/7

FINAL: $.80-.90 each
fairly decent price, but nothing I'm going to go wild stocking up on

Campbell's Chunky Soups $1.50
$1.50/3 or $1.00/3 IP's
$1.00/4 from 3/7 SS

FINAL: $1.00 - $1.25 each

When you purchase 10 of the Campbell's products, you get 200 Labels fro Education Bonus Points. My children's school doesn't do this program. Does yours? Maybe people who don't need the bonus point vouchers could share them with someone who could benefit!

ALSO - Here are some of the good prices for the CHILL promo that continues this week. Do you have room in your freezer?? Have you purchased a new freezer just to accommodate this sale?? Hee hee!
Remember with the CHILL promo, when you purchase any 10 participating items, you'll receive TWO $5.00 catalinas at check out to use on your next transaction! We have been doing three transactions in a row, and rolling those catalinas to lower our out of pocket cost! The first price is the store sale price, the second factors in the catalina savings (essentially $1 off each item).

Healthy Choice Frozen Entree $1.99/$.99
USE: $1.00/2 (remember you can print twice!)
FINAL: $.49 each

Hot, Lean, or Croissant, or Side Shots Pockets $1.69/$.69
USE: $.75/1 Hot Pockets Side Shots from 1/31 RP
(a reader left a comment saying these were included)
FINAL: FREE! (use coupon only on the Side Shots variety!)

Old Orchard Juice Concentrate $1.29/$.29
USE: $1.00/4
FINAL: $.04

Red Baron Single Serve Pizza $3.49/$2.49
$.75/1 Single Serve from 1/17 SS (exp 3/14!)
$1.00/2 Single Serve from 2/28 SS

FINAL: $.174-$1.99

Red Baron Multi Serve Pizza $2.99 (with in-ad coupon, limit 8)
POSSIBLY included in CHILL deal
STACK WITH: $1.00/2 from 1/31 SS
FINAL: $.149 (when factoring in catalina savings)

Bagel Bites $1.99/$.99
USE: $1/1 Bagel Bites (must sign up)

Rosetto Pasta or Steam n Eat Pasta $3.29/$2.29
USE: $1.50/2 (thanks Julie!)
FINAL: $1.54
better price than last week!

Bertolli Meals for Two or Oven Bakes $6.99/$5.99
$1/1 any Bertolli frozen meal (sign up required)
$1/1 Bertolli Mediterranean Style Meal (sign up required and variety may not be inc in sale)
$1/1 from coupons.com (hope you printed it, I'm not seeing it any more)
FINAL: $4.99

All the other items from last week are still included in the CHILL promo, but the sale prices may be different.

Have you spotted any great finds?

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Arin said...

Chief Joseph Elementary in Meridian participates in the soup labels for education program-we would definitely love all of the points you may throw away!! anyone can e-mail me personally about how to donate them arianiah@hotmail.com

Amy Conner said...

We use them to earn stuff for Pampered Pandas Daycare. sabconner@live.com :)

Julie said...

Ah...much better price on the Bertolli, although I think these are usually (or maybe just sometimes? not sure) $5.99-$6.49 at Wal-Mart (shudder) and Winco, aren't they? I love Albertson's sales, but sometimes when I walk through and look at their normal prices for things, it sends a shiver down my spine. One time I checked out their normal price on Bumble Bee canned tuna and it was nearly a dollar more than Winco's normal price. Jeez. Same with the S&W canned beans. I don't know who pays those prices, but I guess I'm glad someone does pay them so that they can keep offering the great sales to people like us!

Julie said...

Speaking of Campbell's, are there any coupons around for Soup at Hand? FM has them 10 for $10, but I am opposed to paying an entire dollar for one serving of soup. I had some coupons for it, but they expired. Anyone know of any?

Ali Smith said...

I am so sad. :( This morning I walked out to my garage to get an Uncrustable out of the upright freezer for my son's lunchbox...and much to my horror the door was WIDE OPEN! My 7-year old, bless his heart, had went out last night to get a popsicle out of the freezer and must have not pushed it shut all the way and it swung open. By the time I got to it this morning everything was thawed. :( The ice cream...the frozen juices...the veggies...all the boxed dinners/meals...everything but the meat. Luckily the meat was all bunched together enough to kind of act as a freezer for each other...I am heartbroken. I don't know what to do...is any of it salvagable or do I just have to hang my head and I throw it all in the garbage...? HELP! That thing is STUFFED with food...but I mean...the boxes and cartons and bags were all warm to the touch and again...everything was completely thawed. Can any of it be refrozen?

Amber said...

Ali, that is AWFUL. But all is not lost. It is covered by your homeowners insurance. And unless your deductible is really high, it might be worth it. Say your deductible is $250 and they value the lost food @ $500 (keep in mind it is what it is worth, not what you paid for it!), they will cut you a check for $250. And because the claim is so small, it won't affect your premium!

Cheryl_hiccups said...

I can confirm that the Red Baron full-sized pizza is in the CHILL promo. My store had them tagged. I did it this morning and got the CATs. Bought 8 pizzas and 2 old orchard juice. The pizzas end up being $1.49 each and the juice was $.29 each after factoring in catalinas.

Sophie said...

Does anyone know if Campbells Cream of Celery are considered "great for cooking" soups?

Jody said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
GaoyouMom said...

Ali, assuming you're in Idaho, it was very cold last night, so I doubt that all of the groceries warmed up enough to spoil in your garage.

You can safely re-freeze the juice. I've had juice thaw in the back of my car in the short period of time between when I bought them and when I got home to the freezer, with no problem.

You're probably fine with a much of the packaged foods too. They may have thawed somewhat, but they're probably still mostly frozen on the inside. I forgot about a bag of frozen dinners one time and left it in the kitchen with the other non-perishables. I discovered them hours later when I went to put things away (I'm a single working mom -- that's my excuse for not putting groceries away right away). I opened a few of them thinking we'd just have them for dinner that night -- they were thawed but still cold and perfectly good. The others I put in the freezer for later and they were perfectly fine.

Ice cream, popsicles, and stuff liek that is a lost cause, but I think you can safely re-freeze a lot of your food.

If you live in a warm climate or your garage is heated, then kindly disregard everything I just said.

Michelle Barnes said...

Maybe if your stuff is still a little cool inside, you could find a few friends that might be able to use some of that stuff right away today and then you might not have to feel so bad for throwing it all away!! I feel for you!! I had that happen to me before and it about made me cry!!

Beth said...

Has anyone tried other juices this week? Last week even the 0.99 apple juice by Old Orchard worked, which made it a real moneymaker! =) Even without doublers, $2 off $9.90 for 10 and getting $10 in catalinas made for a steal. I have a rain check for these this week... but am not certain about the catalina.

Fabulessly Frugal said...

Beth - the catalina will sill work. Our 5&O managers said that the warehouse was completely out of hte $.99 blends, so hopefully you'll be able to redeem your raincheck before the catalina ends (which I think is 3/25 if I remember correctly).

Fabulessly Frugal said...

Major bummer Ali!!!

Ali Smith said...

Thanks for all of the ideas ladies. :) When I found it this morning we were headed out the door and I just didn't have time to deal with all of it. I simply closed the door and let it start refreezing. I do live in Idaho and it was cold, but it would have been open for...12 hours. :(

When I got home just now I opened it up to see just what the damage was. I actually opened one of the ben & jerry's ice cream tubs expecting it to look really gross, but it looked just the same. It tasted the same too...so...perhaps once refrozen they're ok? As long as we eat them more quickly than usual? The juice I figured would probably be fine and seems to have refrozen ok, but hopefully they'll still last long enough for my family to use them. I opened up a couple of different things just to see...everything appears to have refrozen, I guess we won't really know what effect it had until we go to eat it! Lol. Such as the frozen waffles, Rhodes warm-n-serve rolls...that sort of thing. I think I'm just going to try my luck and see what happens. Hopefully all is not lost...

Sara S. said...

where do I find the coupons for the Rosetto pasta and the hot pockets? Thanks!

GaoyouMom said...

Ali, to me, it's no different than freezing leftovers. If it was summer and the food got too warm then I'd toss it for fear of food poisoning. But with the cold weather, the garage was probably around refigerator temperature, so it should be fine.

Ice cream that melts -- like if you leave it out on the counter too long -- and gets refrozen is safe to eat, but the texture and taste can be icky. I'd say if the ice cream is okay, then everything else would be okay too.

Julie said...

Ali, I've had this happen (I live in Idaho, too) and most of it was fine. If your ice cream doesn't look like it obviously completely melted and then refroze, it's fine. Even then, when it happened to me (and it was Haagen Dazs that melted that time), the only real problem is that when it melts completely it loses all of its air which makes the texture bad, but we just used it in milkshakes.

Most of the food you're talking about has enough preservatives and stablizers that it is probably going to be fine. Technically you should eat it up faster than if it had never thawed, but in practice it probably won't make much difference. Sorry to hear about it, though--at least the Chill deal is still going on, right? So, call your insurance company and take that $250 to Albertson's and get some crazy catalinas!

heatherlf said...

Bummer Ali I actually had the same thing happen to me, kid went to get a popcicle!! For me it was right when I started couponing so much wasn't in there. I thought the ice cream was fine but when we went to eat it it was like it separated and didn't taste that great.

Ali Smith said...

Well, I haven't opened up and tried any of the Dreyers yet, but they still feel mushy, so they are probably going to wind up in the trash. But, we'll see. Not a bad idea to use them in milkshakes, though, if it still tastes ok...and yes, I'm thankful this didn't happen during the summer! And I'm thankful that the meat didn't have time to thaw! As for making the claim on my insurance...we actually only have renters insurance, so not sure if that works the same way? i think since the meat is ok, it wouldn't really be worth the claim. If the meat had thawed and been spoiled then that would be a totally different story! Then I would REALLY be out some money! :) Any way, thanks again...I guess we have a lot of ice cream to eat!

Cathy said...

Sara S.

Sorry about the lack of info there! Can you tell I've been running to and fro like a mad woman!! :)

I've updated the post. But so you don' have to look again, here is the info:

Side Shots from 1/31 RP

Rosetto $1.50/2 from here:


jennyjlj said...

Any word on Doubles for this weekend?

Katie said...

No Yolks Pasta is 1.29 and there is a .75 coupon in 2/21 SS, havn't seen it mentioned anywhere, is this a good price?

Mel said...

Katie- wait for doubles... been getting no yolks free!

Fabulessly Frugal said...

The no Yolk coupon is DND so the deal will not get better with doubles.

Last week these were priced at $1.50.

I usually like to get pasta for .50 or less. This is pretty close to that price point so if you need it buy it.

These noodles are yummmy too!

luvmyboys said...

I dont know about anyone else but I received my Post coupon order from ebay and they threw in another 10 at no cost to me!! Woot! :)