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Friday, March 12, 2010

$25.00 Restaurant Gift Certificates for $2.00!

Simply use the code:

at checkout to get 80% OFF at Restaurant.com!

This means you get a $25 Gift Certificate
for only $2!!

For a tutorial on how it is done go HERE!

There's a catch right?
Well kind of. When you redeem your certificate you have to have a bill that is at least $35 (some are now $50 - so read the offer carefully). So you buy the certificate for $2, you have to spend at least $35, then they take off $25 and add 18% gratuity based on the original bill. Total cost for you will be $18 including the original $2 (based on 80% discount) for the certificate. $35bill-$25gc=$10+$6tip+$2cert=$18. We love it because we will order a dessert or appetizer which we would not normally order!

Have you guys actually done this?
Yes, we would not put it on here if we hadn't! :) We have redeemed certificates at Ono Hawaiian Cafe, Donnie Mac's Trailer Park, Cheerleaders, Asiagos (Cathy's fave!), and
Fiesta Gadalajara . The cool thing is that you have a YEAR to use them!

Is this only for local readers?
No, When you get to the site you enter in your zip code to get restaurants local to you! I love it because it gives me an excuse to try and support local restaurants in my city. If I was to go to Portland for the weekend I could buy one and try out their local digs.

I want to eat out tonight. Do I have to wait for the certificate to arrive in the mail?
No, you print it from your home computer. If you can't print right away they will email you the certificate.

Some local faves:
Asiagos: Fabulous Italian
Papa Joes: I love their Italian ice cream
donnie macks fun family place
Fiesta Gaudalajara fantastic mexican
Melting Pot great place to celebrate
Ono Hawaiian Cafe So good, love the meatballs and coconut rice
Baja Fresh yummy
Moon's Cafe The best milk shakes
and many more!!

The code works on all of the certificates!

$10 certificate only .80
$25 certificate only $2
$50 certificate only $4
$75 certificate only $6
$100 certificate only $8

So head over and you'll be on your way to some cheap dining!!

This code will expire on Tuesday March 16th!!


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Camille said...

Love the new look on the header!

Jennifer said...

bummer that most of the restaurants have bumped their minimum purchase to $50. I used to get THE best deals for date night but I haven't bought a restaurants.com coupon for several months now. :(

Me and My Gang said...

Then I will over eat, hmm dilemma?

luvmyboys said...

So what if the restaraunt will not honor the certificate when you go? There is like only 1 restaraunt available in my town so should I just hold my breath and hope they do?

Fabulessly Frugal said...

They will honor it. I have never had a problem! I have done it many times.

Cathy said...

I've never had a problem with them not accepting it. They signed up with restaurant.com to promote their restaurant. The only instance that I've heard of his happening is if you purchased your certificate 9 months ago, and before using it, the restaurant terminated the contract. Otherwise, you should be good!

Tricia said...

I've also used them many times with no problems. One restaurant I had bought from went out of business before I used it and restaurants.com emailed me a code for a new certificate of equal value to buy another one!