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Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Value of Couponing

Sometimes we tell people to think of couponing as a part time job. A stay at home mom or dad's way to contribute to the family income.

Brett Arends from the Wall Street Journal did the reasearch and it turns out that............

1 hour spent clipping coupons can yeild $100 in SAVINGS!

Couponing is popular. Didn't you know? According to Arends report coupon redemption is up 27% from last year.

There are still many who feel that couponing is not worth it. Well yes it takes a little work and preparation. Did you know that 1 minute of coupon preparation (clipping, organizing, deal hunting, shopping) is worth $1.44. So 10 minutes is worth $10.44 of savings. This would give you an hourly rate of $86.40 tax free.

I contacted Arends to let him know how much I loved his example of how 1 hour of couponing can save you more than $100 and hour. He let me know that I could read more about it in his book, "Storm Proof Your Money". So I have included an amazon link in case you want to read more about how to Weather Any Economy, Rebuild Your Portfolio, and Protect Your Future!

 If you want to earn/save more than $100 per hour working from home, you better start here with couponing 101!

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AJ said...

You know how people say "time is money" and couponing takes too much time? It's not like if I wasn't couponing I would be getting paid to be doing something else during that time!

And other the other hand, the time spent doing it literally is money, kept in my bank account!

sla545 said...

I agree AJ! If i wasnt couponing I wouldnt be doing anything else either. Even I wanted to get a PT job, ty finding one that pays even $10/hr in this economy!

Camille said...

$86 per hour sure beats my Idaho teacher's salary that I gave up this year to stay home with my new baby. Sooooo worth it! (and not just because I get to snuggle a chubby monkey all day!)
I agree with others though, my job isn't making money, it's making money go further.

Julie said...

I recently got a new part-time job that I really wanted, and my husband and I were having a discussion about how I was going to balance everything (I am still basically a full-time SAHM, and I already had two part-time jobs [online, from home], and then the couponing thing). Well, we figured out that I "made" more money (by quite a bit) by couponing than I was making at one of my jobs, and coincidentally, it was the one job I don't like...so my husband urged me to quit that job and spend the time couponing. Such an understanding husband! But, seriously, I used to think it wasn't worth it, too, but I have changed my thinking completely these past couple of months.

Amber Red said...

Glad you were able to get around to posting this :) It is an awesome article