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Thursday, February 4, 2010

This is Why We Coupon!!!!

I am loving Ali's Price Check series. In case you have not heard enough about QUAKER lately we are going to show you how much you saved!

Before I started to coupon I thought it was dumb, because it seemed like you could just buy the generic for less than the brand name with a coupon. That is right if you just walk into Walmart and use your coupon on brand name you would spend more than buying generic. So how does this work for us?

WE WAIT FOR A SALE!!!!! Then the savings are HUGE!

Aunt Jemima at Walmart: $2.94
At Walmart with coupon: $2.44
Great Value Walmart Brand: $1.78
Aunt Jemima at Albertsons on sale: $1.40
Aunt Jemima at Albertons on sale with $1/2 coupon: $.90
Aunt Jemima at Albertsons on sale with coupon and double: $.40

Quaker at Walmart: $3.12
At Walmart with $1/1 coupon: $2.12
Great Value Walmart Brand: $1.84
Quaker at Albertsons on sale: $1.40

Quaker at Albertsons on sale with $1/1 coupon: $.40
Quaker at Albertsons on sale with $1/1 coupon and double: FREE

Granola Bars:
Great Value Walmart Brand: $3
Quaker Chewy at Walmart: $2.26

At Walmart with .55/1 coupon: $1.71
Quaker at Albertsons on sale: $1.00
Quaker at Albertsons on sale with $.55/1 coupon: $.45
Quaker at Albertsons on sale with .55/1 coupon and double: FREE

Using coupons and waiting for the sales is SO worth it!

Ali did a price check for you on most all of the sale items from last week. Go and check out Ali's Coupon Adventures for photos, total savings and the scenarios for the cereals, pancake mix and more oatmeal!

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jenheadjen said...

So true! I wish I would see more of the Albertson's doublers though! It seems they come for the busiest days of the month (or months...:) I'm so impatient! :)

Kim said...

I even checked the price of oats in the bulk bins at Fred Meyer. For quick oats they were around 80¢/lb and for old fashioned oats they were close to $1.20/lb! I'm so glad I stocked up during the Albie's sale!

heatherlf said...

so awesome think I'll print this out and carry it with me to explain to friends better. Its always like WHAT?? lol

Kristina D said...

I was offering some coupons to a friend after I had stocked up (we have enough oats to last for 5 months!). She said "I buy it at the bulk bin, so no thanks". To which I replied, "Is yours free, 'cause mine is!" :) That did give her pause. It is so frustrating to hear people complain about not having money etc but when you offer them a way to reduce their grocery bills, they say no, thanks.

Leslie said...

I had to chuckle when I went in Winco today and saw their Quaker g-bars for 1.98/box with a "see how much you can save by buying it here" sticker with all the different stores' prices listed on it. Really?!?!

Cathy said...

I love it!!!

rachel said...

So sad we don't have Albertson's anymore. Currently my ONLY option is Wal-Mart.:(

Monica said...

Oh Rachel I am sad for you. :(

You can still be Fabuless! There are some fab deals to be had at walmart.