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Sunday, February 28, 2010

How to get Post Cereal Coupons

I was so bummed there were no Post cereal coupons in my insert today (even though they were listed in the Sunday Coupon Preview, here in Idaho, we didn't get them)! I was hoping to get some, because I'm pretty certain there will be a rockin Post Cereal sale in March, just like there was last March.

  • We know many other regions got this coupon.
  • We also know that there is a catalina running through March 21st (get a $3.00 catalina wyb 4 boxes, or get a $4.00 catalina wyb 5 or more boxes)
  • We are hoping for a fab sale to match with this coupon and catalina deal to get some super cheap cereal.

Last year, I purchased 60 boxes of Post Cereal. Most if it was Honey Bunches of Oats. The ONE cereal that EVERYONE in my family LOVES. I didn't buy enough. I want to buy enough THIS time, that will last me until I can get it for less than $.50 a box again.

So what am I going to do? That's right, I'm going to head to eBay (well, I already did). There are a few things to consider:
  • We obviously can't guarantee that the fabulous sale will run the exact same time as the catalina does (like last year). Although it seems they like to do these simultaneously to push a lot of product.
  • The coupons I want don't expire until 4/11
  • This cereal is a popular "staple" in my home. I'm willing to take the risk right now to purchase a lot of coupons at a cheap price (rather than wait until the sale is on and the prices go up... case in point: the $3/5 Quaker coupons). I found a set of 20 for $1.00 (buy it now), and the shipping was $.99. The seller had more than 10 sets available. And for additional sets, the shipping was $.39 for each additional set I added to my order.
  • Even if the stars don't align and this sale isn't as fab as it was last year, I'll still use these coupons. BECAUSE this is something my family will use.
Haven't done eBay before? Feel free to read my (lengthy) tutorial called eBay 101. Also, if you appreciate our free website, we certainly wouldn't mind if you come to our site to click through to eBay. It's just one small thing you can do to keep us up and running! :)

There are two different ways to shop eBay through our site. The easiest is just to click on the links we provide when we're talking about a specific coupon. Like this link for the $1.00/2 Post Cereal Coupons on eBay.

OR just go to the eBay toolbar...

So how many coupons are you going to get? Are you going to purchase now, or are you going to wait until a sale is official? Anyone want to guess how many coupons I purchased?


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Ali Smith said...

Well, if 60 boxes wasn't enough (that's insane by the way Cathy. Lol) I will guess that you bought 50 coupons to get 100 boxes...? I just bought my coupons, just in case...I'm living on the edge now! ;)

Carol said...

Oops - I left this comment in the wrong place! This is the post I wanted to comment on.
I have a question - is it OK to buy coupons since they say on them that they're not for sale? There have been times I've wanted to buy something on Ebay but then I wonder if it's really OK for people to be selling them? Thanks!

Amber said...


I recently answered that exact same question for another reader. Here is what I said:

The money people pay for those coupons goes towards the time it takes the seller to clip and sort them NOT for the actual coupon. That would be illegal. We can only hope the seller was ethical in how they came to possess the coupons!

Many are allowed access to thousands of excess inserts and take the time to clip them and put them on eBay. In that instance, the manufacturer chose the number of coupons they wanted to produce and so I see nothing unethical about getting those coupons into the hands of consumers who WILL buy their products!

Julie said...

Just curious...any idea if Grape Nuts would be included? I know you're not (quite) psychic, but any thoughts?

Jennifer said...

I'm going to go ahead and buy some on ebay. I remember last year they had some great deals on Post cereal for few months after the BIG march sale. I had Post coming out my ears!! Actually, I still have about 10 boxes left from early summer.

Fabulessly Frugal said...


We do not know if Grape Nuts are included but last year when this sale was hot they were.

Fabulessly Frugal said...

Those of you trying to guess. Remember Cathy has seven kids and her family LOVES this cereal. We should reward the correct guesser with 10 coupons or something?


Sophie said...

Well i have three people in my family and Honey Bunches is our FAVORITE cereal. I ordered 40 coupons (so 80 boxes) just for us hoping there is a sale. My husband and five year old eat cereal for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks!!! I can only imagine how much Cathy ordered, maybe 80 coupons?

kranberrys said...

I am going to say 100 coupons!

Katie said...

My guess is 60 coupons!

Idaho Lucas Fam said...

I have three kids and we've gone through 75 boxes since last year. My vote is she bought 70 coupons for 140 boxes.

llamamomma said...

I guess 80 coupons!

Beth said...

I guess if you needed a lot of milk, you could get Honey Bunches of Oats for free at Safeway through tomorrow (blinkie by milk for free Honey Bunches of Oats when you buy milk)... but that would be a whole lot of milk to consume! =) I can't imagine 60 or more boxes! I'm really impressed!

Thanks for your site!!!

Powell Clan said...

I say 7 sets. I have 3 kids and we ALL love honey bunches of oats too. I just bought 5 sets of 10 and am now thinking I should have gotten more.

Powell Clan said...

I just got mine today and I think i got the wrong kind. They are for post cereal but it is for the kids favorites and only valid on 4 different kinds of post cereal darnit! So I went and found some others on ebay that are good for most others--Make sure you check to see which ones you are getting.

Katie said...

I got my 20 coupons in the mail today! I am now anxious to see what kind of deals we will get.

Sophie said...

Fab Frugal Ladies

How many boxes did you all buy last year? I know you guys have different size families and I know Cathy said her family LOVES this cereal, I am trying to not over buy with this sale, but I definintely want to buy enough. My husband and son are cereal lovers (as in could eat it for all three meals every day over and over and over again!!), and it is only the 3 of us? Also, do you know if any of the Albertsons will be taking special orders or not since they were not for the juice and fruit roll up promos? Thanks!

Cathy said...

Sophie -

I purchased 66 boxes last year. I haven't decided for sure, but I think I'll do 200 this year. THAT IS excessive to some, but I do have a large family and everyone LOVES HBO! We were major cereal lovers a year ago. But not as much now... probably because we ate it so much when I was getting it so cheap! I'm not sure if they'll be doing special orders or not. I am going to email them and let them know how massive this sale is going to be!!