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Friday, February 12, 2010


Earlier this week we showed you how to get cans of tuna for only .10!

Now we are going to show you how to get TUNA for FREE!

Albertsons Starkist Tuna pouches are $1! Sunday's paper will have a RedPlum insert with coupons for $1/2 Starkist Tuna pouches. If you use those with a double you will get them for FREE!

This is how it plays out.........

Starkist Tuna $1
{Buy 6} =$6
Use (3) $1/2 coupons from the 1/14-RP SAVE $3
Use (3) Albertsons double coupons from the in-store ad SAVE $3

Well I have 5 papers coming to me on Sunday so I will be able to get 10 FREE pouches of Tuna if I want to. What do you do if you do not have the Sunday paper delivered?

You can go and buy the paper from the gas station or grocery store for $2 (for the Idaho Statesman) a paper or you can subscribe to the newspaper with one of our paper deals and get 5 newspapers for less than .50 each!

 Click here for our Idaho Newspaper Deals.

It may be too late to get the subscription for this week if you don't call soon, but if it is sign up for next week because there will be more fabulous deals to come. Then go get your $2 paper this week at the store it will still earn you 2 FREE pouches of Tuna plus give you a whole booklet with more coupon savings like these.


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GaoyouMom said...

Just a note on the newspapers ... be aware that the copies that are available in stores or newsstands do not have all the inserts in them. If you have subscription, you'll get everything that is available. But if not, you might get the Smart Source or Red Plum, or you might not.

You'll definately not get all of the store ads without a subscription, although you can pick those in the stores so it's not as much of a loss.

The reason I know this: Just a few weeks ago I subscribed to the Statesman on Sundays only. I dislike having a pile of newspapers around, but since I started couponing I was buying one copy every week anyway, so it make sense to just subscribe, since it's cheaper and more convenient that way. I stockpile on a very small scale, so figured I'd just pick up an extra copy or two if there was a coupon in there that I really wanted more than one of. At that point, I was very new to couponing and did not realize how many coupons I wasn't getting.

Well, the very first week I wanted additional copies, so I went to the news stand down the street and bought two papers, but neither the SS or RP were in there. I called the Statesman, and they explained it to me.

So, I then changed my subscription to the 4-copies-on-Sunday only. It's only $2/week and very much worth it.


Ana @ Get Craftin said...

All the Albertsons closed around our area and turned into fresh market! I love Albertsons!

gina said...

I dont mind getting the daily too, for only $1 more each week. My DH likes the sports section, plus you get the Albertsons ad on Wed. But mostly when I do the daily plus sunday deal, these fab ladies get a commission, which I think they deserve since they put so much work into this site to help us all.

GaoyouMom said...

I didn't realize that the Fab Gals got a commission for the couponing subscriptions. That's good to know. I completely agree that they certainly deserve it for all the work they put into this site. I hope they got one from my subscription even though I just get the Sunday paper, since I did mention them. After all, they are reason I even know we have the ability to get more than one copy.


Susan said...

The tuna deal looks great! I'm going to do see if I can snag some before the day is over.
As for the paper deals I just upgraded my (ID Statesman) subscription last week, but the lady I talked to wouldn't allow me to get the Fabulessly frugal deal because I was "already subscribed with a discounted Sunday paper" ($1 per week). I could only upgrade to 4 Sunday papers and not the weekly...they called it their "Coupon" deal. I'm still confused as to why I could only upgrade to the coupon deal and not the fab one...but at least I get 4 papers for 52 cents :)