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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Spaghetti is a STAPLE at my house!!

Starting Wednesday Feb 9th-Tuesday Feb 16th, Albertsons will have the Ronzoni Pasta {Healthy Harvest AND Smart Taste} on sale for $1.00 each. Some regions of the country got $1/2 coupons in their 1/10 SS. Doubling this coupon will make the pasta FREE!!!! Sadly, us locals did NOT get this coupon.

What are we gonna do???

You got it!

There are:
$1/2 Ronzoni Smart Taste Coupons on eBay (NOTE: the $.75/1 coupons can not be doubled!)
$1/2 Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Coupons on eBay

There is also a $1/2 printable here (thanks reader Monica!)

Have you heard of Ronzoni Pasta?

The Ronzoni Healthy Harvest is a whole wheat blend pasta (with Omega 3). I like to sneak some of this in when I make spaghetti for my family (I do about 2/3 regular and 1/3 Healthy pasta). This is a great pantry item to STOCK UP ON!!

The Ronzoni Smart Taste is a white pasta that is fortified with 3 times the fiber and calcium too! You can't even tell the difference.

We are excited!!!
PASTA is a GREAT PANTRY item to stock up on!
Purchase 6 Boxes of Ronzoni Pasta $6.00
USE: $1.00/2 (see links above)
DOUBLE: all 3 coupons
FINAL PRICE: tax only!

LOCALS: No worries - we'll have extra doubles for you!!


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Mel said...

are both health harves and smart taste going to be $1, or just one or the other? Thanks for the heads up!

Paul & Monica said...

There should be a Ip here http://ronzoni.newworldpasta.com/pasta_coupon.cfm

heatherlf said...

We actually really like this brand. Got a bunch of it free last time around and just ran out so yeah!

Mel said...

extra doubles? sign me up!! when and where fab-clan?

Anonymous said...

Where we are (OR) there are .75/1 coupons do not double...so I've been picking them up for .25 cents.

Kristina D said...

Someone took my paper this morning! SO I don't have any doublers! Or a paper (not that I actually read the paper but the kids like the comics).

Cathy said...

Kristina - the ad won't come until tomorrow... so you'll still get your doubles! :)

Cathy said...

Mel - send an email to fabulesslyfrugal at gmail dot com and we'll hook you up!

heatherlf said...

Just ordered some coupons, hopefully they get her fast. The link to the site for a coupon for some reason says I've already printed it and I tried it on both computers :( I will definately email you about some more doublers :)

Cathyb said...

Dern! I just used my pasta coupons today thinking that the pasta would go off sale. Oh well, even 50 cents each is still a pretty good deal and last time that they doubled it I was unable to get any because it was all gone. So I guess I won't complain!