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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Do I really need FIVE Sunday papers?

Yesterday I spent $32.76 on $112.59 worth of groceries, AND I will be getting back a $15 rebate in the mail. That is a total savings of $94.83 or almost 85%.

It was a good day of shopping!

But I'm not going to post pictures (mostly because the sale ended yesterday) or even breakdown how I did it. No, today I am going to show you how getting multiple copies of the Sunday paper made that savings possible.

Although I prepaid, the cost for 5 Sunday papers and 1 daily paper is $3 a week (because I am getting the Fabulessly Frugal newspaper deal!!). In last Sunday's paper we received just 1 insert. That is rare. The number of inserts varies, but we have seen as many as 6 inserts in 1 Sunday! So keep in mind when I am laying out my savings using JUST last Sunday's paper, I am giving you the bare bones, 1-insert scenario. Your savings multiply with the number of inserts received!

Cost for 1 week of newspapers: $3

Savings from just 1 week of newspapers: $34!

$18 in Albertson's double coupon savings (1 set on Wednesday and 5 sets on Sunday)

$5 in Starkist Tuna coupons

$8 in Subway coupons (used 2 B1G1 coupons from 2 inserts)

$3 in Olay coupons

And that is just from 1 Red Plum insert! Can you imagine if each paper had 3, 4 or even 5 inserts? 

With my 1 week of savings, I could almost pay for 13 weeks of my newspaper subscription!!

So what are you waiting for? 1 kid, 8 kids or no kids under your roof, it is absolutely worth it!

Go HERE to find the right subscription for you and start saving TODAY!! 

Or for our non-local readers (because we love you just as much!), go HERE to see about discounted newspaper subscriptions in your area.


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Gwendolyn said...

I live in Arkansas. How do you find such a great deal on newspapers?

Monica said...


I was feeling some serious regret when I renewed the newspaper deal the other day. For like a minute. It just seems like a lot upfront. But then two seconds later I thought about the savings I get from just one good insert and remembered it is totally worth it! DUH! I thought others may feel that way too and was going to do a post, uh this was two weeks ago! Glad you shared this with everyone! You said it so well!

Gwendolyn- We had to call the newspaper and ask them if they would give out readers a FABULOUS deal!

Cathy said...

Getting the daily is awesome too. Not only do you get the Wednesday Albertsons ad (that sometimes has doubles), Fred Meyer also sometimes has a great 3 or 3 day sale advertised in the Friday paper, with some great in store coupons as well.

PLUS my husband and son LOVE getting the daily sports section!

cynthea said...

Do you have someone to contact at the statesman? Did you happen to find out if a current subscriber can get the FF deal? I currently get 4 newspapers on sunday for 1 dollar each and my subscription is up in two months. I would lie to renew for a year but not if it is going to be 2 dollars each paper.

Cathy said...

Cynthea -

Yes, my guy at the Statesman says you can "upgrade". You may even be able to do it now (?). If they won't work with you. I'd call back and try a different person. If that still doesn't work, email me and I'll talk to my contact. Thanks for asking for the FF deal! :)