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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Albertsons GM Catalina Update

We've heard from our contact at Five Mile & Overland who has confirmed the catalina WILL print, even IF you use coupons and your total is less than $20. As long as you reach $20 BEFORE coupons, it WILL print.
A few things to consider:
  • If the catalina does not print, they will most likely refer to the fine print on the ad
  • If the catalina DOES print, but the cashier refuses to give it to use because you used coupons, ask for a manager. They are trained that what prints is the customer's, and if it prints and the customer doesn't want it, then they recycle it (they don't even give it to someone else, or keep it for themselves).
  • They have not received anything from corporate advising them to limit coupons
So good news for us! I am reposting the coupon match-ups for the GM promo. For more deals, you can read our post here.

$1.00 ($0.65 with catalina/check out coupon factored in)
  • BC Super Moist cake mix 18-19.5oz
  • Bisquick shake & pour 5.1oz
  • BC Flavored Mashed Potatoes 3.3oz

$1.25 ($0.81 with catalina/check out coupon factored in)
  • Pillsbury grands biscuits 16oz - coupon .30/2 print twice at coupons.com
  • Old El Paso Refried Beans 16oz & Taco Shells 10-12ct

$0.97 with catalina/check out coupon factored in)
  • BC Frosting 12-16oz- Use GM-2/7 .50/1 (can be doubled!)
  • Bisquick Mix 20oz
  • Progresso High Fiber soup 19oz, rich & hearty or trad soup

$1.69 ($1.10 with catalina/check out coupon factored in)
  • BC Warm Delights 2.9-3.6oz - Use GM-2/7 .50/1 (can be doubled!) or .50/1 print twice at coupons.com
  • BC Cookies Pouch 17.5oz- Use GM-2/7 .50/1

($1.30 with catalina/check out coupon factored in)
  • BC Premium Brownies mix 16.5-26.7oz -Use GM-2/7 .75/2 (can be doubled!) or .50/1 print twice at coupons.com
  • Muffin Mix 15.2-19.6oz
  • Pillsbury Cinn/Orange sweet rolls & crescent rolls- Use GM-2/7 .40/2 (can be doubled!) or .40/2 print twice at coupons.com

$2.50 ($1.63 with catalina/check out coupon factored in)
  • 14oz Cheerios, 17oz Cinn Crunch- Use GM-2/7 $1/3 (can be doubled!)
  • 16oz Lucky Charms, 18oz Reese's PB Puffs & Wheaties Fuel- Use GM-2/7 $1/3 (can be doubled!) or $.75/1 print twice at coupons.com (Wheaties)
  • GM Nut Clusters 5oz - coupon: $1/1 print twice at coupons.com
  • GM Fiber one Chewy Bars 4.1 - 7oz - coupon $.75/1 here and .40/1 print twice at coupons.com
  • GM Chex mix 14.5 - 15oz - coupon .50/1 print twice at coupons.com
  • BC Fruit Snack 4.5-9oz - coupon .50/2 print twice at coupons.com
  • Pillsbury cookies dough 14-16.5oz- Use GM-2/7 $1/2 (can be doubled!) or $1/2 print twice at coupons.com
  • Old El Paso dinner kit 8.8oz

$3.50 ($2.27 with catalina/check out coupon factored in)
Wanchai Ferry dinner kit 12.8 - 23.3oz - coupon $1/1 print twice at coupons.com
Macaroni grill dinner entree 8-18.2oz - coupon $1/1 print twice at coupons.com
Totino's Pizza rolls 19.8oz

I will post some scenarios later today... if you've already done some transactions, feel free to post them in the comments! :) Also, let us know if the catalina is NOT printing for you!

ps - you may or may not be able to roll this catalina. Read the comments to see how it is working for others!


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GaoyouMom said...

That's good news!

I may in the minority, but I didn't think the deal was all that bad before, but then again I'm pretty new at this and therefore dont' have the same basis of comparison as others.

In case you are unaware, the BC Fruit Snacks and the Fiber One bars have separate catalina deals running on them in addition to the $7 back w/ $20 purchase deal. I made the following purchase this morning at a Boise Albertsons:

5 boxes of Fiber One bars @2.50/ea
5 boxes of BC Fruit Snacks @2.50/ea

4 $.75 and 1 $.40 coupon on the Fiber One Bars
2 $.50/2 coupons on the fruit snacks

Oop: $20.60

Received back 3 GM catalinas:
$7 for the $20 purchase
$3.50 for the fruit snacks wyb 5
$3.50 for the FO bars wyb 5

So, net of 6.60 for the 10 boxes. I thought that was pretty sweet!


GaoyouMom said...

Me again.

If the $7 catalina is printing with a $20 before-coupon total, then it would have been a better deal to only buy 4 of each instead of 5, if I'm doing the math right:

Fruit snacks 4 @ $2.50
Fiber One 4 @ 2.50

2 $.50/2 coupons on the fruit snacks
4 $.75 coupons on the Fiber One

Oop: $16

Catalina's back:
$7 on the $20
$2.50 on the fruit snacks wyb 4
$2.50 on the Fiber One wyb 4
Total: $12

Net: $4 for the 8 boxes


Alexis and Justin said...

Hey Susan, do you know how long the catalina on those things are running? Thanks!

Tasha Coltrin said...

Do you know if this is the case for all Albertsons?

Anonymous said...


Fiber One Cat. runs 2/22-3/21
*Buy 3 Get $1.50
*Buy 4 Get $2.50
*Buy 5 Get $3.50

Betty Crocker Cat. runs 2/22-3/21
*Buy 3 Get $1.50
*Buy 4 Get $2.50
*Buy 5 Get $3.50

Lilly said...

Has anyone tried this in Nampa yet?


there was a BC frosting coupon(.50/1) awhile back and a muffin coupon(.50/1)on coupons.com to go with this deal.

Alexis and Justin said...

Thanks Amy!

Cathy said...

Susan - thanks for bringing the catalina to our attention, and thanks for confirming Amy!

Susan - wondering where you're getting the $.75 Fiber One coupons?

Julie said...

I think she got the .75/1 Fiber One coupons the same place I did...on your site. It was in the Fab Five Coupons post on Monday (2/22).

Cathy said...

Julie - you rock sister! That is too funny! Just let me state that Monica did that post. I didn't read the site that much on Monday because it was my birthday! Ha ha! :)

THANKS JULIE! Now I've got more Fiber One coupons!

Found here: http://www.fabulesslyfrugal.com/2010/02/fab-five-coupons_8655.html

Julie said...

My pleasure :)

Julie said...

Oh..and happy late birthday!

Angela R. said...

I'm honestly struggling a bit. Just because it prints before coupons...should folks be ignoring the fine print of the intention of this deal? Really struggling with this one. Just because something "works," should it be done? Thoughts ladies?

Glen and Nikki said...

I just spoke with Meridian/Fairview Albies and they said they tried several different times and the cat would not print when the subtotal was below $20. Has anyone been able to confirm it prints before coupons, or is the print in the ad confirmed that it is after coupons?

cristina said...

I did this today first with buying 8 boxes of cereal and the Catalina printed.

Then I went to "Roll" the catalina and bought 5 boxes of Fiber One bars (Fiber One Catalina did not print) and 4 boxes of Betty Crocker, hoping to get another $7 Catalina. It didn't print either.

I took it up to Customer Service, they didn't say anything about the coupons I used, but did say that if you read the fine print it says "General Mills Products".

I thought the promotion applied to the whole page. So, it either didn't print because the second transaction, not everything was General Mills or it was because I used coupons.

Naomi said...

Sorry if this is a stupid question but if you spend $40 in one shot do you get 2-$7 catalina's back? Or do you need to do 2 separate $20 transactions?

Cathy said...

Cristina - I'd still talk to a manager. The Fruit Snacks and Fiber One Bars are listed on the back page of the ad quite clearly, and although the fruit snacks are Betty Crocker, BC is a part of GM. And the Fiber One Bars do have the GM logo on them!

Namoi - there are no stupid questions around here! In this case, you would want to do separate transactions. If you spent $100 in one transaction, you'd still just get one $7 catalina.

Naomi said...

Thanx Cathy.