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Monday, February 8, 2010

Albertsons 2/10-2/16

We are excited to report
there WILL be

in the Wednesday ad!

Freshen up your Albertsons "Twice the Value Coupons" (aka: Doubles/Doublers) skills
by reading our Albertsons Doubles 101 post!

Aside from the 3 doubles in the ad, it's pretty boring.

We'll be scouring the ad and the stores to find some great double deals for you
{leave a comment if you find some!}

This deal has the potential to be HOT.
But we won't know for sure until we see exactly which varieties are included in the sale. Here is how it could go...

Kellogg's Cereal
12-20 oz, Select Varieties

{pictured: Rice Krispies, Frosted Flakes, and Raisin Bran, but they usually have more included in the sale}
{big whoop, right?}

But what if we factor in THIS catalina that happens to begin the same day as the sale?

Kellogg's Cereals
Feb 10 - March 10
  • Frosted Flakes (10oz or larger, any flavor)
  • Apple Jacks (10oz or larger, any flavor)
  • Fruit Loops (10oz or larger, any flavor)
  • Corn Pops (10oz or larger, any flavor)
  • Cocoa Krispies (10oz or larger, any flavor)
  • Honey Smacks (10oz or larger, any flavor)
Buy (3) & get $1 OYNO
Buy (4) & get $3 OYNO
Buy (5) or more & get $4 OYNO


$11.28 - (6) Kellogg's Cereal
-$1.00/3 ANY10 oz or larger Kellogg's Cereals
-$1.00/3 ANY10 oz or larger Kellogg's Cereals
-$2.00 {DOUBLE both coupons!}
RECEIVE $4.00 Catalina wyb 5
$3.28 for 6 boxes of cereal {or $.55 each - plus tax} if you factor in catalina

REMEMBER, you can ROLL this catalina!

$11.28 - (6) Kellogg's Cereal
-$1.00/3 any Kellogg's Cereal from 2/7 RP (sorry Idaho, we didn't get it, you can find them on eBay)
-$1.00/3 any Kellogg's Cereal from 2/7 RP (sorry Idaho, we didn't get it, you can find them on eBay)
-$2.00 {DOUBLE both coupons!}
-$4.00 {from first transaction}
$3.28 for 6 boxes of cereal {or $.55 each - plus tax}

A few thoughts about eBay:
  • If you're ordering on eBay, MAKE SURE YOU CHECK THE EXPIRATION DATE! There are some Kellogg's cereal coupons currently listed THAT HAVE EXPIRED {mostly the $1.00/2}! Be sure to look carefully! Some expired on 2/7, the legit ones don't expire until 3/21!
  • We don't support purchasing peelies on eBay. Majority of these people go to the store and take {aka: steal} the coupons right off the product. We find this unethical and will not purchase these "coupons" on eBay.
  • Be sure to check your sellers location and shipping policy. The one's I order from back east usually take 3 days to arrive. Most sellers will ship the same day or the next day. Remember that the sale doesn't start until Wednesday and runs through Tuesday and the DOUBLE COUPONS are good the entire sale!
I wanted to get this up so you could order your coupons right away if you are thinking about doing this deal. We'll have more highlights and match-ups from this ad later {although, don't get too excited... there isn't much more to it!}.


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Shelley said...

You factored in the Catalina twice. So the real cost for all 12 boxes of cereal should be...
7.28 + 7.28 = 14.56
14.56 - 4.00= 10.56
10.56/12 boxes = .88cents per box

If you keep rolling catalina's the price per box will go down, but you have to remember not to subtract the catalina from the first amount AND the second amount.

Cathy said...

That is why I said IF you factor in catalina. Also, remember that even though you don't have one to use on your first transaction, you always leave with one in your pocket. 2 transactions, 2 catalinas...