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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Today's Shopping Trip

Not pictured: 2.02 lbs of chicken or 4 breasts

I spent $22.60 PLUS TAX for all of the above!

Here's how I did it.........................

3 Muffin mixes $7.50
3 Boxes of cereal $7.50
6 boxes of granola bars $15
4 boxes of Brownies $10

Total: $40

Coupons used:
(3) .40/1 muffin coupon from GM1/3
$1.50/3 Cereal coupon from Albertson's catalina machine
(3) $1/2 granola coupons printable here
(2) $1/2 brownie coupons printable here

Savings with coupons: $8.70
Saved $10 instantly for spending $40

Total OOP: 22.30 PLUS TAX
Received: $3.50 catalina for buying 5 granola bars


2.2 lbs of Boneless Skinless Chicken $3.80
Used $3.50 catalina
Paid: .30 plus tax

Check back on this post for my thoughts on this promo! First I have to go play volleyball. See ya in a few hours!


Here are my thoughts...................

Why I shopped today instead of waiting to see if we would get doubles.

  • On the first day of the sale the store is well stocked and I have a great chance of getting exactly what I want.
  • Many of the coupons I wanted to use were DND anyway.
  • I saved a few coupons and may do the deal once more to get cereal at a decent price, if we get doubles.
Muffin Mix
  • At $1.44 a box it is not a super fab deal.
  • Muffin mix rarely goes on a super fab deal, so I bought it anyway.
  • I used to buy them more before I couponed and I miss them.
  • Anyone have any good muffin recipes?
  • $1.33 is above my price point, but I REALLY like Lucky Charms and Reeses Puffs, so I decided to splurge on a few boxes.
  • If doubles do come I will be able to get them down to $1.22 with the $1/3 from GM 1/3. 
  • Not worth saving .11 with the chance of them being sold out!
Granola Bars
  • Sweet deal at .75 a box!
  • These have not been on sale for a long time.
  • We love these!
  • Wish I had more coupons for them.
  • With out coupon they would be $1.18 wyb5, not too bad. Maybe I will buy 5 more?

  • Again not a super fab price at $1.33.
  • I may kick myself next sale!
  • I have been able to score the plain jane Pillsbury for FREE before.
  • Hmmm, I probably should have waited, although it is nice to have a few boxes on hand.
Chex Mix
  • I did not buy this, but I almost did?
  • Wow, they are $1.38 and I have been able to get them for .40-$1 many times. I decided to wait. I wanted to splurge again I love the chocolate ones! I am glad I held back. 
  • I have enough sugar cereal and brownies to get my sugar fix. HELLO!
Progresso Soups
  • I kept trying to fit these into a scenario with my $1/3 coupon. I did not get the kind I like during the last sale. It was sold out!
  • These would be .92 after coupon and didn't we get them for close to .50 a few weeks ago?
  • Yea they were .54 and .25!
  • I can not believe I almost bought them for twice as much!! EEK.
  • You can get the campbell's chunky for only .74 this week, .49 if doubles come. Better buy!
  • Only .25 really wanted to work it in at that sweet price, but I already have some in the pantry.
  • Had to say no!
Ok I could go on like this FOREVER! I am going to stop!
  • Do I have a problem? Putting this much thought into grocery shopping?
  • Anyone else suffer from this problem?
  • Feel free to share your thoughts on this sale!
  • Here's hoping for doubles!
PS Locals find some locals only deals at BoiseBargainBabes!


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bethany said...

SO I had to laugh, the SAME thing was running through my head all night after my shopping trip today. FUNNY! I ended up with some cereal too (still had $1/1 's left) and granola bars, and then bought some enchilada sauce because we are out! (How low does that usually go, because I was making myself sick thinking about what I was spending on it :))

Quick question: Do you know what the deal is with the MOM-umental savings cat? I tried to get it to work today but it didn't, and the manager said she had NO idea what I was even talking about. (I'm in MT).

Thanks for all you do! You are fabuless!!! :)

(oh, and I'm jealous you were playing vball.)

Zoey said...

I loved reading your thoughts today. I double think everything I do when I coupon. Really, I have still not decided if I should go to this sale or not. Thanks for being fabuless!

Monica said...

Thanks Ladies!

Bethany- I am not aware of the mom-prenual cat. Anyone else?

I think the enchilada sauce is a good deal. Especailly if you needed it. I am debating getting some. I just am not sure I need $20 worth of product. We will see if doubles come maybe then I will but a scenario together.
The enchilada sauce does go lower, but it does not go on very often. So you did good buying some in this sale.

A friend recently asked me what are your hobbies. Guess what I came up with? Couponing and volleyball! Yup those are the two things I LOVE to do! Maybe they have a city league in MT? Or are you in one of those tiny towns?

bethany said...

Hi there!
I think I read on Krazy Coupon Lady about a cat involving purchasing $25 worth of Baby brands and receiving a $5 cat oyno. Must not be for the Northwest?

Phew, I was having nightmares about overpaying for the sauce :) I thought maybe the only time it would be much lower would be to combine it with coupons, which I couldn't find any so... I didn't even realize the good frosting deal though! I might have to go back on Mon/Tues (doubles? :))

And yes, I'm in a tiny MT town! They do have a league about 30 miles away that starts in the spring! Those are starting to be my hobbies too! Did you happen to play in college? We went to ID to play a couple times!

Anonymous said...

The MOM-umental savings is for $25 on baby products and get a $5 OYNO. I did it last week. It started the 10th and goes through the 23rd or 24th. I went to the store on 7th and 12th in Nampa and they had everything marked that was apart of the deal. I believe it was most of the Pampers diapers. The boxed Huggies diapers and all the huggies wipes and some formulas. I am probably going out to that store tomorrow so I will write down what is apart of it if the kids allow me to. :)

Monica said...


Those krazies are based out of Idaho but post many national deals so it is hard to tell what they are up to.

catalina's are usually national.

I did read that the baby deal would be coming on HTW. Never saw it in the ad. Last year the baby deal overlapped with the pampers p&g deal and double coupons and we scored diapers for $1.87 PER PACK!!!

Here is the link to the post on HCW http://www.hotcouponworld.com/forums/albertsons-catalina-deals/301945-spend-25-baby-brands-get-5-off-your-next-shopping-order-1-10-1-23-a.html It does not explain which products qualify.

No I did not play in college. Wish I would have discovered how much I love it at a younger age. I started playing pick up 6 years ago and have moved up the ranks in the leagues. I got my hubby into and we play co-ed pick-up and league. He loves it almost as much as me and built a sand court in our back yard last year.

So no I would not have played you in college, but if you are ever in Boise on a Friday morning or Tue or Wed night you could come play ball with us. :)

The crazy chaos I call life... said...

The MOM-umental was a flyer that was mailed out, it wasn't in the ad. Hope that helps some! And just a heads up, the quaker deal starts next week! :)

cluff family said...

Hi you said you spent $40 on got the discount of $10. On the add it reads spend $20 and get $5. you can do $40?? to get $10?

Monica said...

Yes Michelle- Spend $20 get $5
SPEND $40 get $10
spend $60 get $15
spend $80 get $20 and on and on! It is nice b/c you do not have to split transactions like with a catalina deal.

cluff family said...

Hi Thanks Monica

Just an FYI at the 36th/state Albertsons the Nature Valley- Dark Chocolate, peanut and almond will not give you a Catalina for the granola bars. Through trial an error with a fabulous checker we figured out which one. They were wonderful and returned my purchase and did another to get me the catlina I was hoping for!

Drama queens mum (Kimberly) said...

I made those lemon poppy seed muffins a week ago & they are really good.