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Thursday, January 28, 2010

To Wait or Not to Wait?


So Now What?

Our reader CathyB shares her thoughts on the subject:

Quaker sale: to buy now or wait for doubles

I was in a bit of a quandary about whether to wait to buy my Quaker products after Sunday with doubles and get some free products (but possibly have the shelves be empty) or whether to buy now, early in the sale, to ensure that I am able to get the products I want at still a great price. Here is what I have decided:

1) I will go ahead and use any coupons that I would not be able to double, either because they are over $1 (like the $3/5 coupon) or because the product is already free or close without doubling. If I had any coupons that were going to expire soon, then I would go ahead and use those too. I would also go ahead and buy anything I particularly wanted that I did not have a coupon for.

2) I will wait for those products that I have coupons that can be doubled AND have at least 2 weeks before they expire. My thinking is that in the best case some product will be available to double after Sunday, and in the worst case scenario I will have to get a rain check for those items and buy them a week later with my coupons for the same price that I would have paid if I bought them today.

Hopefully this could help some people decide whether to buy now or wait. Also it helped me not to panic too much about if they run out of product for this sale - rain checks are a wonderful thing!

Thanks Cathyb

So what are you going to do????

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments........................

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Martha said...

What's your take on rain checks? Eagle/McMillan today said they would give rain checks, but only for the $1.60 amount, not for the $1 amount we get the product for after the instant savings. Are you hearing the same thing or different from other stores?

Monica said...

In Sept when the quaker sale was on I was out of town.
When I went shopping the last night of the sale there was nothing left.
So I got a raincheck. With the instant savings they just specified that I would have to buy in lots of 5 on the raincheck. So when they ask you for the number that you want make sure you do it in a multiple of 5.
The next week there were doubles and I used my raincheck with the doubles just fine.

I am not guaranteeing that it will work just fine in every store with every checker, because you never know.

I am saying that it worked for me and should work for you. I would politely ask for a manager if the checker does not agree.

Joella said...

My Albertsons will give rainchecks for the lower amount as long as you buy in increments of 5. I decided to get all my Quaker stuff on Wed. morning. I only have 4-5 different coupons and I used them. It's better than last time when I waited and there was nothing left! :)

Jennifer said...

I ordered ebay coupons and placed a special order today. I'm pretty sure I'll use my doublers for my granola bars. I had a tough time figuring out what to use my doublers on last time (TOO many DND!!). Using my doublers on quaker will just make my life easier and save me time.

Julie said...

Yeah, I've been wondering what to do with this and the Smith's Mega Sale you posted about (especially with the Finish dishwasher detergent, because that coupon has really been burning a hole in my pocket). Since I live so far from town, it isn't like I can drive into town on Sunday and find them out of everything and then just pop back in on Monday or Tuesday. I've been going back and forth about what to do. Of course, even if I go tomorrow, there's really no guarantee that I'll get what I'm after. Do you think if I call ahead they'd hold stuff for me or something? I don't think I'm buying enough of any one thing to really justify a special order...I just don't know. But it's so frustrating to drive 50 miles to hit a sale and find everything gone (especially with coupons expiring soon, like the Finish coupon). What do you think?

Fabulessly Frugal said...

Jensen famliy reported this in another comment thread:

Smith's mix and match mega event this week includes the finish quantum, gelpacs, and powerball tabs. The price is $3.49, but if you buy 10 participating items the price is reduced to $2.99. This makes each box only $.49 after the coupon. The shelf at the Idaho Falls store was completely full today when I was there.

bethany said...

Hi ladies!

Just had a quick Quaker question :)

Could you do:

Buy 4 boxes Chewy Granola - $4
Buy 1 Old Fashioned Oats - $1.40

Use 2 $1/2
Use $1/1

Double those -$6

to give you free plus overage?

Or, can you not combine the price points?

Thanks, you guys are great!

bethany said...

Or you can use the instant oatmeal too I suppose, to save that .40!

This deal is really crazy!


Amber said...

Bethany, you CAN combine the $1.40 and $1 items. It's mix and match any way you want. If you have a limited amount of doublers, you could do this:

Buy 4 boxes Chewy Granola bars - $4
Buy 1 box Instant Oatmeal- $1

Use 2 $1/2
Use $1/1

2 doublers

Final price:ZERO!

bethany said...


Oh! I am liking this! We'll see how the MT ALbertsons look tomorrow! Thanks again! You guys are wonderful!


Cathy said...

Just remember some stores won't let you have overage... they'll just the coupon down.

So so so fun!

richelle said...

Albies on eagle said they will only allow rain checks for the 1.40 amount because quaker is doing the promo so the store would have to eat the cost. so if you are waiting I would be in early Monday or varify with a Manager that even if it's in increments of 5 they will do the $1. I'm not waiting will use on other things.

richelle said...

Sorry I ment for the $1.60 or whatever it is before the $3 discount.

Cathy said...

Richelle -

5&O has told us a few times that they WILL issue rainchecks with the instant savings as long as it is an increment of 5. We've been working with the grocery manager there and he is MAJOR coupon friendly! So head on over to 5&O Tuesday night if things are out to get your raincheck. :)