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Friday, January 29, 2010

This is Why We Coupon!

Our friend Ali has been doing a great series called Price Check. She goes to the dreaded Walfart Walmart and checks their prices then compares them to the coupon shoppers price.

If you have ever taken our class you know that we tell you where to get all your coupons and then we tell you not to just go to the store and use them!!!!! No, we tell you to hold on the them, wait for a GOOD sale and then BAM you will get a HOT DEAL. Well it does not work that way every time, but most of the time it does! :)

Ali covered several items this week, but the one I am going to highlight is DIAPERS! Bet you thought I was going to say Quaker. We have been just a little excited about that.

I wonder with all the Quaker excitement if some of us forgot about the diapers deals this week?

Target: Pampers or Huggies for $5.32 Jumbo pack
You can still do this until Saturday 1/30 find out how here.

Walgreens: Huggies for $4.32
You can still do this until Saturday 1/30 find out how here.
Locals find out or share which stores are stocked here.

Walmart: Huggies on roll back for $8.97, normally $9.97

Walmart: Parents Choice $6.67

I love that Ali compared the no-name brand too. I used to buy generic thinking that was the best way to save, now I know better. :)

So you see, using coupons and waiting for sales beats Walmart. If you would have printed a coupon and taken it to Walmart this week you would have paid $6.97 for Huggies.

To see more price comparisons check out Ali's Coupon Adventures.
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Sara S. said...

Or you could just choose the Walmart or the Target brand diapers and get them even cheaper without the hassle of collecting coupons! Sorry, folks. I'm a coupon gal, but if you do the math, the generic is still cheaper!

Ali Smith said...

But it's not! That's what the "Price Check" series shows you! I bought huggies and saved $2.35 more than I would have buying the store brand Parent's Choice! And that was just on ONE pack!

Anonymous said...

Now how many diapers were in each pack?? It all comes down to how many pennies per diaper.

Stephanie R. said...

I haven't had much luck in the quality department when it comes to the Walmart Brand diapers. Both of my daughters would leak through at night and sometimes even during the day. I have only been clipping coupons for 2 weeks now and I have already learned my lesson. I just stocked up on huggies at Target. We're military and I can't even get diapers for that price on base. Even when I paid full price for diapers I would rather buy huggies then go cheap and wash the sheets every morning. I don't know if anyone else had that problem. Maybe my girls just have super pee or something. :) Thanks for this awesome Blog!

Cathy said...

Stephanie - I AGREE WITH YOU!

In the long run, the generics ARE more expensive! They fill up faster, so in order to prevent day time leaking, I'm changing my boy more often than I would if I were using Pampers or Huggies. And good heavens - doing all the extra laundry (I despise doing laundry), costs more... more for your water, detergent, not to mention my TIME!!!

Most definably more economical to coupon and stock up on Pamper and Huggies when they are on sale. Less waste too. IMO.

Ali Smith said...

Tania-there were the exact same number of diapers in every size (N-6) of Huggies as the Parent's Choise pack. One example (since this is the size I bought):

Size 4 Huggies (31pk) $4.32 at Walgreens. Equals out to $.14/diaper

Size 4 Parents Choice (31pk) on rollback for $6.67. Equals out to $.26/diaper!!

BIG difference!

Julie said...

Yep, I used to think always going generic was cheaper, too, and it took me a while to demonstrate to my husband that it wasn't. And I hate the Walmart diapers. The Target generics are good, though, and I use those as my default diaper if for some reason we run out of name-brands. In fact, maybe in November or December, Target had a coupon for their store-brand diapers that made them a good deal. I ended up not doing this Huggies deal because I got Luvs a lot cheaper than this (per diaper) when they were on sale at Target last week (I had really good coupons, that I got in the mail from Luvs).

Thanks for doing the price-check for us, because sometimes I'm, um, a little behind in my price book!

The Brannams said...

I absolutely agree with Ali... I love the price check series on her blog, i love that she takes that time out of her busy schedule to share great deals with us.. and with the great deals and coupons.. its ways cheaper than the store brand generics.... !!