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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Last Chance for Quaker Coupons on eBay!!

Wishing you had ordered coupons on eBay for the Quaker Sale??

Remember, with doubles, you'll be able to get
granola bars anywhere from FREE to $.12 a box???

Today is the last day to get your coupons on eBay!
Read the sellers shipping policy... if you go purchase RIGHT NOW (a "buy it now" auction), they may even ship it out today, for sure tomorrow (if their shipping policy states this).

You should get your coupons by Tuesday...
and REMEMBER: If the store is out of stock, you can get a RAINCHECK!!!

Here are the best coupons to use for the sale:

Here is your lowdown on the Albertons Quaker sale...

If you're unfamiliar with eBay, be sure to read my (lengthy) post all about it!


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Rummfor5 said...

Thank you!!! you women are *wonderful* and This is WAY TOO EXCITING :D

Tessa said...

Ok ladies, what's the deal with the special orders. I called 3 albies and none of them would do a special order.I even talked to the grocery manager.I'm freaking out! I bought all these coupons, ok just a few, but now I am scared I won't get any of it. :(

Fabulessly Frugal said...

Tessa- Relax, it will all be okay! :) The only thing I have to say is RAINCHECK!

If they are out of stock you can just get a raincheck.

Rainchecks are good for 30 days.

The coupons $1/2 and .55/1 will not expire until 2-13-10

And you will have until 3-31-10 to use the $3/5!

Jennifer said...

My albertons (glenwood) was a little weird about the special order at first, but then I spoke with the main manager and she was fine and really nice about doing it once I explained that I didn't want to wipe out all her stock.

So can you do a raincheck on an instant off promo like this one?

Meaghan said...

I have a question about rainchecks too. If you get a rain check for the sale price and the doublers expire then do you have to hope for doublers to come out again before your raincheck expires? If so, will they honor a raincheck along with the coupon and doubler?

Fabulessly Frugal said...


Yep, you do have to hope the doublers come again before coupon expires.
Rain check will be good for 30 days.

In Sept when the quaker sale was on I was out of town.
When I went shopping the last night of the sale there was nothing left.
So I got a raincheck. With the instant savings they just specified that I would have to buy in lots of 5 on the raincheck. So when they ask you for the number that you want make sure you do it in a multiple of 5.
The next week there were doubles and I used my raincheck with the doubles just fine.

I am not guaranteeing that it will work just fine in every store with every checker, because you never know.

I am saying that it worked for me and should work for you. I would politely ask for a manager if the checker does not agree.

Meaghan said...