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Sunday, January 24, 2010

How to Place an Order

You can probably tell that we are excited about the upcoming Quaker Sale at Albertsons! Cathy has already ordered 100 coupons. Not all for herself mind you she is going to share with others. Hopefully with me too. ;)

Did you do the math on that? 100 coupons= 200 boxes of granola bars. That's alot of granola bars!!! So how will we make sure that we get the granola bars we need and still save plenty for all of our friends?

How do you place an order?

1. Figure out how much you want. You need to consider a few things to make this decision.
  • There are two big Quaker sales each year. One in January and one in September. There will be several small sales in between.
  • How many people in your family eat the product.
  • How quickly your family goes through a box.
  • How many coupons you have.
  • How much you can spend from your monthly grocery budget.
  • EXPIRATION DATES, you do not want to stock up on granola bars for 8 months that will expire in 4 months.
2. Decide which variety you want.
  • Look at the ad in this post to see what is included
  • Go to your store and look to see which variety are your favorite. If you don't already know.
  • Example: Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, variety pack. It stinks to have to settle for fat free, or no sugar if that is not what you were looking for.
3. Go to or call customer service and ask to make an order with the grocery manager.
  • Be sure to do this towards the begining of the sale so it will have time to arrive.
  • They will call you when it arrives, or tell you when they expect the shipment.
  • If you want a few of this and a few of that you are better off getting a raincheck or simply shopping the first day of the sale.

4. If you don't get to making an order and your store runs out of what you want GET A RAINCHECK!!!!!

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Julee said...


Sara said...

I'll just mention it......I've spoken with the Store Director at the McMillan/Eagle store. They do not take orders. He was very clear, after a confusion with two different grocery managers....and I didn't get my order. :(

I still like the store a lot, they do other great things for couponers....I just thought I'd throw out the info about the ordering situation at that particular store.

Fabulessly Frugal said...

The 5/O store would LOVE to take big orders so they can keep the shelves full.

amanda said...

Called Fivemile and overland and they said that they are not preordering. They said they are fully stocked.

Cathy said...

That is funny! They told me to place an order today! :) Guess I freaked them out when I told them I had enough coupons for 100 boxes of granola bars!

Fabulessly Frugal said...

Comment from Amber:

Just got back from Albertsons (5&O). I spoke to Damien. He and Brian are all prepped for a week of craziness!

A few things to note, I gave them a list of every Quaker related coupon out there right now, so they now know exactly what items will be hot (ie. free) items, as well as what items will probably fly off of the shelf. They are EXTREMELY well stocked and he said that is why they have been turning away some preorders. But after chatting for a bit, he realized how HOT this sale really is and how many of us have coupons.

Armed with that knowledge, if you have a large order (10 boxes of granola bars does not constitute a large order), they will take orders. And he also said they will do rain checks.

The best part about my whole conversation with him was when he said, and I quote, "This sale is going to be awesome for us. We love that you guys have coupons to match it because we can potentially make a LOT of money." I love this guy!!

Oh and 1 last thing, they will be carefully scrutinizing the Fred Meyer $3/5 coupon to make sure it is an original and not a copy. They will NOT accept a copy, regardless of whether it is a MQ or not.