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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Disclosure: We. Make. Money.

Yep - we sure do. Do you think we'd be spending hours and hours on this blog for the past year just for fun!? Do you think we're crazy?

Sure, we love it (IT being, working on this blog!). If we didn't, we'd stop! We'll be the first to admit it is certainly more fun to bring in a little extra cash doing something you enjoy!

Why in sam hill are we telling you this? The FTC came out with new regulations for bloggers effective 12/1/09. If we make money on a post. We're supposed to let our readers know. We could give you the boring shmoring disclosure you've been reading everywhere else. But that just isn't who we are!

Yes, dearest readers, because of you, we're ROLLING in the DOUGH! HA! When you consider the amount of man hours we put into this blog, and the actual cold hard cash we bring in, we average less than minimum wage per hour (you still want to be a deal blogger?).

When I started this site, it was merely to share info with friends and family. Nothing more. About 4 months into it, we tossed around the idea of putting up a few "ads". We weren't in it for the $, but we did think if we could pull in a few extra dollars to justify to our husbands all the time we were putting into it, we wouldn't object (nor would our hubbys). So we went for it.

Here are a few things you should know:
  • We are very particular about the "ads" we put up.
  • 98% of the time, we try the offer out ourselves to see if it's really worth it
  • We only put up about 1% of the slew of "offers" out there.
We do this because we want you, our fab readers, to know that what we are posting is worthwhile. Our time is precious. We refuse to post every single thing out there (goodness, there is a lot of it!)... and frankly, we don't think you'd read us if we did. What's the point of me telling you this? If we post it, we believe in it. If we are a little unsure of the offer, but we post it anyway (because it sounds pretty darn good, but we didn't have time to try it out ourselves), we'll let you know!

AND if you like us and appreciate the hours we spend sitting on our fannys getting bloggers butt, then simply click through our site when heading to coupons.com, or restaurant.com, or amazon.com (to name a few). See the banners over there on the sidebar? They aren't there for decoration (well, OK - some of them are). Feel free to click on them! You just may send a few pennies our way!

So now on to the nitty gritty. Here is a list of companies we are affiliated with:

Logical Media,
My Savings Media,
Brandcaster (coupons.com)
Amazon.com (we are apart of the Amazon Associates program. We get 4-8% of the purchase you make after clicking through our site!)
Idaho Statesman (yep, if you get the newspaper deal and tell them that Fabulessly Frugal sent you, we get a kickback! Thanks for dropping our name when you subscribe!!)
Idaho Press Tribune (same here - make sure you tell them that you want the Fabulessly Frugal newspaper deal!)

Commission Junction
Google AdSense
YNAB (I wholeheartedly believe in this product!!)

You know who is missing from this list? Albertsons and PYP! No, we do not get paid by them, but don't you think we should? We are always talking about them! Ha ha!

And what about these fab fellas?

Dr. Olsen gave us some free treatment so we could fairly review his practice. Guess what, after having him work on me twice, I was hooked and would go see him whether or not I paid for the treatment! I take ALL OF MY KIDLETS to him now too! I have to drive 17 minutes to get to him - and it's WORTH IT!

Dr. Sam Smith, my orthodontist, kindly wrote off the last portion of my bill in exchange for some advertising. This was pretty nice since my husband had just lost his job. This guy is just all around good!

Dr. Brandon Taylor contacted me about doing some advertising. He offered a free exam and cleaning in exchange - so I could (again) write my own review and opinion. This was a sweet deal for me, not only because I no longer had dental insurance (again, the job loss thing), but I thoroughly enjoyed my visit with him and his office and highly recommend him!

Give these guys a call if you need their services, they are awesome!

And lastly, what about all the sponsors who have done giveaways on our blogs? They have donated the giveaway items, and in a few cases, sent us free samples of their products for us to review. Pretty nice people we've become associated with I'd say! Even before all of this regulation nonsense we have told you if a company gave us a product to try out.

Phew! I feel like I've been in confession or something! That's how it goes around here. It's pretty simple. We love what we do, and we make some money and/or receive free products and services because of it. There. We said it.

And if you like what we do, you can print away, click til your hearts content, and/or make appointments with these fab doctors we endorse!

Now, speaking of clicking....

Restaurant.com Weekly Promo Offer 125 X 125

Free Business Cards Plus 14-Day Free Shipping $50+

As always...
We ♥ our readers!!

Now if you know if you see 
Disclosure at the bottom of a post that we may receive some compensation.


thecouponproject said...

WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer said...

You deserve all your kickbacks and then some for providing us with such a GREAT blog!! :)

Shandy said...

well, I for one and thrilled that you guys are compensated (and deserve it to be more than minimum wage! LOL)
Very Well Written and now that I know you get kickbacks from these places I'll know where to come and link into them! (sorry I didn't know that at Christmas time.. I spent a lot at Amazon!)\
keep that moolah roolin' in ladies! :)

Cesar and Angela Santos said...

Thanks for all the work you ladies put into this! I will click click click and print away for you ladies! Keep up the good work!!!

Melissa said...

Well said!

Melanie said...

You are quite awesome! I love your site, thanks for helping me save my family some money!!!

Terry said...

These coupon blogs save me time and $...and sometimes make me spend $ on something I wouldnt have, LOL, but really, you should get something out of it - I know you put A LOT of time and work into this - THANK YOU :-)

Carolee said...

Loved the disclosure. You ladies rock!

Katie said...

Thanks. I will start using your links to get coupons and shop at Amazon! I love your site! Thanks for all your work....I don't know if I would coupon if I had to do all the work!!!!

Melissa Roskam said...

You guys deserve every penny and then some! I don't think I would coupon, I mean I KNOW I would not coupon if I had to do all the work you guys do!! Thank you for all your time and effort.

Tamra said...

Haha, I love it. I had no idea about this disclosue stuff - thanks for letting me in on it. Maybe I'll just link to this post adn say ditto. Even if it is only $2 an hour (or less!), it's ggod to let everyone in on it!