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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"Couponers ONLY" Lane - What do you think?

There was a great question by Jennifer
posted on the
Fabulessly Frugal Facebook Fan Page
(wow, say that one 5 times fast!)
that I want to pose here.

  1. Are you more likely to go to a store that dedicates a lane to coupon transactions only (to eliminate confusions)? (Even if it's not the closest one to you?)
  2. What day(s)/time of day do you go do your Albertsons coupon shopping?
  3. If there are Doublers on Sunday-Tuesday, when do you do your coupon shopping?

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We'd love to read any thoughts
you have about this idea!
Leave a comment!

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The Barkers said...

I posted a comment on a another blog about this once! I would totally be on board! Yeah, you may have to wait a little longer in line. The benefits would be great! You wouldn't have to worry about people behind you being upset, the cashier would know what they were dealing with. I think this may releive some frustration all around! I bet some people wouldn't pay attention and get in the coupon line and be a little upset because it took forever!! haha.
I don't know that I would drive much further to go to a store that had a lane for couponers. I shop between 8:30 and 9:30 and After 9:00p.m When I can when they double! What a great topic!

Shari said...

That would be a dream come true-but I doubt they'd do it because it seems like they are always looking for ways to discourage couponing where I live. I like to shop at 2pm-just before school gets out.

Glen and Nikki said...

I try to shop at times that aren't busy, but on weeks that have doublers that only happens 1/2 the time. Usually I go between 6-7 am because the store is open and my husband is home with the kids. If I don't go then, sometimes if it is something we need, is free, or I really want, I'll go out with my kids. If it isn't any of that, I wait until after dinner to go, which could be after a show on tv depending on the night, so 10 pm.

Coupon Crazies said...

That would be GREAT! I shop late at night, usually after 9pm. Tuesday is the most likely day I choose to do my bigger coupons runs, then I dont feel bad taking whats left since the sale is ending in less than 2 hours. OR- I will get a rain check, and my store will still honor my coupons when those items arrive even if it has expired!


Sara said...

I think I would go to a store with a coupon only line. It might take a little longer because of the people who are using coupons, but it might not because the cashier would know how to enter them.

I normally go to Albies on thursdays, or Fridays. I have no good reason why, I just do.

If there are doublers in the paper, I will shop at Albies Sunday morning because that is when I get the papers. I would just have all my double coupons ready and then buy the papers first and then shop.