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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Target Toy Clearance

This is one of my favorite times of year to shop at Target! Not only will you find all the seasonal Christmas goodies on clearance, you'll find a whole lot of other goodness!

Give yourself a good chunk of time to walk through the entire store. You'll find items on end caps through out the store that are marked down! If there is an abundance of a particular item, then I usually wait until it is marked down to 75% (and sometimes even 90%!) before I purchase it (of course you always risk that it will be gone if you wait... that is why I only do this if there is a large stock of product).

For the past three years, I've hit the clearance in the TOY department and stocked up on some super cheap toys to use as gifts through out the year. When the kids are invited to birthday parties, rather than going an paying $10-$20 for a gift, we simply go to my closet and my child picks something out that I paid less than $5 for! Shweet!

I haven't had time to go check out Target yet, but I'm sure the toys aren't marked down to 75% yet. They are probably anywhere from 30-50% off. According to Deal Beacon, toys are marked down on Wednesdays. I'm not sure if Christmas clearance follows this same schedule, but I'm going to check it out tomorrow.

And of course, getting some super cheap and super cute Christmas decor for next year is always fun! I also love to pick up cute and festive paper goods for next year. They work great for the neighbor goody plates!

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Just went over to Orem Target recently. Everything is now 75% off on Christmas items.

AJ said...

I went to the Nampa Target today. The Christmas items are all 75% off (candy, stocking stuffers, wrapping paper, decorations, etc.). But, the toys are still only 30% off. And there is a seriously insane amount of them, I mean a few aisles worth. If you are able to hit it near the beginning of the 75% off markdown, whenever that happens, it will be a big time score!

Monica said...

Anyone know the Target price adjustment policy?

Cathy said...

Two weeks.