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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Gift Idea: FREE 8x10 Canvas!!

I don't like to post silly gimmicky deals. So when I saw this, I wanted to try it out for myself to see if it was REALLY going to be FREE.

Aside from paying shipping, it IS! You will basically get a $55 coupon that can be applied to a 8x10 canvas (to make it free) or put toward a larger size canvas, creative effects, or beautiful frames!

My 15th wedding anniversary is this month. (I'm embarrassing myself by showing you my fancy 90's Wedding attire! Ha ha!!). Man, it's gone fast! While I wouldn't consider this a "phenomenal photo", it is one of my favorites. And I'm going to surprise my man and put it on canvas! (holy cow, we look young!)

This was super easy to do. First you upload your picture, then pick the size you want (they give you the option to upgrade the picture size - example, an 11x11, would only cost $8.99 more, or pick their largest canvas, an 18x24, for $43.99 more). You can add a frame or color enhancements (side note: Don't pay for color enhancements. There are a million free photo editing programs out there, you can do this yourself - Photoscape is my fave!).

They also have a 100% Guarantee. Sweet.

If you decide you want more than one copy, they have an offer where you get additional copies for 50% off! Sweet savings! This makes for a fabulous Christmas gift for grandparents too! What are you going to do with your free canvas?

I can't wait until I get mine!!

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The Robbs said...

How much was shipping?

Heidi and Tony said...

Were your wedding pictures digital? Mine weren't and I have the negatives and would love to make them digital. Do you know any good places for this. Thanks for all of your fabulous deals. I love them!!!

Marci said...

Awesome deal...thanks!
Shipping is $14.95

Cathy said...

Thanks Marci - I couldn't remember!!

Heidi - nope, my picture wasn't digital. I just scanned the photo. I'm pretty sure Idaho Camera does things like that with the negatives though (hopefully you're local). :)


Tiffani said...

Cathy - You and Roman look so cute! Happy Anniversary.

Cathyb said...

I am pretty sure that Costco photo will convert negatives to digital, but do not know the cost. There is also some computer equipment that you can buy to do this at home. Again, I don't know the cost and have not actually used it myself. It would probably depend on how many photos you would want to convert as to whether it is cheaper to have someone else do it of to buy the equipment. I have had Costco convert other formats to digital before and really like the fact that they give you two archival quality CD's.

Tricia said...

Heidi - when I had my wedding negatives turned digital about a year ago I called every place I could think of and the best price of all was at Costco if you're local to the treasure valley. I can't remember how much now, but it was darn cheap compared to everywhere else and not too bad. If you're not local, I would try a Sam's club or something like that - if you don't have a membership, ask a friend or family member with a membership to go with you!

Stephanie said...

THANK YOU FOR THE POST!! My husband & I were actually talking about our "thoughtful" Christmas gifts we were going to be giving to each other this afternoon. He mentioned that he was wondering if he should brainstorm with me on my gift. We're newlyweds and he saw a bigger picture of his sister from their wedding when we were visiting their place over Thanksgiving and thought that we could get a bigger picture done of our wedding. That's when I remembered seeing the canvas people offer on another blog, but couldn't remember which one. So thank you again for re-posting the info!!

Heidi and Tony said...

Thank you for the tips on where to go. I am not local, but I am in Utah so I can definitely go to Costco. Thanks again!!!!