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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gluten Free Living

Does someone you know suffer from Celiac disease or from food allergies? Our fab reader Tama has a daughter that does. She attended our class a couple weeks ago and asked if we knew of a resource or site that had coupons specifically for Gluten Free food. We were sad to say we didn't know of anything.

About a week or so later, Tama sent us this email:

I spoke with you ladies after a class you did in Nampa about gluten/allergen-free coupon sites. I found one that you may want to put in your arsenal, should anyone ask for advice on the same thing in the future. Be Free for Me - You have to sign up for their email/mail newsletters, which will contain current deals/coupons they have found. Although it is in the beginning stages, I hope more GF and other allergen-free people will start supporting and contributing to the site. In my own (very young) couponing efforts, I have been separating out coupons/deals that apply specifically to GF products, so I can more easily plan my meals and food storage. I am hoping to start a simple facebook page for now that will be a resource to other GF moms out there that want to save money, by posting the coupons/deals I have found. Your site, obviously, has become invaluable to me in seeking out these specific product deals and matchups. THANK YOU!!!!!

Anywhoo, thanks for all your help to all of us. I just thought I would pass this along. Specialty foods for people with allergies can be VERY expensive ($8.99 for a loaf of bread), so I hope I can find a way to be a resource to others in my situation, so they can find the "regular" items at a discount that are gluten-free. For example, finding GF beef broth is next to impossible (WHY they need to put wheat in beef broth and soy sauce, I don't know!), but in the Albertson's deal this week, I ended up getting the Progresso 32 oz GLUTEN-FREE broth for less than .50/each after all the coupons and catalinas. I bought several! GF beef broth in the specialty stores is around $3.00/can, for the regular small can size. Deals like these can make a huge difference in the budget of a family dealing with various allergies amongst their children.

Thanks again for all your hard work, and your incredibly contagious attitudes about couponing!!


We have added this to our long list of valuable links. If you know of someone that is Gluten Free, share the love! And TAMA - be sure to let us know when you have that Facebook page up and running so we can share the love!!

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sunflourmills said...

I'm a Fabulessly Frugal coupon lady and I am responding to the gluten free question posted earlier. My children and I are also gluten free. I have a business that provides baking mixes that are gluten/wheat, dairy, soy, egg, and nut free that taste fabulous! This company is called Sun Flour MIlls. Mixes can be purchased online at www.sunflourmillsidaho.com for a very affordable price. There is also a list of stores on the website that carry our products. Mixes include: Whole Grain Bread, Sandwich Bread/Pillow Soft Rolls, "Award Winning" Chocolate Cake, Pumpkin Cake, Sugar or Snickerdoodle cookies, and German Pancakes. This is one more way to save on everyday necessary foods!

Kristina D said...

Thanks for the site! We are also gluten-free (and a lot of other things-free!) and I make just about everything from scratch - yes, even chicken broth! As for flour, I buy most of my rice flours and tapioca flours from my local asian grocery store. I get 12 oz of very fine rice flour for $1!

I use coupons mostly to save on non-food items. I often provide meals for families and I will use coupons to get the ingredients cheap.


Fabulessly Frugal said...


Regarding the email I previously sent, I also wanted to let others know that we are doing free samples of all Sun Flour Mills products (gluten/wheat, dairy, soy, egg, nut free) tomorrow at Karcher Ranch Market in Nampa, ID. We will also be giving away free samples next Thursday the 19th at Food 2 Store in Meridian, ID from 7:00- 8:00 p.m.


Sun Flour Mills