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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Breyers Ice Cream $.95!!

The Breyers Ice Cream IS a part of the $30/$15 promo at Albertsons this week. It is ALSO on sale BOGO (Buy One Get One Free!)

Here is what you can do to get some delicious ice cream for $.95 each (or even less with doubles!)

$31.95 :: 10 Breyers Ice Cream $6.39 each - BOGO, so it's really $6.39 for TWO
- $7.50 :: 10 $.75/1 from 10/14 RP
(you can find some on eBay - do a "Buy It Now" by tomorrow to get them in time for the sale!)
- $15.00 catalina (from prior transaction)
= $9.45 total OOP
RECEIVE: ANOTHER $15.00 cat!!

$9.45 for 10 1.5-1.75 qt of Ice Cream!

(Do this Sun-Tues and save an additional $2.25 with three doubles... comes to $.72 each!)

ps - I strongly suggest you place an order with your grocery manager to ensure you get what you want!!

Thanks Cheryl & Amber!

ps - I'm thinkin great gift for NEIGHBORS!!! Gonna go order more coupons and call the store TOMORROW to place my ice cream order!

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Hardin's said...

I didn't see this in the ad for Wednesday. Am I missing something?

Cathy said...

Hardins - here is the UPC list of all participating items:


If you read the Albertsons post and comments, you'll see it's been tested and is working! Woot!!

Cathy said...

Great Q by the way. ;)

Sarah said...

Do you have to buy 10 to get it for .95 a piece? What if I only bought 4, but used this as part of my $30 to get the $15 catalina?

Monica said...

Sarah- You do not have to buy 10. You just have to spend $30 on promotional items. I might do this

Buy 3 Yopliat $2.49 ($7.47)
(use 3 $1 off coupons and double them)
Buy 2 PEANUT Butter $1.99 ($3.98)
(Use .75/2 coupon)
Buy 6 Breyers $6.39 BOGO ($19.17)
(Use 6 .75 off coupons)

Total $30.62 before coupon
Save $11.25 with coupons
Use $15 catalina's
OOP: $4.37 that's .40 per item

Meaghan said...

Ok, I'm a little frustrated right now. I was hoping you could help me out on this. I went yesterday and bought some things, received my $15 in catalinas and everything was great! I went back today and my $15 didn't print. The manager checked everything over, added it all up on a calculator, checked each thing for price, size, and so on. She said it should of printed and she didn't understand why it didn't. So I thought great! She will print them for me. But she said she would have to call catalina and they would send them to me and it would take 8-12 days to get them in the mail. Any one else have experience with this? Now I cant roll them and am wont have them for the doubler or even the ad for next week. Do you know of a way I could get them sooner?? Thanks guys! You're great!

Jody said...

I would go in and talk to a manager. I have had several different times when a manager has had to "force it through" for me. I would definitely take your receipt and ask for a manager at customer service. They've always been helpful in my experience with this.

Jody said...

Sorry, I meant to say a DIFFERENT manager or even ask for the store manager.

Monica said...

I second everything Jody said.

I have never had a problem with them forcing a catalina for me when it didn't print.

How frustrating for you! Ugh.

laceylady said...

One time when my cat didnt print they gave me a Albie's gift card instead. It was soo cool because I didnt have to worry about it expiring. Another time though I had to call the catalina company, and then had problems and when I asked nicely to speak w/ the manager at the cat company and she said she would just mail me the cat and I got it 2days later.

Cathyb said...

I agree with the above comments. I have had it not print and the customer service manager will check to make sure that everything is in the ad and then they will ring thru enough items that they know are working to get the catalina to print. (They then keep this reciept and void it as a refund but give me the catalina.)

Meaghan said...

Thank you so much ladies! I was able to talk to a different manager and they force printed them for me. Yea!!

Kathryn E said...

On the ice cream BOGO .. if you buy six can you use six .75 coupons or just 3? Thanks!

Monica said...

Kathryn E- You should be able to use 6!

The Riries said...

FYI, I tried including Breyers ice cream in my $30 of participating items and it DID NOT work! I'm in Rexburg (Eastern Idaho), so that's probably the problem. The cashier and a manager told me it wouldn't work, but I was headstrong and told them I knew people it worked for. And then it ended up not working. Highly embarrassing! We got it all worked out eventually but it messed up my whole plan! :( Dang Rexburg... :)

Cathy said...

Riries - That stinks! I wonder why it wouldn't work in Rexburg!? I did it today and it worked just fine. Our store even has the tag on it showing that it is part of the $30/$15 promo. I'm sorry to hear it didn't work for you!

heatherlf said...

I just tried to do this at my albie on five mile and overland and she said I can not use a coupon on a free item AND only certain byers are included which I think I had the right ones but ended up not doing it. I think even if you can only use 5 coupons still makes it like $1.10 so may go back and do it

heatherlf said...

Oh and also they said Wednesday is some better promo she though for the byers cause you would get a free pie or something????

Cathy said...

I just did it on Saturday at 5&O. I guess it depends on who you get. The Breyers promo that will start on Wednesday is most likely buy one Ice Cream, get a Sarah Lee Pie free... They did it last year around this time. I think I'd rather get more ice cream myself. And you're right, even if they don't let you use the coupon on the free box of ice cream, it's still a good deal. ALSO, check the link for the UPC list, all the types of ice cream is listed there (and there are a lot!).

Cathy said...

Heather - I found the post from last November that talks about the Ice Cream/Pie Promo (but don't laugh at the quality of the post... we've improved our couponing ways a LOT this past year!! Ha ha!)


Reyes said...

I tried this in the Idaho Falls Ammon store and it did not work. The Broadway store did have a tag but I called them and they said it couldn't work because it was not in the ad. They had not had anyone else do it. I was rather annoyed.

Fabulessly Frugal said...


I am sorry. I bet it would have worked! Wish I would have tried it this weekend while I was there. Worked like a dream for me today in boise.

Tiffani said...

They only let me use coupons for 5 Breyers icecream containers when I bought 10 - because 5 of them were free and wouldn't take coupons for them!

Cathy said...

Still a good deal - but still a bummer! :) IMO, they should take it because they will STILL get reimbursed by the manufacturer... It seems to depend on what cashier you get. The two times I've done it they've taken all 10 of my coupons.