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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Albertons Sneak Peak 11/4-11/10 UPDATED!

After two boring weeks, we're getting a great sale!
I've been working on this of and on ALL DAY (between laundry, kids, lunch, dinner....) but it is so fun to have a great sale! Just plan on taking your calculator with you for ease in getting to the $30.00 threshold! (It's OK - you get used to walking around with a fat binder, your shopping list, and a calculator!!)

Here is a peak at the 11/4 Albertsons Ad (thank you HCW!)

The big promo is spend $30 on select items, receive a $15 catalina to use OYNO! This is basically a 50% savings BEFORE coupons! Plus, HCW is reporting DOUBLES on Sunday! (This will save you up to an extra $3.00 on your transaction - sounds like the PERFECT WEEK to get yourself MULTIPLE COPIES of the Sunday Newspaper so you'll have LOADS of DOUBLES for this FAB PROMO! If you get 5 copies of the Sunday paper, it's worth an additional $15 to you! This pays for your first months subscription!).

First price you see is the shelf price, second price factors in the $15 catalina (in essence a 50% savings), FINAL PRICE factors after catalina price AND after coupon price.

Gold Medal Flour $1.79/$.89
USE: $.50/1

Select General Mills Cereal $1.88/$.94
(Watch for Specially Marked Boxes of GM Cereal - and get a FREE Movie Ticket!)
Cinnamon Toast Crunch:
$1/3 from 10/18 or 10/4 SS, or $1/2 from 9/27, $.55/1 or $.55/1 or $1/2 (FF) or $1/2 (IE)
$1/2 from 11/1 SS, $.55/1, $1/3 from 10/4 SS
Golden Grahams:
$1/3 from 10/18 SS or 10/4 SS, $1/2 from 9/27 SS, $1/2 (FF) or $1/2 (IE)
Cocoa Puffs: $1/3 from 10/18 SS or 10/4 SS, $1/2 from 9/27 SS, or $1/2 (FF) or $1/2 (IE)
FINAL PRICE: $.61 - $.39 each
(I stock up when I can get cereal for $.50 or less - so I will be purchasing coupons on eBay! Plus I'm really hoping to find some of the Specially Marked Boxes!!)

Kleenex Facial Tissues $.99/$.50
USE: $.50/3 from 11/1 SS OR printable coupon
FINAL PRICE: $.33/each (wyb 3)

Knorr Pasta or Rice Sides $.99/$.50

Progresso Broth $1.49/$.75
USE: $.50/1 or $.50/1 or $.50/1 from 10/4 SS or $.50/1
FINAL PRICE: $.25 (FREE WITH DOUBLES!! Great stock pile item!!)

Progresso Soup - Rich & Hearty or Traditional $1.69/$.85
USE: $1.00/2 or $1.10/3 or $1.00/2 or $1.00/3
FINAL PRICE: $.35-$.48

Yoplait Yo Plus $2.49/$1.25
USE: $1.00/1 or $1.00/1 or $1.00/1 from 9/13 GM (expires 11/7!) or $1.00/1 from 10/4 SS

Yoplait Delights $2.49/$1.25
USE: $1.00/1 or $1.25/1 IE or $1.25/1 FF or $1.00/1 from 10/4 SS or $1.00/1 or $1.00/1
FINAL PRICE: FREE - $.25 (save me some please!!)

Wishbone Salad Dressing $1.99/$1.00
USE: $.75/1 OR $1.25/2 (ZIPCODE 45345)

Ragu Pasta Sauce: $1.99/$1.00
USE: .30/1 from 9/13 RP2 (expires 11/8!)

Klondike Bars or Sandwiches $2.99/$1.50
USE: $1.00/1 (sign up required)

And there is more... but I've got my OTHER job I've got to do tonight!

One more to tell you about though...


There is also a FREE MILK catalina running. When you buy 3 boxes of Frosted Mini Wheats (priced at $2.50 each), a voucher will print for a FREE Gallon of Milk (up to $2.50) to use on a future shopping trip.

$1/1 Frosted Mini Wheats Little Bites (not sure if this variety is included)
$1.50/2 Frosted Mini Wheats

I'll have some scenarios for you Tuesday or Wednesday. In the meantime, if you find something fabulous, please share the love and post it in the comments! And remember - if you are planning on REALLY STOCKING UP - PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW!!! This way you won't have to worry about being RUDE and clearing the shelves!!

 A note about these match-ups.
*All of the coupons can be found at coupons.com.
*All of these items are in the spend $30 get $15 PROMO.
*We have listed the sale price first which you will use to get to $30. The second price is the price you are paying after you factor in you 50% savings with the $15 catalina.
*DND- means do not double. You will not need to save these coupons to double. Use them anytime.

Betty Crocker Cookie Pouch 17.5 oz. 1.69/.85
Use .40/1 DND printable coupon

Betty Crocker Frosting 12-16 oz. 1.69/.85
Use .50/1 printable coupon

Betty Crocker Specialty Potatoes 4.6-6.6 oz. 1.69/.85
Use .40/1 printable coupon

Betty Crocker Chex Mix 4.2-8.75 oz. 1.69/.85
 .50/1 DND printable coupon

Kleenex Facial Tissues 110-ct. Package .99/.50
 Use .50/3 printable coupon

Pillsbury Crescents 10.1-13 oz. 2.49/1.25
.50/2 DND printable coupon

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Monica said...

Use this $1 off coupon to get the toaster strudel for .50


Meaghan said...

I just have a quick question. Will the $15 cat still print if your total is less than $30 after coupons and doublers? Thanks!

Melissa said...

All but 4 of the Utah Albertsons and been bought by Associated Foods and are now Associated Markets...SO SO SO SAD!! They are switching them over this week and if you take in your Albertsons card they will give you a free bag of Western Family Sugar. random FYI:)

Shawna said...

Does anyone know if the $15 OYNO can be rolled and used on a second transaction?

Cathy said...

Meaghan - YES, the cat WILL print. Your total needs to come to $30 with the sale prices (the first price listed on the post aka: the price listed in the ad). So pick up $30 of items, give them all your coupons and doubles, pay $20 oop (let's pretend here), then get a $15 cat.

And yes Shawna, you can ROLL the cat over and over and over. So for your 2nd transaction, I'd guess your total oop would be $2-$10 depending on what coupons you use!

Melissa - We are so sad for you and truly hope we don't experience the same here!!

Meaghan said...

Thank you so much for answering my question but now I have another.

Could you explain more on "place your orders now so you dont clear the shelf"? Can you call ahead for these things? Just a little confused. I am almost always bummed when I get to the store because everything is gone. If there is a way around this I would love to find out! Thanks again!

Cathy said...

Sure Meaghan -

So lets say you decide you want to purchase 48 boxes of cereal (in 3 transactions), rather than try to hunt down the boxes at several different stores, I am going to contact my grocery manager (ask for him at customer service), and place an order for my 48 boxes of cereal. Check with your store, but my store has shipments coming in late Thursday evening, Saturday evening, and Tuesday evening. So even if I don't get an order placed until Friday, I can go pick up my stuff on Monday (or Sunday if you shop on Sundays). Then when my order is in, my grocery manager will usually open a lane for me, let me pay for it, and then I'm off on my merry way with out hoarding and clearing the shelves... all because I placed my own special order. This doesn't take away from what is out on the shelves and everyone is happy!

janetcoupon said...

I checked Cole/Fairview today and they have PLENTY of stock for this ad. Brian and Billy say "come on down!".

Loren and Tama said...

Ustick is stocked up and ready to go as well. I checked it tonight. Yay for a good sale!

the screwface shabba said...

Caldwell stadium store is also well stocked as of this morning. They are having trouble with the cats printing if you do two transactions in a row. It happened to me. It was no problem though they just checked my reciept and printed me out my cats. (Thanks Jared) They are so coupon friendly there.

Cheryl_hiccups said...

A heads up about this promo... the Breyer's ice cream is also included. It is on sale for $6.39 BOGO. I was curious as to whether it would work like the Dr. Pepper Buy $20, Get $5 catalina just did. (As in, would it count the price of the free one towards the total for making $30... would buying six count as $38.34 towards your total or as 19.17?) I tested it with a manager this morning and it is taking the 6.39 off along the way and NOT at the end like the Dr. Pepper promo and buying 6 Breyers will not trigger the cat to print.

Oh and thanks to Superbob0000 at SD here's a link to the UPC list for this promo:

Me again said...

FYI, the Albertsons at 12th and Greenhurst in Nampa has 227 bottles of the Dove hair care (all varieties) and will be getting another 227 bottles tomorrow.

If their are Doublers in sunday's paper, you could be getting dove hair care for .50 /bottle. And this is for the larger bottle.

Cathy said...

Me Again - where are you finding a coupon for the Dove?

Cheryl_hiccups said...

Cathy, here's the Dove coupon I have: Dove Hair Care Product $1/1 (12-27-09) RP-10/4

Fabulessly Frugal said...

Cheryl- THanks for the UPC list and sharing the info about the Breyers BOGO. Too bad it did't work!