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Monday, November 9, 2009

$5 LeapFrog Alphabet Pal at Walmart

Walmart has LeapFrog Alphabet Pals on Rollback for $15.00.
Use the $10/1 Target Web Coupon here or from from the 11/8 Target Toy insert.
Final Price: $5.00

This is not in the ad, I just saw it when I was in the store. So you will have to buy it at Walmart instead of price matching at Target. Please also note that rollbacks are often regional. You may want to call your store before going in to verify the price.

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Shannon said...

Will they take the Target coupon? I hope so thanks for the tip.

Ali Smith said...

One thing of note...at least at my walmart (YMMV) in order for them to take a competitor coupon, they must price match it with Target's price. (If you do not have the current ad with you, you will have to wait while they call Target and get their price) Doing it this way they are PRICE MATCHING. They will not give you additional off by giving you their own lower price PLUS the competitor coupon amount off. I have had this same experience with lots of different things from toys to deodorant. So, at least at the Nampa Walmart, don't expect them to give you the walmart price AND take the coupon. They will price match it to Target's price first, then give you the amount off. Might as well go to Target! :(

AJ said...

Officially, Walmart should just take the coupon. Their coupon policy states that they will take store coupons, and they do accept competitor coupons.

I asked the cashier (Nampa Walmart by Sam's Club) and showed her the Target coupon and she asked a manager who said yes. She said whatever it rings up as, you take the coupon amount off that. So it would come off of the $15.00. I didn't buy anything, just wanted to make sure before posting it but she said they would take it.

You're right Ali, looks like YMMV on this one, but as I interpret their coupon policy, it should just work.

Deanne Gayler said...

I went to Walmart in Sandy,Utah today and they said they DO NOT accept competitor coupons, they will price match but it is store policy to not accept other's coupons. I got on their website and it does not say anything about accepting Competitors coupons, has anyone found something different? They said the "store coupons" are Walmart coupons.

AJ said...

Hi Deanne,

I was at a Walmart in Idaho. I actually showed the cashier the coupon and she asked a manager, who said they would accept them. I think this one just depends on the checker/manager at your store.

I've never even seen Walmart have their own store coupons, so I don't know what else that would apply to!

The Target coupon is good until 11/25, so maybe these will be in an upcoming ad and you can price match it. I'll watch for one!

The Braithwaite Family said...

Once by accident I used a target coupon not realizing it (before my TRUE couponing days) and noticed at the checkout and said oh that's a target one, she said that's ok. That was in Lindon, UT. Also, with the Alphabet Pal TRU has it in a special 2-day ad (I've only seen the ad online but only get sunday's paper so I can't say whether it came in a paper or not) that has this for $10.49. If you take it to Target and price match and use the target coupon then you'll get it for $.49. That's a freaking steal. But I kinda feel like that's what it is, isn't the coupon kinda like a "sale" target is doing? Do they get reimbursed(sp?) at all from the manufacturer if it's a store coupon?

AJ said...

I don't know if Target will price match a door buster deal, it probably has to be in the weekly ad. But I would call customer service to make sure if you're going to try.

On a Target store coupon, they do not get reimbursed from the manufacturer.

DaVette said...

I went to Walmart (Nampa, by Sam's)
last night. I bought this cute toy for my nephew for $9.00. I had the $10 Target coupon and I talked to a friend who is one of the managers. He said they could not accept other store coupons because they would not get any $ for it, only the store (Target) gets the $ when you use it in their store. He also said they LOVE manufacture coupons and they will alway price match to get you the best deal. I saved $1 getting this toy there. It was on rollback for $15.00,but it rang up at $9.00 without using the coupon. I took it. It still is a good deal for my nephew!

Fabulessly Frugal said...

AJ- These are only $10.49 on the two day sale 11/13-11/14 at ToysRUs. Do you know if they would accept the Target coupon?

AJ said...

I just called the Boise Toys R Us and they will NOT accept the coupon.

As the Braithwaite family said, you could try price matching this at Target but I don't know if they'd price match a doorbuster sale since it's only for certain hours. I have been reading discussions on it on a few other blogs and some Targets are saying yes and others are saying no, so I didn't post it.

The Nampa Target was out of these last night, I don't know if they would have gotten any in their shipment today or not but if you're going to try, you will want to first call and make sure they even have some in stock!

Fabulessly Frugal said...

Thanks AJ. You are so on top of all things Target!