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Sunday, October 11, 2009

No Albertsons Doubles, BUT $10/$50

Did some of you feel like this when you scoured your paper for the doubles we reported earlier in the week?

We want you to know that our source, who has ALWAYS been right when it comes to things like this, is STILL a fabulous source!! We fully trusted her information (and will continue to do so). We even took the time to put together a post about doubles scenarios (read comments from both posts) - so please don't feel we intentionally led you astray!

What we now know is that there was a last minute change of plans in the ad. I believe this because Washington and Oregon DID get doubles!

SO - what we DID get is a $10/$50 coupon. What CAN WE DO WITH IT?

I won't be able to run my own personal scenario since I'll be otherwise occupied the next few days, but I wanted to put this post up so readers could leave comments about what they are doing with this $10 off $50 coupon.

Maybe you can use this BEFORE you use your other coupons? Some are saying yes, others are saying no.

ALSO - did you see there is a NEW $.75/2 Quaker Granola bars coupon in today's Red Plum insert. Did you see any other FAB coupons to go with this promo?

Thanks for your understanding the non-intentional psych-you-out hype! As I said earlier, Amy has never been wrong before, and we hope she will continue to keep us informed. :)

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AJ said...

That picture is truly awesome. I totally felt like that!

Jen said...

Ha-ha! Love the picture! I too scoured the paper looking for those doubles, but none to be found in the Tacoma News Tribune--and I don't think the Seattle Times had any either. So, I'm not sure which WA papers had doubles? It sounds like the Oregonian did have doubles, though.

The Wynia Family said...

They had them here in the Billings Gazette.