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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Glade Moneymaker at Target

Glade Holiday Scent Items are $2.50 at Target
Through 12/26, Get a $5 Gift Card wyb 5

Kristin at Couponing to Disney has put together FIVE great scenarios for this. Here is one for everyone, which does not require any coupons of your own.

Buy 5 holiday scented Glade candle tins
Use 5 $1.50 off a scented candle tin found inside the tins themselves
Total: $5 and get a $5 gift card!
Final Price: FREE

Turn this into a moneymaker by submitting for a $5 rebate from SC Johnson.

Many of the scenarios mention a Buy a Holder Get a Free Refill Blinkie , which I don't have. However, you can print one here. If you have that blinkie coupon, where did you find it?
See more Glade moneymaker scenarios here.

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Amber said...

Is anyone else having a hard time finding tins with coupons in them. I've heard rumors about these coupons for months and always check, but I can't seem to find them at any of my stores. Am I the only one?

R said...

I live in Vancouer Wa, and the Target I went to (Hazel Dell) didn't offer this promotion (I even asked). And, I got my blinkie coupon at Fred Meyer.

hodgesheather said...

Albertson's has the blinkie coupons

Anonymous said...

I got my blinkie coupons at Publix. I've had no problems finding the coupons inside the tins before so I hope I won't now!

AJ said...

This is an unadvertised sale, there are no signs for it. To see if your store is participating, take one of the tins or refills to a price scanner and see if the $5 offer comes up. Your store may not have been participating, or maybe since it's not in the ad and there's no sale sign, they just didn't know about it. I would take it to a price scanner to make sure!

PS, the store in Nampa does NOT have coupons in every tin. They didn't even have enough to make the deal work. I think it's just random which ones have them. They are also pretty much out of them today. I would say wait for a new shipment and we'll see if the coupons are in them or not! They are way low on Chex mix as well.

Amy said...

KMart has the coupons! Safeway does as well, but I could not find any at Fred Meyer!

Sara S. said...

Okay, maybe I'm naive or just a prude, but I don't understand taking a coupon out of an item before you buy it. Isn't that a little unethical. Isn't the purpose of the coupon inside to have you BUY more???? I suppose it's not much different than taking off a peelie to use at a future time (which I've been known to do) but it just feels a little wrong. Am I way off base?

Lenna said...

Does anyone know how long this $5 Gift Card Promo goes for? My Target doesn't have any of the scents (Holiday) that are participating items. I checked them on the scanner and they're not included. Any ideas?

AJ said...

It looks like it is through 12/26.

Sara, thank you for your comment. In this case, the lids come right off and there is no seal to break or anything like that. I would never ever do it unless I was buying the items right then and there. Breaking a seal or taking the coupons from a product you are not buying, I agree, is completely unethical. (The only exception to this was the lifesavers deal at Albies where the store was promoting the $1 coupon inside to get them free).

Glen and Nikki said...

When I went to Target yesterday, the isle that they belonged on only had signs for 2 oz candles, not the tins. However on an endcap a few isles down the whole thing was covered in these Glade candles. Well, all the Glade that would work on the promo, not just the tin candles. The endcap had several signs, one for each type of product. That was at the Milwaukee Target by Boise mall. The isle only had 1 holiday candle but the endcap had a bunch.

Erin said...

The glass tins have $2.00 off 2 coupons in them. All of the ones I bought had the coupon. I bought 5 tins and 5 refills. I'm new to couponing so I decided to use 5 of the $2.00/2 coupons and 5 of the B1G1 coupons. I'm not sure if I was supposed to do this or if it would work, but the cashier took all my coupons. My total including a reusable Target bag and tax was under $5 and I got $10 in gift cards. Woo hoo!

AJ said...

In that case, you would only be able to use 2 $2/2 coupons because the $2/2 and the B1G1 are both manufacturer's coupons and you can only use 1 manufacturer coupon per item. Or, you could have used 3 $2/2 coupons and 4 B1G1 coupons.

Erin said...

Couponing can be confusing sometimes.... =)