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Friday, October 9, 2009

DOUBLES on SUNDAY! Get YOUR Newspaper Subscription TODAY!

FAB NEWS!! Our insider Amy has confirmed there WILL BE Albertons doubles on Sunday! (Thanks Amy!!)

BUT - there is a CATCH!

They will be IN the newspaper, NOT a separate Albertsons ad that they will have available to you at Customer Service.

SO - if you're only getting ONE Sunday paper,
CALL TODAY and set up your
Not only will you get multiple sets of THREE INSERTS,
you'll get MULTIPLE SETS
of ALBERTSONS "Twice the Value" coupons!

Here are the current deals we have:

FABULESS Idaho Statesman Deal (Ada & Canyon County)- call 377-NEWS (6397) and tell them you want the Fabulessly Frugal Newspaper Deal - you'll get the daily paper plus 4 ADDITIONAL Sunday papers (for a total of 5 Sunday papers!)... all for $3.00 per week!

FABULESS Idaho Press Tribune Deal (Canyon County and as far East as Maple Grove)- call Greg at 870-2784 and ask for the Fabulessly Frugal Newspaper Deal - you'll get the daily and your choice of 4 or 6 Sunday papers! This comes to $13.20-$18.00 per month.

FABULESS Idaho State Journal Deal (Eastern Idaho) - call call Sue Davis at 239-3172 and tell her you want the Fabulessly Frugal Newspaper Deal - $17.00 for the daily and 5 Sunday newspapers!

Double ideas coming soon!!!


cotncandy said...

So does this mean that when there is a separate insert for Albertsons that you can get it from Customer service?

Cathy said...

YES. If it is their own little "ad" (usually on slick paper) in the Sunday paper, they always have extra's at customer service. Since it will be in the main print section, they won't have any to "share".

cotncandy said...

wow, thanks I never knew that!

Drostan and Jennifer said...

Ok, I'm new to couponing. Do I want the weekly papers too or just the Sunday papers? (I'm in Eastern Idaho now.)

heatherlf said...

AWESOME THANK YOU. I was just coming on to see if there was any info yet!! yeah I hope the stores are stocked when I go. Did some quaker shopping today cause my .75 off 2 granola bars expires tomorrow and my 1.25 off 2 oatmeal wouldn't of been doubled anyway.

Cathy said...

Jennifer - you don't need the Mon-Sat papers, BUT, in order to get the deals, you have to get them. It still saves you a bunch of money! The price per paper (even if you don't factor in the rest of the week in the cost) is still cheaper than the news stand price.

Heather - thanks for the reminder that those EXPIRE tomorrow!! I had forgotten that!

mjhunter said...

I have a question. I know it says you can only use 3 double coupons how do you get around that?

Cathy said...

Great Q MJ! You're right, you can only use 3 doubles per transaction. But when I go, I usually do 3 separate transactions. If there is more I want to get, I'll take that stuff to my car adn come back inside, or I'll go to another store, OR I'll come back later. That is why I'm happy I'll be getting 6 papers on Sunday, I'll be able to do 6 transactions, using 3 doubles on each! This alone will save me an extra $18.00! That by itself pays for one month of my subscription (or more!).

Crystal said...

Thanks for the Doubler info! I posted this on my blog & linked back.

mjhunter said...

Thank-you for the help!! I am going to get 5 papers! I am excited.

heatherlf said...

Anybody seeing them? All I see is a $10 off $50 purchase :(

smiling_mama said...

There are no doublers! I searched my papers only to find the $10 off $50. Then I searched my blogging friends. athriftymom.com has confirmed no doublers. I set my alarm this morning to run into Albertsons to get some fab deals. I wonder where Amy gets her info?? Oh well.

heatherlf said...

I acutally almost liked it better this way only since this was such a big mixture of things on the back page promo. I will have to post a picture I was shocked. My total was $101 after coupons I walked out the door paying $30 and thats with getting milk bread and yogurt.
I went to five Mile/Overland and it was so well stocked only one item I couldn't get on my list was the smart balance oil. I bought 62 items mixing 6 promos!!!

mjhunter said...

SO with the $10 off $50 is that %50 spent before coupons or after? Which order would you hand the coupons?

Sara S. said...

The coupon says use the coupon AFTER coupons. Which means you will have to buy A LOT more than you are usually used to buying. My suggestion is to stock up on things that you might need that you can't normally get with coupons. If you want to use the $10 coupon. If anyone finds out any differently, let us know!