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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What is the Big Deal About Soup?

Some of you may be new to Fabulessly Frugal and are wondering why are they so excited about soup? Buying coupons on ebay, making multiple posts?

Well can I just spell it out for you?

You see before I started couponing I used to shop at Costco 1-2 times a week. I felt like buying in bulk was a great way to save money and build a stockpile. I love Costco, but rarely go there anymore because I save so much more by sticking to my coupon shopping.

Well I was at Costco yesterday (I missed it and wanted to see if they had anything new) and looked to see how much this soup was.

Costco Price: $11.98 for an 8 pack OR $1.49 a can!

Do you know what I paid at Albetrsons today? $11.31 for 12 cans or .94 a can oh but wait, that was before you factor in the $5 catalina.

Albertsons Coupon Price: $6.31 for 12 OR .53 a can!

Wow! That is WAY LESS!

Ok I just had to share a little bit about why couponing is so cool!

Wanna know what I bought at Costco? Milk, eggs, sour cream and a pizza for our dinner.
That is it. I did not even get close to the $100 I used to spend there. In fact I was all ready to sign and had to be told that I did not need to sign for only $20.
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Seattle Moms Deal Finder said...

I love this post! I have so many friends who think Costco is their financial saving grace! WRONG!!!

Kristi M. said...

I too shopped quite a bit at Costco. However with coupons my thinking has totally changed. There are still a few things that are totally worth it to me. The milk is by far the cheapest regular price from anywhere else. The sour cream is also one of our staples and if there are no sales and coupons for any, this is where I get it. Dog food is our #1 reason for our trips. Usually can't beat it.

Karen said...

All that canned soup really isn't very good for you. Try making it from scratch in a crock pot and freezing the extra. Inexpensive, much tastier, and much, much better for you!

Monica said...


You are right canned soup is not super good for you, but there are worse things. Also we ate some last night and it was so, so I would rather have homemade.

The nice thing about the soup is it will store for a long time and you will not lose it if your freezer defrosts.

The point of my post was to show people the difference between what we used to think was a good price and what you can do with coupons.

Thanks for the suggestion. I am all about the freezer meals. Wish I could make the meal for .53.

Karen said...

Are you sure you can't? You don't really get much soup in one of those little cans, even after adding the water. A crock pot can make 3-4 quarts of soup using a can or two of tomatoes (or fresh), a couple of potatoes, a couple of carrots, an onion, and 1/2 pound of chicken or beef, a little salt and pepper. Add more veggies if you like - I often freeze dibs and dabs of leftover veggies to make the soup. That's an awful lot of healthy, tasty soup for not very much money!

Terry said...

I love making homemade soup and do all the time, same with beans from dried beans....but, you can't beat the convenience of having some cans of soups and/or beans for those days where everything is going crazy, you are starving and need a quick meal :)

Monica said...

Thanks for the recipe Karen! :)