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Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering 9-11

Where were you when you heard about the attacks?

I was on my way out the door to give birth to this little angel.

As we were leaving, my sister (who was staying with my two kids) had the TV on. I still remember walking through the kitchen and seeing Matt Lauer on the TV reporting that a plane had crashed into one of the World Trade Centers. At that time we couldn't figure out such a horrible accident happened. We hopped in the car and turned on the radio in disbelief. As the events unfolded, we were in total shock about what we were hearing.

I know that you come to this blog to find the "deals", but this day is still a tender one in my heart, as she was a blessing to receive on such a devastating day.

The climate of our country is so different now than what it was in the months that followed 9/11. I loved the feeling of Patriotism and the love of God and Country that existed in the United States. I miss seeing the American Flag out on nearly every home like we saw for months and months after the attacks. I miss that feeling of unity as a country, and how we turned to our Father in Heaven for understanding, peace, and comfort.

I am so grateful that I have the knowledge of His eternal plan. I'm so grateful for the blessing of Megan on that day. I fear that our country as a whole, is forgetting God and all that he has given and continues to give us...

I love this country and *I will never forget*.

Enjoy this beautiful video tribute, and go hang your flag and thank your servicemen.

ps - I would love for you to share your story about where you were.


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Fernando said...

I was in 10th grade in my 0 hour computer class-we watched on a TV in our class room-what a difficult thing to grasp for a room full of highschoolers-children still-now as an adult I will never forget that day.

Amber said...

I was a newlywed attending BSU. As my husband and I were getting ready to head out the door to our classes, we heard it on the news. We proceeded to go to class and I still remember the feeling on the campus. All studies, tests, and learning of any kind was pushed aside as they wheeled TVs into all of the classrooms. We all sat huddled around, in disbelief.

Then that night I worked a shift at Red Lobster. The restaurant was empty except for the bar area surrounding the TV. We did not seat a single customer at a regular table that night. Every person who dined sat near the TV. And every table in the bar joined in conversations with their neighbors. We had a bar area full of complete strangers, but it felt like it was a community meal. I have always been proud to be an American,, but I will never forget what it was like to briefly share that proudness with almost every person I came in contact with.

A few days after 9/11, as I was driving into downtown Boise I saw a sight that I will never forget. Local law enforcement officers, firefighters and high schoolers were standing shoulder to shoulder at the end of the connector holding patriotic signs and American flags. It took my breath away.

Monica said...

THanks for posting this today! That was a great video to watch. Tell your little cutie happy birthday for me.

I remember driving to work to a new job I had only been at for a few weeks(I was a dental assistant at the time) in my car and hearing that a plane had crashed into the trade center on the radio. I thought it was a joke.
When I got into work the radio was covering the story non-stop. We listened to the coverage in awe. Many of our patients still came in for treatment that day but the conversation was quiet we mostly just listened intently to every word on the radio.
After work that day I went home to my Aunt and Uncles house who we were staying with at the time while looking for a place in Boise. We watched the coverage all evening on the TV.
I too felt the love of God and county in the months that followed the crash. I loved that feeling. I hope that we can all remember those feelings.
Thank you to all of you who serve our great country or watch your loved ones do so. This is a wonderful place to live!

2busy said...

What a fabulous post. I think it is always important to remember. I shared my experience on my blog this morning.

Marci said...

I loved the feelings of patriotism everyone shared as well.
I was in college and had woken up and went right to a class at the gym. Some of the other people there were talking about it and I had no idea how terrible it all had really been until I got home and turned on my TV.
BYU cancelled classes and my roommates and I all watched the news the rest of the day.

goodnewsfarm said...

I too was in the hospital, my mom was having surgery and I WAS in the waiting room watching tv. As soon as the first plane hit I called my husband. While talking to him I saw the second plane hit. It was totally shocking. After she came out we watched tv all night.

Meaghan said...

I was also in a classroom. It was my senior year. I graduated three months early in December after the attacks. It was the first class of the day and as I entered the classroom some of the students were talking about a plane hitting one of the towers and what a terrible accident it had been. We begged our teacher to turn it on, he was strict on class work and declined, until a student left the room and went to the office. A minute later an announcement went over that the t.v.s needed to be turned on.

We were in complete shock to watch what unfolded. The second plane hit and we knew it was no accident. What was amazing was that we as students sat and bonded together as we had never done before. Groups of kids who had never spoken to eachother, talked. What we were wearing or looked like didn't matter. We were untied and we watched our country being attacked.

As we went from class to class that day we watched and tried to take it all in. Some were worried (I lived in Florida at the time) about loved ones they knew. Some cried. I will never forget how a high school often broken up into it's own groups came together.

In the week that followed we continued to watch. Classwork was put off as we followed the events after the attacks.

I will never forget how we united and a group of highschoolers but more so how our country united. The flags that flew. I too, loved the feeling. Even though we had been attacked I felt safe in knowing that my country was there for me and that we would not stand for this.

I had the opportunity to finally fly a flag on my home and it felt so good to place it on the house. It breaks my heart that so many flags have come down. Why aren't there more flying? Should we not be adding to the numbers?

I too as grateful to know of the great and everlasting plan that our Father has for us. I pray for this country and the men and women who fight for our freedoms.

Thanks for letting me post this!

Rebecca said...

I was a senior in high school. I lived in a town about 30 minutes away from Baltimore. There were rumors going around school and some kids had been called out. I remember the Principal coming into the lunch room, standing on a table and announcing what had happened and that school was being released because everyone should be with their families. There were kids in my school with parents and the Pentagon as well as ones at the World Trade Center. Thankfully their parents were all okay. My father was in the Army at the time and I remember how incredibly busy he was right after that. I remember feeling unhinged and unsafe, like it happened in my back yard. The closeness of the country afterwards was comforting. We need to get back to that feeling! Thanks for leting us post about our experiences.