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Thursday, September 17, 2009

How to Leave a Comment

Tonight I met our reader Caitlin who had a great tip, but didn't have a "google account" to leave a comment, and she wasn't sure how to set one up so she COULD leave a comment!

I've heard this from class attendees as well (and just got an email from another reader with the same comment!), so I thought today was a fabulous day to teach some of you HOW to do this!

And guess what??? You DO NOT have to make a new google email address (although, gmail is so stinkin cool, you really should consider it!) in order to set up a google account!

SO - Let's say you read a post and have your own fabulous tip to add to it. First thing you're going to do is look at the bottom of the post for this:

If you just click on those words (sometimes it says 1 Comment, 7 comments...) a new box will pop up that will look like this:

Now here it is telling me to enter my username and password for a Google Account. In my prebogging days, that is where I stopped. I didn't want to open some new account!

But it's easy peasy! I'm going to show you what to do.

  1. Click on "Sign Up Here" as shown in the window above.

  2. First thing you'll do is input your existing email address (msn, yahoo, hotmail, all of those will work for this!) - they'll have you enter it twice.

  3. Then create a password. This is for your "google account". It is linked to the email you enter. You are NOT making a new email account.

  4. Pick a "display name". This is what people will see next to your comment... some people do something fun (aka: Hiccups) or just their first name. I don't recommend using your full name for this though.

  5. Click (or unclick) the "email notifications" box.

  6. Then you'll have to do the whole word verification thing. These are annoying I know. And a lot of times I can't even tell what the letters are! If you get it wrong, they'll just put a new set of letters up, so don't worry about it. Eventually you'll get one that you can actually read!

  7. Click on the box to accept the terms of service and then click on "continue".

  8. The next thing that will happen, it will take you to the comment form! And there you can tell us all what you want to say, and you'll see your nice little display name!

  9. Also, you can click on the option to have follow-up comments emailed to you, which is sometimes a nice little feature!

  10. Then just click "Publish Your Comment" and there you go!

At this point, you'll see your comment with your name right above it. If you click on your name, you'll see your own profile. Since you are still logged in, you can click on the box "edit profile" and from here you have a lot of things you can do if you wish. For example, you can upload a picture, change your user name, or make your profile private if you wish.

So there you have it! Now you can share your ideas, tips, and great finds super duper easily!

If this still doesn't make sense to you, leave a comment... oh wait, ha ha (just kidding), just email us at fabulesslyfrugal {at} gmail {dot} com and we'll do our best to help you out!

If this DID make sense to you and you are all set up, then....


ps - The tip was that at Albertsons on Orchard and Overland they have the Hannah Montana toothpaste clearanced at $.99. Double the $.50/1 toothpaste coupon (I'm not sure which brand, can you help me Caitlin?) and you'd get it free!

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caitlin said...

So, I went to sign up and apparently I already had a while ago and forgot, oops.
So back to the Hannah Montana toothpaste at Albies, thanks to my friend Stephanie for the tip by the way, It is the Crest toothpaste and toothbrush combo set hanging on the end of toothpaste section for 99 cents.Use the Crest 50 cent off plus doubler and they are free. They are the 4.6 oz so the coupon is fine. There were quite a few at overland/orchard when i went tuesday night, also 5mile/overland had large stock but price is not marked down yet, might be worth keeping an eye out! Thanks again for the extra doublers Cathy! Good luck ladies :)

caitlin said...

(sorry, I love being in the IN GROUP, lol)

Corny said...

I look forward to reading your sight everyday. It has been such a good help for me. I am able to follow the sales better and you help so much! Thank you!

The Perera's said...

I found your site through my friend thriftynwmom.com. I would love a coupon book, been really using coupons for about 4 months now :)

Cathy said...

Perera's - make sure you leave your comment over on The Coupon Binder.com post!

mary said...

WOO HOO! SO EXCITED TO START COUPON-ING!!!! What a cute binder too!

Powell Clan said...

Hi, I got an email the other day about a new system of coupon saving so that you don't have to print them right away but can put them in your file or something to print later. I can't find the link to learn about that. Do you know where it went?

Cathy said...

Powell Clan -

I haven't heard anything about this. Sorry - it wasn't us! ;)

Tricia said...

Powell Clan - When I was looking at the PYP/Grocery Smarts printable shopping list tonight I noticed one of the top lines was advertising something along those lines. Except, it looks like you do have to print them but the system is a way to keep track of them to use later. If you go to the list here: http://www.grocerysmarts.com/idaho/lists/indexg83ro1.php?a83lb2 and look down a few lines from the top, it starts with ATTENTION!... I hope that is what you are looking for. There is a link to get more info on it.

Powell Clan said...

Thank you Tricia. I will check it out.

Christina said...

Yeah! I did my very first trip and saved almost $15.00 on top of what I was already saving by buying items on sale! I already was a coupon shopper, but now I am so much more savvy...Thanks again GALS!

Cathy said...

Way to go Christina!!

Powell Clan said...

I haven't seen the Idaho Utah cheese and yogurt coupon reset for March yet. Has it already reset and I missed it?

Fabulessly Frugal said...

Powell Clan-

I have not seen them. :( Hope they are not gone for good. I did find a hot juice coupon while I was looking for them though. http://www.fabulesslyfrugal.com/2010/03/free-juice-after-coupon.html

Katie said...

Hello, I am pretty new to couponing, but have gotten some great deals with all of the catalinas lately, so thanks! I just went to Safeway and bought some Good Seasons Dressing and Recipe mix and at the checkout a thing printed that said from 3/19-4/11 if you
buy 2 get $.75 OR
buy 3 and get $.1.50 OR
buy 4 or more and get $2.50 coupon off future shopping order. I don't know if there are any good coupons or sales that could go with this catalina, but i thought I would post it anyways! :)