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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fabulous Coupon Tip Tuesday: Walgreens 101

Walgreens 101

Stacking Coupons: You can use a Walgreens store coupon and a manufactures coupon on the same item.
Buy four cans of Campbell's Soup
Use one Walgreens in-ad coupon to make the soup 0.59 also
Use one .40 off 4 manufactures coupon.
Final Cost 0.49 each

Where do I get the Walgreen's Coupons?
Walgreens coupons can be found in the store ad. Find your store ad in the Sunday paper and at the store. The coupons are only good for 7 days, Sunday-Saturday to go along with the stores weekly sales.

What if they are out of my coupon item?
If the store is out of an item you can get a raincheck for the price on your in-store coupon. Just ask a manager. Keep the coupon with the raincheck in case there is confusion when you go to redeem it later.

What are Register Rewards (RR)?

Register Rewards are dollar value coupons (pictured above) received for buying certain promotional items at Walgreen's. They print out after you have paid for your purchase. They act as in store cash and can be redeemed like cash on future Walgreen's purchases.

Look for this wave symbol in the ad or in the store to find Register Reward items. We look for register reward items that have coupon match-ups in order to make the item cheap, free or even have overage.

Nivea Body Wash 16.9 oz $4.99
Use $1/1 Manufactures coupon (MC)
Receive $5RR
Final Cost $1 OVERAGE

Overage When the combination of an RR and MC exceed the value of the item purchased.
Sometimes the RR offer has no coupon match-ups and is not free after RR. Not all RR deals are good ones, but many are.

Golden Rules:

1. You will only get one RR per transaction in a certain promotion.


Nivea body wash has an RR promotion. If you buy 2 Nivea body washes you will only get one RR. If you buy Nivea and Rembrandt toothpaste you will get an RR for each product as long as they are part of different promotions.

Rolling RR's: This is how you get more than one bottle of Nivea during the promotion with out having to pay cash.

Buy the Nivea get a $5 RR
Buy the Rembrandt pay $1 cash and $5 RR get $6 RR
Buy Nivea and a $1 item to get your subtotal to $6, pay with $6 RR
Get another $5 RR and on and on til you have what you need!

Sometimes they will do a group a products together like several varieties of Tylenol seen here. If you buy the 2 Children's Tylenol and 2 Tylenol Allergy you will only get one RR. This is because they are in the same promotion!

2. You can not roll Register Rewards within the same promotion (usually)
Wait I just showed you how to roll RR's. You have to alternate promotions. If you tried to buy another Nivea with the $5 Nivea RR your next RR would not print!

3. You can not have more manufactures coupons than items
Register Rewards count as a manufactures coupon. (MC)
Nivea Use $1 off MC
Rembrandt Use $1 off MC
Let's say you want to use your $3 RR from Tylenol you will have to buy a pencil or small piece of candy (filler item) to match with the RR.
If you had store coupons to match with each product you could you those as well.

4. There is an order to give the coupons that seems to work best!
1. Register Reward
2. Manufacturer
3. Store

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Amber said...

This really isn't that important, but Walgreens seems to have changed their RR symbol in their add. Last week they were red circles, and this week it was just red lettering. It makes it hard to find the RR deals in the add - I'm used to looking for the wavy lines

Monica said...

Thanks Amber. I will have to update that!