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Monday, September 14, 2009

Albertsons 9/16-9/22 PREVIEW

Here is the ad! Thanks HCW!
Yipee, I see doubles in the ad! Double madness all week!

A few non-promo items on my list

Boneless Skinless Chicken $1.88/lb

Green seedless grapes $.98 lb.

Albertsons large eggs 18 ct. $1.49

Filippo Berio olive oil 17 oz. $4.00
Use 1.00/1 printable

Kellogg's Promo: Save $5 instantly when you buy 5
And coupons to print.................

Kellogg's Special K Blueberry cereal - 11.4-12.8 oz. $2.99
$1.00/1 printable

Kellogg's Special K cereal - 11.4-12.8 oz. $2.99

Kellogg's Special K Chocolatey Pretzel bars $2.99
Use .75/1 printable
$.49 after DOUBLE

Kellogg's Special K or Bliss Bars 3.8-4.86 oz. $2.99
.99 after DOUBLE

Kellogg's Special K Portion Control crackers 6 ct. 4.6 oz. $2.49

Kellogg's Special K snack crackers 8 oz. $2.99
1.00/1 printable

The Campbell's Promo continues! Spend $15 get $5 catalina!
There are more products to choose from in the promo too!
Price after the / factors in 33% savings after catalina.

(Want to stock up? You can purchase some Campbells Soup Coupons on eBay - and then place an order with your grocery manager and they'll be ready for you once your coupons come in!!)

Campbell's chicken noodle or tomato soup 10.75 oz. .50/.33
Use .40/4 PearleVisionSS-9/13

Campbell's Chunky Soup 18.6-19 oz. l $1.25/.84
Use $1/4 SS-8/16 (not in Idaho) but you can find them on eBay
.34 after DOUBLE

Campbell's kids soups 10.5-11 oz. $1.25/.84
Use .40/2 PearleVisionSS-9/13
.44 after DOUBLE

Campbell's Select Harvest soup 18.6-19 oz. $1.25/.84
Use .50/1 SS-8/16

Campbell's Select Harvest soup 18.6-19 oz. $1.25/.84
Use .50/2 PearleVisionSS-9/13
.34 after DOUBLE

Campbell's Spaghettios pasta with meat $1.00/.67

Pepperidge Farm goldfish 2 oz. carton $1.00/.67

Pepperidge Farm goldfish crackers 6.6-8 oz. $1.25/.84

Pepperidge Farms cookies 5.25-7.5 oz. $2.00/1.34

Prego spaghetti sauce 24 oz. $2.00/1.34

Swanson's chunk chicken 9.75 oz. $2.00/1.34

V8 Splash juice 64 oz. $2.00/1.34
Use $1/2 PearleVision SS-9/13 (NOT in Idaho - but find some on eBay
.33 after DOUBLE

Nabisco promo: Save $3 instantly when you buy 4 participating items
Price after the / factors in the $3 instant savings wyb4.

Nabisco Chips Ahoy cookies 14-16 oz. $2.50/1.75
Use .75/2 SS-8/23
$1.06 after DOUBLE

Nabisco Oreo Cakesters 10.56-12 oz. $2.50/1.75

Nabisco Premium Saltine crackers 11-16.5 oz. $2.50/1.75
Use .75/2 SS-8/23
$1.06 after DOUBLE

Nabisco Ritz Crackerfuls 6 oz. $2.50/1.75
Use $1/1 SS-7/12

Nabisco Ritz crackers 13.6-16 oz. $2.50/1.75
Use .75/2 SS-8/23

Nabisco Ritz crackers 13.6-16 oz. $2.50/1.75
Nabisco Crackerfuls FREE up to $3.49 wyb any Ritz Cracker SS-8/23
$1.75 + free item

Nabisco snack crackers 7-10 oz. $2.50/1.75
Use .75/2 SS-8/23
$1.06 after DOUBLE

Nabisco snack crackers 7-10 oz. - Wheat Thins $2.50/1.75
1.00/1 printable here or here

Nabisco Toasted Chips 8.1 oz. $2.50/1.75
Use .75/2 SS-8/23 (Not in Idaho)

Here is the PYP list
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ME said...

i know this is not related to the doubles post that albertsons has going on but, i wanted to leave you a comment and say I am a Avon rep. And I am ready to serve all your readers. I am offering tons of free samples of our products- several different products. I realize your blog probably recieves tons of hits and traffic everyday so if you add a post for me i will be able to and am ready to handle all the exposure, traffic etc that comes from a blog post. I would love to work together to make a post to gain more traffic and freebies and deals for your readers and exposure for my business. So it's a win- win! email me and let me know either way! I do not know if this is something you would be able to do. Let me know either way!

Terri said...

I left my local Albertson's yesterday feeling completely dissapointed with some of my fellow couponers. I was looking at the Kellog's cereal that was 1.88. I noticed a few Rice Krispies that had the $5 coupon books inside. I picked up 3 boxes to purchase, when I realized someone had opened all 3 boxes to steal the coupon books out of them!! Now please tell me how you can feel good about doing that! How is Albertson's supposed to sell these opened boxes of cereal? I am afraid a few will ruin things for the rest of us. Please keep your integrity intact when you are couponing.

AJ said...

Just want to make sure I didn't miss it. We didn't get the V8 coupons here did we? Darn it, I love that stuff!

Cathy said...

Terri - That is really sad the people are resorting to such tactics! Maybe we need to do another coupon ethics post!

Emilee Wolters said...

did boise get the campbells chunky soup coupons? My hubby was just telling me that we need some more-I just love the sales!

Samiam3 said...

There are also some tearpads for $3 off when you buy 4 participating Nabisco products that will even sweeten the deal.

Cathy said...

Emilee - Bummer, no chunky's in Idaho. I did post an eBay link if you're wanting to stock up though. Good luck!

Samantha said...

I did not see the Albies ad in the paper. Where is it? And where do I find the Double Coupons for the 16-22???

Monica said...


I found it in the Statesman and the Idaho Press Tribune today. You can also pick them up at your store. YOu will likely need to get them in customer service.