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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Worried About Getting Your $20 Rebate?

It sounds like there has been some confusion about the $20 Kraft rebate!

1. We have noticed that some of the items in the Albertsons sale are not listed on the Kraft list.

2. Readers have been worried that if they use coupons they will not get a rebate.

Here is what I recommend. The rebate is limited to one per household.

Transaction #1 Go buy items that you need from this list only.......

You will still get the items for FREE you will just have to wait a few weeks to get your check in the mail.

Of course you will also have to remember to send in the rebate! :)

Save your coupons! Don't use them on this transaction and be sure to get your rebate!

You won't get overage, but hey these are FREE GROCERIES!

Transactions #2-#100: You are not really going to do 100 are you? Use your Fabulous Coupons to get some Fabuless deals on the rest of the Kraft items!

PS If you are new and don't know what the heck I am talking about go here for the details on the Kraft Rebate!
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Jennifer said...

good idea!! What a mess of a promotion!

Cathy said...

And be sure to send the rebate to the address on the rebate form that prints out! (Thank you Sarah from A Thrifty Mom).

Meaghan said...

So I haven't been too worried about not getting my rebate, that is until I noticed everyone else was. :-) I figured if I bought the items that were marked with the Albertsons signs labeling them part of the deal and once I checked out my rebate printed then I thought I would be in the clear. Lets hope because I already sent it in. I guess we will see in 6-8 weeks! Thanks for doing this guys. I follow all the time and tell everyone about the site.

Cathy said...

Thank you Meaghan!

Sara S. said...

I don't understand why we wouldn't get the rebate if we used coupons. I know they're free and it's better to be safe than sorry, but I don't see anywhere online that even implies that. What started all the worry anyway?

Monica said...

I think that you could do it with the coupons, but readers have been commenting, chatter on PYP and Utah deal diva emailed us about these problems. I think this is just the easy solution for those that are worried!

John said...

I made sure I had at least $25 in qualifying purchases, also purchased produce and dairy on the same transaction and used my 3/$5 catalinas I had left from the "buy $30 get $15 back" promo last week. The $5 catalina and rebate form both prined for me no problem. I think it should be ok.

Andrea said...

i used coupons tonight for my 2nd try at this, and my total came to about $16 after coupons, so i used catalinas from previous transactions to pay the balance. the $5 catalina DID NOT print...when we went to customer service to ask, she said that you actually had to SPEND $25 to get it, as in, your total had to be $25 AFTER coupons!!! WHAT?!?! has anyone else had this problem?