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Monday, August 24, 2009

A Trip To Target - WHOA!!

My Target trip today was awesome!

Here's what I bought:

Gerber Baby Bottle $.99
use the $1/1 Gerber feeding accessory Target coupon here
Final Price: FREE

Nexcare Band-Aids $.99 (Travel Size)
use the $1/1 Nexcare coupon here
Final Price: FREE

Honey Nut Cheerios Single Serve $1.00
use the $1/1 General Mills Target coupon here
Final Price: FREE

Sponge Bob Toothpaste (trial size) $.52
use the $1/1 Colgate SpongeBob Target coupon here
Final Price: FREE

Johnson's Head to Toe Baby Wash $2.19
use the $1/1 coupon here
and the $1/1 Johnson's Baby Toiletry Target coupon here
Final Price: $.19

Pop-Tarts $1.46
use the $.55/1 here
and the $.75/1 Target coupon here
Final Price: $.16

Aveeno Baby Lotion $5.34
Use the $2/1 here and the $1/1 Target coupon here
Final Price: $2.34
*You can get the smaller size for $.50 using these coupons, but I need the big ones and will take them at this price any day!

Remember to share!! I got home about an hour ago from the Nampa Target. The only thing running low was the Nexcare bandaids.

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Cathy said...

Sweet shopping trip Amber! Thanks for sharing!

amanda said...

I went to Target this morning on Eagle Road and they said they will no longer (as of last Friday) be taking coupons such as the Cereal and Skittle coupons that make them free cause they are not suppose to be intended for that item. So they made me leave the store without them. I am getting really tired of target changing their policy all the time. Which Target did you go to?

mel said...

I also had a similar experience at the Target on Eagle Road. I wanted to use the $1 Sponge Bob toothpaste on the trial-sized item, but the cashier told me that they are not allowing those coupons to be used on trial-sized items anymore.

AJ said...

I was in Nampa. The checker just adjusted the coupons down for the toothpaste. She did say she thought the cereal one was just for boxes, but after reading the entire coupon, she scanned it. It doesn't specify just for boxes.

I have never (but if you do, don't get mad at me!) had an issue at that Target. Every time the checker has had a question and asked someone, they have taken my coupons.

AJ said...

oh PS, they do not have any Skittles there, so don't go for those...at least, not today!

The thing is on the starburst coupon it specifies a size, but not on the skittles coupons. So if they told me that at my Target, I'd show them and ask why, then, did they not specify on both? Probably would just make them mad, but may be worth trying?

Tamra said...

Way to go!! I'll link to this if you don't mind?

Tamra said...

P.S. - I called coporate on Saterday and told on the Eagle Target Store - they SHOULD be accepting the skittles coupons- if they refuse - tell them you were told be coporate to have them call while you are in the store to verify. My contact at corporate was Victor. Hope that helps!!

Cathy said...

Thanks for the info Tamra!

amanda said...

They said that the store director stopped taking them on Friday this last week. Has anyone else had success with being able to get things their??? What is the corporate number you are calling???

I have never had this issue with Target before but they would not budge today. The Target on Milwaukee did my transaction no problem but they are out of the cereal!!!

Lacey said...

So yeah the target on eagle is being weird lately. My last two times there i have been told strange things. 1st- that only 5 of the same item being purchased with coupons may be bought in a day. 2nd- if the coupon doesn't just scan they will not take it no matter what. what coupons took and didn't take were very random. seems like they are trying to crack down on us there at the eagle store! i was there tonight at like 9pm.

Heather said...

You have no idea how blessed I feel by you finding these deals and sharing them with me!!! I am new to the whole couponing thing (this is the start of week 3), and I am a regular at your blog now. Thank you for all the money that you are saving my family. I can't thank you enough!!!

Boise Bargain Shoppers said...

Thanks for posting these. I wish I'd known about the bath wash when I was there last night doing the Quaker deal. I just posted on my blog about how to do the Quaker deal with additional coupons available.

Lacey, I think you were in front of me at Target last night. That checker didn't have a clue did he? So much for the young male ones being the best to do to usually! lol

Monica said...

Tamra, you tattle tale! ;) LOL

smiling_mama said...

I was just at the Target on Chinden & Eagle. While my kids and I had a snack before we headed down the isles I noticed a young girl and her husband with a bunch of the cereal cups trying to persuade the cashier to let her have them. What ever she said must have worked, b/c she got them. The manager even came over. So with that in mind I went and grabbed some for myself. When I was ready to check out it was the same manager ringing me up, so I thought "oh well, this will be easy) WRONG!! She told me the same thing about as of last Friday they were not letting people purchase those particular items. So I told her that I didn't want them. But I think she didn't want to argue on the Sponge Bob trial size toothpaste, b/c she gave me those items. I also made out very well on the Aveeno. The shelf price was listed at 2/$7.00. Well after checking my receipt they rang up for $2.50. Plus I had the $2.00 coupon + the $1.00 Target coupon. They were actually a MM. Yeah! All in all I saved $20.29 and spent $13.55, but I bought milk ($1.99) and a dirt bike for my screaming child. That was $7.39. I think that I will stick to the Nampa Target. They seem to accept couponers better. Oh and thanks for this site. I absolutely love you and I don't even know you. :-}