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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Old Navy Coupon Hunt

This Just in From the Old Navy Supermodelquin...........................

It’s Thursday and that means it’s almost time to start hunting for fabulous coupons at OldNavyWeekly.com. This week we’ll be hiding those $75 off $100 coupons so warm up your snooping skills, the hunt is gonna be fun this week!

We also have a new Item of the Week: Women’s Smocked Shirts for $8. You have to see this cute top. It’s got a fab off-shoulder neckline that’s to die for! Get more details on the Item of the Week and all SuperModelquin whereabouts by following the plastic posse on Twitter.

Happy Hunting!

Check out Oldnavyweekly to start the hunt. When you see that it is up leave a comment and let eveyone know. We will try to add coupon locations later on tonight as we find them!

Here are the locations thanks to Jen at ThriftyNWMom

$75 off $100 - See the red-headed girl on the top left. Take one of the papers she's holding and bring it over to the far right corner. Then, take the other paper and put it on the far right side of the curtain with the two boys (top middle picture) for the $75 off $100

$50 off $100- Top picture with 2 boys, move the trumpet from boy on right to the girl in teal shirt (top left) and put your mouse on her face, so that she will play the trumpet.

25% off - Top right picture with 2 boys, look at the boys' feet and watch for a little white mouse to appear (around 30 seconds after the page loads) from under the curtain and click on him when he pokes his head out (before he runs away)

$10 off $50 - bottom right picture w/2 girls - take the blue headband from the African-American girl and put it on her in the picture on the left.

Buy item of the week and get $8 off $50 - bottom right picture w/2 girls, click on the sandwich that the girl (in the hot pink shirt) is holding

Buy item of the week and get 15% off - Enter your mobile phone number at the bottom left for text updates.

10% off entire purchase - Click on the drink that the blonde girl on the top right is holding

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Marisha said...

*Click on the blue headband on the little girl model in the pink shirt (lost BFF) and move it to the little girl with the white shirt (I'm with my BFF) to recieve $10 off $50.

*Catch the mouse that sneaks out of the red curtin behind the boy with the blue shirt for 25% off.

Marisha said...

*Click on cup in the hand of the model with the white button up shirt and vest for 10% off.

Supermodelquin said...

Thursday is here, which means Old Navy has a new Item of the Week tomorrow, and this time it’s Men’s Cargo Pants for just $19! Plus, OldNavyWeekly.com is going to be hiding new amazing coupons, with yet another chance for you to nab one of the $75 off $100 coupons – happy hunting!

Nicole D.
Brand Advocate working on behalf of Old Navy