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Thursday, August 20, 2009


This just in from Supermodelquin:

Thursday is here, which means Old Navy has a new Item of the Week tomorrow, and this time it’s Men’s Cargo Pants for just $19! Plus, OldNavyWeekly.com is going to be hiding new amazing coupons, with yet another chance for you to nab one of the $75 off $100 coupons – happy hunting!

We're teaching a class tonight - hope we don't miss it!!! BUT, as always, leave comments to share where you're finding the goodies! Have fun!

Start your hunt at OldNavyWeekly

Coupon Locations: Thanks to Jen at NWThriftyMOM!

$75 off $100 - In the top picture with Michelle (and white car)--click on the brake light repeatedly until the coupon pops up.

$50 off $100 - Go to bottom picture with the two girls - where it says "Knit Wits" - click on the first star on left and bring it over to the word "Stars" in the phrase "What the Stars are Wearing" in the Rugby shirts column on right.

25% off - Take the yellow earmuffs from the girl in the bottom picture on right and put it in Michele's purse (top left w/car)

$10 0ff $50 - At the top, where it says "Hot Pics" - click on the phrase "Storefront celebs on the go" and a question will pop up and the answer is "Heather"

$5 off $25 - Check in the video, it does move to various locations but you should see a big blue square pop up blocking the picture where the coupon is. Not sure if this is a glitch or if it's showing for everyone. Otherwise, just keep clicking to find it.

15% off when you buy item of week - Find the rugby shirts on the right. Take the grey shirt on the bottom right and switch the "0" and the "9" so it says "90" instead of "09"

10% off when you buy any kids item - Picture of the girls at the bottom. Take the white heart from the redhead's sweater and place it on the girl on the right's heart sweater, near her heart.

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joy said...

It's up.

Jinii said...

Ok if you click the headphones on the bottom right and put them in Michelle's purse you get 25% off. If you clicked the tail light og the car 2 or 3 time you get the $75 off $100 ut it is gone.

Cathy said...

Thank you for the comments! I missed the 25% off coupon... it's one of my faves! Thank you Jinii! I hope someone else got it thanks to your comments!

Menifee Thrifty Mom's Club said...

Start the video in the bottom right hand corner. Click around between 1:00 and 1:13 of the play time and you should get the $5 off $25.00. It might take a few times, be patient. The 25% one is gone.